aur pyar hogaya episode 17

Dp video calling Laksh.
Dp: Laksh do u know the girl u r so mad about has now married to ur brother. She came with Sanskar today but I kicked her out.. Do u really want to waste Ur life after such a girl who was interested in grabbing the first rich guy she sees..
Laksh: no.. U r lying.. My ragini is just mine and she can’t even think of anyone!!
Dp: I knew u won’t believe me so I got my men to click the pictures of the married couple.

Dp shows some pics of ragsan with ragini’s mang filled with sindoor. Laksh says that this is not possible. Dp tells him that he is his father and doing all this for his better future and he should marry jazz as she would bring him luck. Laksh is all broken, thinking ragini is married to Sanskar. He nods to dp’s decisions to marry jazz.

Sanskar comes to Swara with excitement and hugs her. Swara asks him the reason. He says that he knows where Laksh is.. Ragini listens this and comes to them.
Ragini: really u found Laksh?? How is he ?? Where is he??
Sanskar makes ragini sit
Sanskar: today my men who had set camera in maheshwari mansion, recorded, dp talking to Laksh. he is at our mama’s house in UK. U don’t worry ragini I m going to bring back Ur Laksh soon.

Swara : its almost a 1month since he got missing.

Ragini: I m too coming with u!!
Swasan: no ragini Ur health is not that good.. U should b at home.
Ragini remains adamant to come with them, they finally agree to take her with them. Ap and sujata gets happy to hear about Laksh whereabouts but r reluctant to send ragini with the baby. Sujata also thinks that if Laksh comes back, then ragsan’s relation may b jeopardize.

Swasan with ragini arrive London, dp too arrives to London. Its Laksh marriage function and today is his engagement with jazz, he is sad and misses ragini. And imagines ragini. Swasan and ragini checkin same hotel where laksh’s engagement is happening, swasan goes to search for Laksh, while they asks ragini to stay in room and relax. Ragini agrees and is going to the room. But dp sights her. And sees her going to her room. He gets worried that if she tries to sabotage wedding then all his plans will flop. He calls mama and asks him to kidnap ragini some how.. Mama says OK. Someone knocks at room door ragini opens and her scream is heard. Swasan returnto the hhotel to find ragini missing, they inquire to the reception but doesn’t get any info so they ask for CCTV footage, the footage doesn’t show anything regarding ragini but Swara sees dp in the hotel. Sanskar says that may b dp is responsible for this. The administration ask them to not to panic as it would give a bad image for them and their is a big function today of famous Mr. Malhotra’s daughter’s engagement.
Swasan worried passes by banquet and sees written, engagement ceremony of Laksh and jaspreet. They r shocked and rush inside. But mama’s men don’t let them go inside. Swasan starts shouting, and Laksh notices this he comes their and hugs Swara and asks her how did she know he was here. Sanskar tries to speak but Laksh punches him.

Laksh: this is for ruining my marriage and (he punches him again) this is for marrying my ragini..

Swara : no Laksh.. Its all wrong.. U got it wrong. Sanskar was trying to protect ragini and so did fake marriage with her. And it was my plan.
Laksh: but y a fake marriage!! Stop lying Swara .. Don’t try to hide his truth.. I now know that he just wanted to hurt me. And u did a good Job at it. Congo.. Mr. Sanskar maheshwari..

Laksh claps.
Swara : Laksh ragini is…
Dp interrupts and ask Laksh to come with him and do the engagement as its sanskar’s plan to hurt him again. Laksh turns and starts to walk. Dp signs the men to throw swasan out. Sanskar: Laksh!! Ragini is kidnapped she was here but some one has kidnapped her.. Pls.. Listen to me.. pls.. Listen.. (Sanskar screams this loud)

Laksh stops hearing this. Swasan r thrown out. He rushes to Sanskar.
Laksh: where is ragini??
Sanskar: we asked her to rest in room.and went to find u. But when we came back she was no were to b found, and even vase was also broken. Someone had kidnapped her from the room. When we saw dp in CCTV we thought that he might b involved and accidentally find u here.

Laksh: (towards dp. )do u know anything about this?? Dp acts ignorant.
Sanskar asks Laksh to help him. Laksh starts to leave when dp stops him saying that he could find his Bhabhi after getting engaged to jazz.
Swara :she is not married to Sanskar we did it to just save laksh’s baby.
Laksh looks shocked: my baby??
Swara : we found it after sometime of marriage that she was pregnant. My baba and mama came to dp to so that u both could unite and the baby would get his father. But dp said no and pushed them out. With no one to support ragini, and u nowhere to b found, we decided to do this fake drama till we find u. As dadi was trying to kill the baby to protect family honor.
Laksh: my chotu is pregnant!!
He gets teary eyed and looks at Swara and hugs her and then hugs Sanskar as well. He then turns to dp and says that if he knows that dp was involved in any of this and if ragini or his baby gets hurt then he would also loose his soon.
Laksh leaves with swasan to find ragini. Dp after they leave asks his men to kill the root of all this problem. Mama gets shocked. He comes running to Sanskar and tells him that he heard dp ordering his men to kill the root of the problem and switch off their phones and get underground. Sanskar and Laksh worries. Mama tries to call his men but his phone is switched off after dp called. Mama says that he will take them to the place where ragini is.

At some place ragini is crying and asks the men to not to do it as she is with a child. The men says that he was thinking of having her ripped by his dogs then no blame would come to him. But as she said she is with a child he would make her suffer less and kill her fast. He takes out a gun and prepares to shout ragini, while another is holding her arm. As he fires ragini falls down, the goon is shocked as someone has turned his gun to the ceiling. It turns out to mama. He asks them to get lost. Swasan and Laksh rushes to ragini. Who is unconscious. Mama suggest that they should take her to the hospital soon. Laksh is holding ragini’s hand and even Swara is holding her hand.
Swara : look ragini!! U wanted to find Laksh!! Look at him.. He is with u!! Pls opens ur eyes..
Laksh: chotu! My brave chotu! Now stop this drama an get up pls.. I m getting scared.

Laksh swasan are all teary eyed. Swasan hold each other hand. The doctor takes ragini to the room and asks everyone to stand outside.swalak breaks into tear, Sanskar hugs them and says that nothing will happen to her.
At the waiting area, mama is sitting with Lakshwho is tensed. SSwasan are sitting holding eachothers hand. Swara is constantly praying good to save baby and ragini.

The doctor comes and asks who is the father?? Sanskar and Swara points to Laksh and she takes Laksh with her. Inside the room ragini cries seeing Laksh. He runs and hus her. He is also confused as to why ragini is crying and asks what is the matter as they have met now. He looks at the doctor how is tensed. He asks if something has happened to baby.

The doctor says that he is correct the reason of our worry is Ur child

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    OMG wat is tis dear pls don’t kill the baby, I just want to see them as a family not broken into parts

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      Next part is a romantic part for both swasan and raglak

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