Avneil FF.. A new face of love (PART-5)

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Hi..Guys…I am back with my update.. First of all… Sorry for the late update.. I will try to make this long as possible coz next week is my exams so I won’t be able to update… Do pray for my exams…
The episode starts with riya smiling.. She thinks This avni is crazy..
Avni goes to her room and thinks of juhi praising Neil.. She gets angry.. Riya comes there and teases avni for getting angry on juhi..
Avni : I am not angry… Understand
Riya : Then why are you shouting at me
Avni : when did I shout… I was just telling
Riya : Aawwww….My dear Avni.. You are so cute when you are angry
Avni : you……..
And throws a pillow at her… Riya throws it back.. They have a pillow fight
Avni: Stop.. I became tired.. I will go and have a bath
Riya: okay….
And goes from there…
Riya sits in the lawn… Juhi comes to her
Riya : Hey… Why are you stand… Sit here yaar
Juhi: ya… Riya.. I will be going in 3 days.. So I wanna see the places.. Just like hills, trekking.. All those things.. Can we go
Riya : Yes… I am ready… We can go tomorrow morning itself.. But how to get permission from aunty and uncle
Juhi: we will get… We can ask
Riya:okay.. Neela aunty may agree… But how to pacify avni.. She won’t come
Juhi: Avni will agree if neela aunty and ashish uncle ask her to
Riya : okay… First decide a place
Juhi: It’s upto you… I don’t know anything about here
Riya: okay….
Riya tells a name of a place and both of them goes to neela and ashish

Neela: No.. Never.. I won’t allow
Riya : Aunty… Plz aunty… Juhi came here to enjoy..
Ashish: Allow them… Let them enjoy.. They are grown up now…
Juhi: Plz… Allow aunty
Neela: okay… I will allow…
Everyone smiles..
Neela : But on one condition
Riya: what…
Neela: There should be someone responsible with them…
Juhi: But… Who will… Ashish uncle.. Will you come with us
Ashish: no.. I have a meeting in the office
Neela: Neil…
Juhi and Riya: Neil… How can he come. He is a cop know… He will be busy
Neela: call him…check if he is free…then you can go
Juhi: Yes… We will call him
Neela: okay..you can go
They smile
Neela nd ashish goes

Riya: what did you tell juhi… Will neil come.. I don’t think
Juhi: we can try know
Riya sighs…
Riya: we have to talk to Avni also
Juhi: Come we will talk

Riya and Juhi goes to Avni and sees her packing her bag
Riya: Avni.. What are you doing.. Why are you packing your bag.. I know you got angry with me… I am sorry.. I won’t repeat, plz don’t do this
Avni: Arey…. I am packing bags coz we are going for a trip know.. Tomorrow.. I heard you talking.. Look I have packed yours too and I Am not angry with you also
Riya and Juhi happily hugs her
Juhi : Avni.. But there is a problem.. Aunty told if we want to go.. Anyone responsible should come with us.. And she suggested Neil ‘s name
Riya : Yes avni.. Will you call him
Avni : No way…i won’t call him but I can help you
Riya : How
Avni : we will call Ali and asks him to come with us and will ask him to call Neil also
Juhi: Avni… You are so brilliant
Avni smiles
They call Ali and tells him
They gets happy

It’s morning
The three girls wake up and and gets ready.. They wait for Ali and Neil to come
Ali and Neil come there with DD
Juhi gets excited to go with Neil..
Riya : Hi guys… Thank you for coming
Neil: You said thank you… But….
Avni: I won’t say thank you.. I have already said you tht
Neil : okay.. My fate
Juhi asks them to stop fighting and come

They starts their trip..they reach a place and Neil stops the car
The girls ask him why he stopped
DD: This is a old durga temple.. If we have to reach the place we have to cross this temple.. But कार won’t go there… We have to walk
Avni: Oh my god… We have to walk now
Neil: no.. No need to walk.. We have to climb only
Avni: what
Neil: yes.. See the steps.. There are 500 steps
The trio : omg…….
Ali : come… Lets go
They start walking… They reach the temple steps
Avni feels dizzy… Neil gets a call and says: Excuse me guyszz… I will come… you go.. One min
They starts climbing
Avni stands there and she feels dizzy… Neil cuts the call and is about to go.. He sees avni about to fall.. He runs and holds from falling..
They have an eye lock.. Avni falls unconscious in his arms… He says avni… He asks a man to get him some water.. The man gives him water and he sprinkles it on her and feed her.. Avni gains conscious..
Neil : are you okay avni
Avni nods yes
Neil : Come lets go…
Avni: I don’t think I can come..
Neil: wait… He makes her stand but she again falls down and is not able to walk
Avni: I told you na neil…
Neil: It’s okay… I will manage
And lifts her in his arms and starts climbing the steps
Music plays in BG
Avni : what are you doing… Keep me down.. I will walk myself
Neil: You were talking like you were not able to stand even.. But now..
Avni: nothing.. I will walk
Neil: no… Keep quiet..
Avni: this is not easy neil… There are 500 steps
Neil: I am a cop… So I am much stronger to lift you and climb these
Avni: okay… Then di what you want
Neil: will you keep quiet for sometime
Avni makes an expression..
They climb the steps
Neil stops for sometime..
Avni sees him sweating
Avni: Mr supercop… Did you become tired
Neil: no… I won’t…
His phone rings
Neil: will you do something.. plz take this call.. And tell that I am busy
Avni: Okay… She says.. This is your bebe
Neil: oh my god… If you take the call she will misunderstande me… But if I won’t take the call.. Then she will get angry
Avni: Then what should I do..
Neil : Do One thing… Take the call and keep it on my ears
Avni looks at him
Neil: take the call.. Fast
Avni takes the call and keep it on his ears
Music plays
He sighns her to cut the call
She cuts it
Neil: There is a short cut.. We will go by that way
They turns to the short cut and goes through that..
A board is kept there mentioning ‘Only Married Couples can go through this way by husband’s lifting their wives in his arms’
They didn’t see that and walk..
They reach the temple..
Others has not yet there… Neil keeps avni down.. Avni looks at him
Neil sighns what
Avni: you are really strong
Neil smiles..
The pandit ji comes there and says.. Welcome.. Come into the temple
They take blessings from pandit ji.
Pandit ji misunderstands them as a couple.. And says : You both will always stay together.. By completing this ritual devi माँ blessed you
Neil and Avni looks at them confused

To be continued…
PRECAP: Devi maa ‘s chunri falls over avneil.. Riya Ali juhi and Dd sees them under the chunri…. Pandit ji tells that this is the first time that someone is getting maa’ s blessings directly..
Avni and Neil becomes friends
Juhi gets jealous

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  1. SunilSneha

    Hello guyz…. I know you may be confused regarding the episode number coz it is shown here part 1 but it is actually episode 5 and the continuation of the last one only… Plz don’t get confused friends….. My account was canceled suddenly so when i restarted everything changed…. Sorry Guyszzz…. Plz forgive me…???

  2. Hey dear , the epidode was really nice. I hope u will update soon . And all the best for your exams

    1. SunilSneha

      Thank youuu dr…. Do read my stories.. I will try to update the next episode asap…

  3. Nice one. Best luck for ur exams.

    1. SunilSneha

      Thank you dr….

  4. Jasminerahul

    wow trip.Neil holding avni when she was going to fall down…sprinkling water on her face..eye lock…neil carrying avni n climbing upstairs were romantic. oh they didn’t see that only married couples can do it n got blessings from the panditji too.so sweet

    1. SunilSneha

      Thank you Jasmine for ur support….. I have sent you a friend request…. Plz accept if you wish…

  5. Wow…..soopperb…sneha…Nice scenes

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