Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 9th April 2014 Written Update

Sanvri tells the maid to serve the meal. Bhawna and Sanvri goes to pray while the foreigners make video of them. The bell rings and the guest cheers up hoping his “laal mash” is hear. Avni goes to see who it is. Driver hands her the package telling it’s the special order for the guests. Raj stops the car and calls Avni. He runs and snatches the packet from Avni’s hand telling this is not right for them and she cannot take it inside. The drivers and Raj have a little argument which Suket notices. He comes out and asks why was he creating the issue here when he had guests at this time. Raj tells him the packet contains “laal-mash”, and he knows non-ve is not allowed at their home, that’s why he did not give it to Avni. Suket thank him. Avni wonders what they had done if the pack got inside. Raj tells her not to worry about what did not happen. He apologizes the driver as well. Driver also apologizes for not checking what foreigner guest had ordered. Sucket thinks that the foreigner guest is extremely important for him. What if he minds not getting ‘Laal-mash’.
At the dining table, he asks the manager where his ‘lal-mash’ is. Arpita and Bhawna gets worried. Suket apologizes that he is extremely sorry that neither they eat non-veg nor serve it. Another guest there says that what kind of hospitality is that. They are not asking them to eat it just serve it. Had they come to their hotel he had said the same. Have you forgotten that our culture also teaches to give the most comfort to a guest. Avni says that they have forgotten nothing. Its just that only the food available in the menu of a restaurant is served there. If you go to a Chinese resturatant you will get Chinese food, if you go to an Indian restaurant you will find only Indian food there. Likewise if you have come to a vegetarian family, only vegetarian food will be served there. How can they disobey the God they claim their guests to resemble? She promises they will not get anywhere the special Rajastani food they had prepared for them, and they expect they eat it with all the love with which it is prepared. The foreigner apologizes and they advance for the meal. Mr.Chohan says that the host does a lot to make his guest happy, the guest should also try to please his host, so today we will enjoy pure Rajasthani food. They all appreciate the food saying they had never eaten such food. Suket sees Bhawna watching them contently. At night the guests leave the house appreciating their hospitality and arrangements. Sucket bids them all farewell. Avni stops the guests at the door serving them a mouth-freshner. They all tastes it. Suket tells them driver will drop them at hotel. Mr. chohan says he will manage as he has to go to the relatives. Suket says it is okay. The driver will drop him any where they’d want to go. Sanvri reminds Kavita about the Banglow. Kavita tells her not to worry and consider her Banglow hers now.
Sanvri and Bhawna appreciates Avni. Suket also comes in thanking them and specially Avni. He tells them he could not understand what he will reply to the guests, but they handled it so easily. He tells them to leave and rest. After everyone has gone, Suket says to Bhawna that now he has no doubt Avni can be a good daughter-in-law. Bhawna says after all she is his father’s daughter.Suket was checking the file. He sees Mr. Chohan had left his file there. Avni comes in asking shall she take his files upstairs. He tells her that this is Mr. Chohan’s file. She takes permission for a question and asks how much profit will he get from this project. He smiles saying 15 crores. She asks ‘when will he get them?’ he asks why she was asking such questions. She says she just want to know. He tells him ‘in around 8 months’ Avni starts making calculations. Suket asks what she was calculating. She tells him she was calculating how much will he earn in an hour and it comes out to be 15 thousand. She says that her pocket money is 10,000 and she will give them all to him. He asks why? She says ‘because she need ten minutes from him, and in these 10 minutes he has to do whatever she will ask him’. Mr Chohan had come to their door and was listening this conversation. Sucket tells her it is all hers; she says she just needs her time. She starts to leave to take the dessert for them both. They eat the dessert together. She says they will talk about everything but his business. She tells him that she knows he has lot of stress about his responsibilities but who know she would again get such time with him together. Suket asks ‘Who made this ‘Gajar ka halwa’’. She tells him she made it. He tells her to go to sleep now. As she leaves, he sees Mr. Chohan standing there. He asks when did he come? He tells him ‘when he was spending the most precious time with his daughter.’ Suket tells him he is proud of her daughter.
Mr. Chohan says that he came here to take his file but now he would also ask him for something very special. He want him to marry his daughter Avni with his son. Suket gets speechless. Mr. Chohan says that he never knew he would find such a nice girl in a business meeting but he is proud of his son and he cannot find a better girl than Avni for him. Suket should take his time and reply to this proposal after discussing with his family.
Avni comes down running from stairs. Mr. Chohan leaves while Suket sits down thinking something. Avni asks what Mr. Chohan was saying. He tells her he said he liked the hospitality and he wants it again and again. Avni asks her was he happy? He says Yes!
In the morning, Avni goes to kitchen appreciating the aroma in Arpita’s dish. She asks why she looked so tired? She tells her she was making her wish-list at night. Arpita suggests why she doesn’t discuss it with Raj. She tells her she was packing lunch-box for him, she should take it there as his jiju is also not here. Bhawna comes in the kitchen; Arpita takes permission from Bhawna for Avni. After Avni has left, Arpita thinks Avni sees Raj on top of her list today.

PRECAP: Raj opens the door, seeing Avni he shuts it back as he was wearing shorts and vest. He gets dressed up quickly. Avni shares potato sandwich with him and they play with water in the garden together.

Update Credit to: Sona

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