Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni serves food and says that she wants to do so. She asks Suket why he isn’t taking anything, she puts food on his plate and puts a bite into his mouth, he does the same looking at her with love. Bhawna then makes her to sit and puts a bite into her mouth.

Anjali says to Raj that he is looking handsome, and is sure some girls would envy Avni. She reminds him to keep the passport. Madhuri and Jashan were ready and send Pooja to Raj. The people from orphanage comes to take Pooja, Madhuri requests them to leave her here, till for the function. Jashan suggests that she must meet Pooja for someday so that she gets to know her as well. They agree and leave while Madhuri cries.

Everyone was busy with the preparations. Sanvri says to Akshit that where has Arpita been, Akshit says that she doesn’t care about anything. Bauji tells them that Arpita is preparing for Avni’s ring. Rohit appreciates Arpita’s ring and says that the couple will love it. He offers to drop Arpita to her car, but she says she didn’t bring her car and will take the auto. He offers to drop her home as she is late.

Raj looks at Avni as she gets ready. He says they must see how she is looking and says that she never looked so beautiful. She hides her face, he turns her to the mirror and asks her to look by herself. She asks does this colour suits her, and looks around to find no Raj. Devika comes to says Raj will be amazed to see him. Raj arrives with his family. Suket finds him looking around and asks what he is looking at. Raj says that decoration is beautiful. Abhaas teases he is looking for Avni, she will also come. Anjali gives Suket Raj’s file. Raj comes to stage when Devika brings Avni downstairs. Jiji punches Raj, while Anjali asks will you both stop looking at each other and get ready for the engagement.

The preparations for engagement are ready. Raj holds Avni’s had to the stage. Shastri ji ties black knots on their hands. Shastri ji tells that their birth-charts didn’t match in the first place, and then the Anjali corrected the time. Shastri ji asks Bhawna to make a mark, when she is quiet. Akshit asks Bhawna to do it herself, as Arpita hasn’t come home yet and her mobile is also switched off. Jiji offers to make the mark. Akshit goes angry that she tends to be a career woman, ring is with her too. He comes out to try her number.

Suket tells Anjali upon asking that he wanted Raj’s documents for a surprise gift he planned for him. Avni hears this and goes to study to see the gift and Raj’s documents. She comes to the study, looks at the honey-moon package gift and cheers. While leaving, some documents drops from her hand. She picks them and comes to see Raj’s birth-certificate. She thinks that according to these timings, our birth-charts didn’t match.

Arpita reaches home with Rohit, and thanks him for everything. He says you are always welcome, Arpita introduces Akshit to Rohit. Rohit says that you are lucky to have a talented wife like her. She thanks him for helping her. Rohit says that he is happy the ring reached home in time. Akshit says that the ring is here, so you must leave now. He takes the ring from her hand, while Rohit says he is just leaving. Bauji comes out and takes Rohit inside.

Avni comes downstairs with the papers and worriedly shows Raj his birth-certificate. She discusses the ambiguity with him, he goes to bring the birth-charts. They look at the papers and are worried to see them. Raj says that there must be some confusion. Anjali notices them, while Raj says they must talk to Papa and Bauji. Anjali calls Raj.

PRECAP: Raj and Avni gets engaged. Madhuri notices that a diamond is missing from her ring.

Update Credit to: Sona

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