Avneil FF.. A new face of love (Episode 1)

Hi…. Guyszz…. I am a fan of Avneil from Kerala… And I am updating a fan fiction for you all… Hope you will like it… Kindly avoid  mistakes (Grammer or spelling) if any…


The story starts with the landing of an aeroplane…

A big house is seen(Mehta house)..Inside the house, a lady(Neela) is calling her husband(Ashish)… A boy comes downstairs.

Boy: Mamma… To whom you are calling?

Neela: Your pappa… He is not answering my calls… I have sent him to buy poha from चमको cafe.. He has not yet reached..

Boy: Pappa came… Look there..

Neela: Thank god.. You came… Why u became late.. You know na she is coming today..

Ashish: Calm down my dear… I know… I got trapped in traffic… Sorry dear.. Here is your  poha

Neela: Okay… Ansh…Did she messaged or called you?

*Boy’s name is Ansh*

Ansh: No maa…I called her but not answering calls.. I think she is planning surprise..

Ashish: I know her.. You are right ansh.. She is planning to give a surprise entry..

Neela: Okay okay… Plz help me in work both of you… Dont know when will she come..


Scene2( A park.. Everyone is exercising there)

A boy is seen jogging there… Suddenly he gets a call..

Boy: Yes Bebe.. Tell me…

*Bebe is his  grandmother whom she loving calls bebe*

Bebe: Tillu.. Get me some for flowers for puja.. Come fast. Okay

Boy: Haa…. I will come soon.. Bye okay

Boy looks around searching whether there  is any flower stall nearby.. He sees one and goes there… His mobile falls there.. He doesn’t notice that.. He buys flowers and get into his car..

Back to airport scene

A girl comes out from the airport and calls for taxi..she gets into taxi and leaves.. She reaches Mehta house and rings calling bell.. Neela opens the door and gets surprised..

Neela: Avni…….beta…

*The girl is our heroine avni*

Avni: Maa….

And hugs Neela

Neela: Why u didn’t tell about your arrival… Because of that l did every arrangements in a hurry…

Avni: what is there to arrange for me

Neela: Its been two  months I have seen you.. I have to arrange a lot..

Avni : If I informed you about my arrival then there will be no surprise..

Ashish comes there and says: I said  know…she is my daughter

Avni: paa…..

And hugs him

Ashish: You became fat…

Avni:No…. You are getting older that’s why you are feeling like this.. Okay where is my little brother..?

Ansh comes from behind and Says: Here di…. And hugs Avni… 

Neela: stop everything.. M my daughter is  so hungry.. Avni… I made your favorite kheer today

Ashish: okay we will go and have that

Neela: its not for you.. Its for my avni

Ashish: ooh… Look ansh.. Now your mamma don’t need us

Everyone smiles

Scene 3(khanna mansion)

House is decorated for some special puja..

Bebe:where is Tillu

Boy (Tillu or neil) : Bebe i am here

And gives flowers to bebe in a kneeling position

Bebe: Stop your naughtiness… Give me the flowers…

Neil gives it to her

*Neil is our hero*

A young man(DD) comes  there and says: Sir why are you not taking calls… I called you so many times.. But you didn’t take my calls

Neil:Maybe my phone was in silent mode.. Wait  i will check.. Okay tell me why u called

DD: Shwetha maa(Neil’s mom)  asked me

Neil checks for his phone… But doesn’t find it

And says: Ohh No…. I think I left my phone in the park.. Wait here… I have to go and find it

*neil leaves*


Back  in मेहता house

Everyone is having kheer… Suddenly ashish gets a call and says: what…? I will come just now..  

Neela asks what happened?

Ashish: Your friend reed’s husband had an accident.. We  have to go there

Neela:  oh my god… But what about Avni and ansh

Ansh and  Avni says  they will go to park and asks ashish to drop them there

Ashish and neela agrees

Avni and Ansh reach park and starts walking..

Suddenly Avni steps on something(mobile)

Avni:what is this..

And looks there… She finds the mobile and says i think someone has lost this

Ansh: what will we do..

Avni: we can ask to that man

They asks the man if they know whose phone is that..

The man don’t know

Ansh:Leave it there… We will go

Avni:what are u saying… We will wait for sometime here… Sometimes the owner will come here searching this..

Ansh disinterestingly says okay..

Neil reaches पार्क and searches for his mobile and asks a man(the same man to whom avni  asked) about  mobile

Man: a girl and her brother came to me holding a phone and asked me if I know that movie’s owner.. I think it maybe yours

Neil : okay.. Thank you.. Plz tell where  I can find her

Man: She  was there..

Neil: okay thanks

There avni and ansh is sitting with the phone

*Bebe calls neil*

Avni says ansh,  his bebe is  calling him.. What should I do

Ansh: Answer the call

Avni: but it is wrong to take others call

Ansh:Think if they are calling for an emergency

Avni: you are right… I wil take the call

And  answers the call

Neil comes there and sees Avni answering the call and gets angry.



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      Thank you Didi….. It won’t be possible without your help….

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    happy to know that u r from kerala.even i am from kerala.wow here instead of aisha neela is ashish’s wife n avni’s mom.happy family too.nice.avni got neil’s mobile.waiting 4 vneil meeting

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      Hey.. You are also from Kerala… I am from Palakkad.. Where are you from..? And Thank you so much…

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      I am basically from TVM.but brought up in EKM

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