Avneil FF.. A new face of love (PART-7)

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Neil, Ali and DD play with water… Avni, Riya and Juhi smile seeing them like kids… Avni feels so cold and says I will get my scarf, its so cold here..Riya:Yeah.. You are right… Bring one for me also
Avni goes to the tent and gets the scarf.. She gives one to Riya and tries to wear hers.. But it is so windy and her scarf flies and falls some where.. Avni goes searching for it… Neil is playing there with his friends… Avni sees her scarf on the ground and goes to take..neil gets sone water to throw on DD and Ali.. But Avni comes in between to take her scarf and the water falls on her…. Neil gets shocked and cups his face.. Avni looks at him furiously and says… You…. Neil… I will kill you… She takes some water and goes near him….He runs… She runs behind to catch him but he tricks her and makes the water fall over herself.. She gets a bucket of water and pours over him… Everyone laughs seeing their condition… Juhi gets jealous and thinks i should stop them from getting close… She acts fainting and falls on Riya.. Riya gets shocked and alerts everyone… They take juhi to the tent….
Its Morning…. All of them goes to visit places and enjoys the day..
The day passes…
Riya gets Fever… And they decides to go back.. They pack their bags and get into the jeep… Between the journey.. They reach a place and Riya says she needs to go to restroom and asks Neil to stop the jeep near any lodges.. Neil stops the car… Riya gets down.. Ali asks Juhi to go with Riya as she is not well… Both of them goes to the restroom… DD gets a call and goes to talk… Ali also accompanies him.. Avni and Neil is alone… Avni gets bored as Neil is looking on phone and doing some work… She sees a Golgappa seller and wishes to get one… Neil notices this and asks her whether she wants it.. But she says no… He understands and says but i need one and goes to buy.. He buys two plates… And starts eating… Avni thinks..
What type of man is this…no manners even he is a cop.. He should have asked her once more..
Neil gives her one plate but she refuses… Neil thinks.. I know Avni You want this… But you won’t accept if i give you.. Because you have so attitude.. There’s only one way..
He says.. My stomach became full i don’t need this… Dd and ali don’t like this.. Riya is ill… Juhi may not be in need of this.. I will throw this..
Suddenly avni grabs the plate and says..wasting food is a punishable offence… Don’t you know.. I will eat… Happy
She starts eating it..
Neil smiles seeing her cuteness
Everyone comes back and they starts their journey…
Neela calls Avni and asks her when will they reach…
Avni: Ha… Ma.. We will reach in half hour..
Neela: okay… Come soon.. There is a surprise for you
Avni : what surprise ma…. Tell me
Neela: No.. I won’t.. You come soon
She cuts the call..
Ali: What surprise.. Why you were talking about surprise…
Avni: Don’t know….

They reach Mehta house…
They enter the house and sees a lady and a young man sitting on sofa..
Neela : Avni beta….. Come.. Look who has come to see you
Avni looks at the guests doubtfully…
Neela: Do you know him… This is Vidyut… And this is his mom Ragini…
Avni: Yeah.. I have seen him somewhere..
Vidyut : Hi avni… Do you remember the building near your college…. Its mine..
Avni: Ooh….. But how you came here…
Ragini: we came here for you…
Avni : For me
Neela: Yes.. Vidyut saw you and liked you… So he came here with a marriage alliance… He loves you..
Avni gets shocked… Along with others….
Vidyut: Avni…. Really I loves you…
Neil gets angry and controls himself… He feels he has seen that lady somewhere
Avni : I am really sorry.. I can’t say anything now.. I have to think about this
Ragini : Its okay beta…. We will wait
They leave…
Neil Dd ali also leaves..
Neela: Avni…. This is a good alliance…. Think well.. I expect a good reply…
Avni goes to her room…
Riya comes there
Riya: Avni…. Are you ready for this marriage…
Avni: Riya… Actually.. I am not at all ready… But you know Mamma and pappa liked him very much.. And if i say no.. They will be very sad
Riya: Avni… Its your decision.. You can’t sacrifice yourself…
Avni: Okay.. I will talk to them later..
Riya: okay…

Khanna Mansion
Neil sits thinking about Vidyut…he strongly feels that he has seen Ragini somewhere
Shwetha cones to him
Shweta : Tillu… Do you remeber a promise made to me
Neil: what promise
Shweta : That you will amrry anyone which i like
Neil: Ohh… Yed i remember… Is there anyone
Shweta: Yes… I found a girl..
Neil: Ma… Please.. I don’t want to marry
Shweta: what… I will kill you.. If you talk like this… You know i want to become a good saas and a good dadi asap
Neil: Ma……
Shweta: Anyways… I am going to inform the girl’s family that ou agreed
Neil shouts no ma….
He thinks of Avni

Back in mehta mansion
A lady rings the calling bell
Ashish opens the door and gets surprised… He says Sundari ji…..
Sundari: Ashish….. Hello
They get into the house…
Juhi cones down shouting ma…..
They hug… Riya avni and neela come downstairs… They wishes her…
Neela : sundari ji…. Come… Sit
Sundari: Neela… In fact.. I came to talk something imp
Neela: what.. Tell me
Sundari: Neela… Juhi got an alliance from one Mr Neil Khanna.. They said he is working here as an ACP.. So thought to ask you about his character
Neela: Neil….. He is so good…… If there is an alliance… You should agree
Juhi smiles and thinks
An FB is shown
Juhi is calling. Sundari
Juhi: Hello ma….
Sundari: ha… Beti.. Tell me
Juhi : i have to talk something imp..
Sundari: yes… Tell me
Juhi tells everything about Neil
Sundari: okay… I will talk to his parents.. Let me check his background
Juhi smiles and cut the call

FB ends..
Avni : Did Neil agree for the marriage
Sundari : Yes… I called his mom.. So she told he agreed
Neela: So…. Sundari… Avni also got an alliance.. Avni are you happy with the alliance of Vidyut
Avni : will tell later ma…
Avni goes to her room teary eyed and locks herself in her room

Riya looks on
PRECAP: Avni says to Neela that she is ready for the marriage…
Shwetha and Neela decides to make the 2 weddings happen on the same mandap

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  1. Beautiful??

    1. SunilSneha

      Thank you dr….

  2. Soopperb….sneha…loved it a lot…update next one soon…..

    1. SunilSneha

      Thank you Sethu…….

  3. Jasminerahul

    avneil water scene was cute.irritating juhi doing drama to not let avneil ne close.surprise entry of ragini n vidyuth.oh vidyut wants to marry avni.oh .shocking that sweta fixed ne juhi marriage too.how will these weddings get stopped?

    1. SunilSneha

      Thank you dr….. Its sure that the wedding will get stopped anyhow….. I have to find a way

  4. SunilSneha

    Thank you dr….. Its sure that the wedding will get stopped anyhow….. I have to find a way

  5. Soopper……… Loved it a lot

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