Author’s note to the readers

This is a brief information to all my readers regarding the LONG BREAK which I will be taking from now onwards to the next three-four months. Apologies to all my readers for taking a long break. The REASON is that, firstly, I’m preparing for the UGC-NET Exam which is going to be held this June and the preparations needs a lot of hardwork from my side. Secondly, I’m a M.Phil research scolar who is in her final year and will soon have to submit her DISSERTATION. Due to which, my supervisor is constantly presurrizing me to leave all my other work and concentrate only on STUDIES and thats why I have to devote my entire time on to my research and leave behind MY PASSION which is WRITING in the mean time. Hope you all understand and will pray for my success in studies , so that I may submit my Dissertation on time in a proper manner. And also pray that I may succeed in NET Exam. I don’t know if I will be meeting you all again when I return to continue with this FF in the month of July/August, however, before taking a break I would like to thank all the people who were my big support all througout the journey of this FF till now.

JasmineRahul: My loyal friend and reader of the FF of KKB. You were the one who inspired to write this FF. I apologise that I am forced to take a break once again.

So, to all those people and also to Pranbir fans. I assure I will continue with the story once I return, till then please pray for me and stay safe, while being always happy.

  1. Jasminerahul

    it’s a sad news.but this is more well.All the best.Prayers for you.Will see you back soon

  2. Aleyamma

    Thanks a million Jasmine, will miss your comments too, as you were MY FIRST READER! Will pray that you too may do well in your studies!

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