Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya
Avni was reading samarth’s interview when Bhawna asks what she is thinking about. Avni says is it about her. Bhawna says yes it is you, still he didn’t disclose you identity. Samarth is an idependent and decisive person who knows what should be done in life. Samarth sees her and says when I will tell you what is inside my heart, you will know everything. He comes towards her but a worker comes and tells him Savita has got unconscious, if this scene is not done it must have been a problem. Samarth tells him to call a doctor as her health is more important. Sanvri was telling the workers that she used to be the heroine of all shows in college. Samarth asks her if she will work in his serial, she gets excited. He thinks he will tell Avni after looking after Sanvri.

Raj comes running to Suket who was leaving. He tells him he has to discuss some important points. He suggest he will explain him everything in the car so that he doesn’t get late for where he is going. He agrees. Raj thinks I am coming Avni to tell you how much I love you.

Sanvri was getting ready for the serial telling the makeup artists to do it perfectly. Bhawna and Avni were also there. Sanvri tells Avni she is going to play nurse’s role. The director comes and explains her role. Sanvri says it is very easy. The director says Action to her but she falls on the patient while performing. Everyone laughs. Director retakes the shot, she blames the stair. In another retake, she forgets the dialogue then says the dialogue in her own style. Everybody laughs again. Director tells him that nurse doesn’t talk like this; she says our nurse talks like this. They go for a retake. Avni laughs at her.

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In the way Raj is worried shouldn’t they get late? Suket asks is he getting late for somewhere. He says he was thinking shouldn’t Suket get late as everyone must be waiting for him. Suket gets a call; Bhawna asks why he has got late. He tells her they are just coming, and Raj was just saying they must be waiting for him. She asks if Raj is also coming. He explains they had some work to do so they came together. She says he must have think about what Sanvri told him, he says he forgot about it because was busy. He gets off the car. Raj gets Arpita’s call and tells her he is with Suket uncle. He asks he is at a shooting set, she tells him it is still not late. Bhawna tells Suket that Raj is a good guy but whenever he is around Avni she only focuses on him. Raj gets inside the building while Suket is listening to the call. He calls him back, Raj comes to him. Suket tells him to keep the file in the car, and complete his pending work. Raj says he can wait here and will get a chance to see the shooting as well. Suket tells him to do what he is saying. Raj argues but he stops him saying driver will take him wherever he wants to go. He says ok sir and gets into the car.

The shooting still goes on; Sanvri can’t say the dialogue properly. The director is a bit satisfied and says okay. Avni gives her a standing ovation. Sanvri is excited and gets appreciation from Bauji and takes him to show the makeup room. Samarth asks Avni to come with him as he has to talk to her.

Raj, in the car, thinks that he didn’t come to go back and tells driver to stop the car. Sanvri says she doesn’t believe she did a role in the drama when Suket enters. Bhawna says he is so late that everything has been packed up and they are leaving. Arpita is worried that Raj has still not come. Raj sees everyone coming out of the main door and hides behind the furniture. Sanvri’s cell phone falls in front of him, he hides himself under the sheet. She picks it up and leaves.

Samarth brings Avni into a dark room. She asks it is dark inside and why have they stayed here. He tells her it is special and with a click of his finger the lights to a romantically decorated room lit, the flowers shower on Avni on another click. Raj comes there and thinks now he will propose her, he must stop him. Samarth says that one should not get late in expressing what is in your heart and gives a bouquets of flowers to Avni. He kneels down and says he liked Avni’s voice first but when he saw her, he found you are even more beautiful. He never thought he will find his world in a small city and asks her will she be his world. Will she marry him? Avni is nervous, she is about to put the bouquet down but he holds it and turns. He smiles and tells her she can take as much time as she wants to. Avni thanks him and says she doesn’t understand what to say and wants some more time. She runs away from the room, Raj thinking he can still say his heart out to Avni. He is sure she will deny Samarth.

On the dinner table, Arpita was upset. Bhawna asks where Avni is. Bhawna tells her she is talking to Samarth and will be here. Arpita goes inside. Raj tells her Samarth proposed her, he begs her to bring Avni to him hidden from everyone. Avni is worried to take such big decision herself, she thinks Raj understands her best and she should talk to Raj. Bhawna comes there and asks did Samarth proposed her. She asks how you know. Bhawna says I am your mother, they sit and Avni tells her she doesn’t know what reply she should give him. Bhawna says she understands that Avni takes life as a novel but in reality life is not a fairy tale, she should take this decision with the help of someone who has seen life’s reality. Bhawna remembers her past and cries. Bhawna says they want that her husband also loves her how much they have loved her. She tells her that Samarth is a good man, is disciplined, successful and loves you. But she should ask herself if Samarth is the guy she wants or if she is finding something else. She kissed her on forehead and leaves. Avni is confused.

PRECAP: Raj says to Avni ‘I…’. Avni holds his hands and tells him excitedly she said Yes to Samarth.

Update Credit to:Sona

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