Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 8th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshit comes to place the files at Suket’s table and finds Raj’s letter. He reads it, Arpita comes to the room. He asks Arpita do Raj and Avni love each other. She says I knew it, he asks why didn’t she tell me. She says she thought they will tell everyone when they think it’s the right time. Akshit says that this letter must not get to dad, as he wont accept it. Arpita says that Raj and Avni helped them, now its their turn and dad will accept it now. Akshit says that have you seen Raj’s house, there is no discipline there; he can’t let his sister go into that house. Arpita reminds that they were the ones who gave them shelter, but Akshit isn’t ready to listen. He says he can’t see his dad in pain again, and will talk to Raj to end it himself.
Avni calls Jiji to ask about Raj. She says that he must be driving, and went to Payal as she called. Pooja calls Jiji and she hangs on. Avni says she want to talk to Raj urgently, and tell him that it all went wrong. She was nervous. Arpita thinks about telling mummy all the truth. Arpita thinks Raj and Avni did a lot for them, she must tell mummy then she will decide whatever she wants. Akshit stops him in the way, Arpita says she will tell mummy and she will support Avni as well. Akshit owes her their love that she won’t say anything to anyone. Bhawna comes out and finds Arpita crying. She asks what it is about. Arpita hugs her and says she is missing her mother. Bhawna says that I will tell Akshit to take you home but you can tell me if it is something else. Akshit hears this from upstairs.
Sanvri comes to Madhuri, and asks why you called me here so night. Madhuri gives her a gift and tells her that they are now going to be relatives so we should be friends. She tells her that tomorrow Raj and Avni’s proposal is going to be announced, they love each other and Suket also accepted it. Madhuri says she is very happy with it. Sanvri takes the gift, throws it and says that we can never accept such a proposal.
Avni comes to Bauji worried, she says she think something wrong is going to happen. He asks she did something wrong. She says whatever she did was with true heart. Bauji tells her to pray in from of Govind ji. Bhawna was reading Geeta, Avni asks for its meanings. Bhawna says that one should believe his thoughts and stay true to them is the meaning. She leaves to give Bauji milk. Avni lights the candle and prays that her love is true.
Payal’s parents argues Suket. Mr. Singhania and Suket says that why is there daughter silent on the matter. Mr. Singhania tells his son to remove his ring. Raj comes there and stops them. Suket says it is good you came here, this girl is playing a betrayal with you both. He tells Raj to explain it to everyone.
Raj says she was never his girlfriend. He says they were pretending, to make Avni feel jealous. She was with Samarth then, and he didn’t like it. He wanted to make her realize that she loves him; just the way he loves him. Suket asks in astonishment. Raj realizes, and says that he gave him a letter writing everything in it. You came out and hugged me announcing celebrations. Raj says I am sorry sir, I thought you knew about it.
Payal’s parents say that the man who was saying it all about their daughter is now shocked and quiet. Raj says that they have no right to say anything to his Avni or her dad. Suket calls Raj’s name. He takes an apology from Mr. Singhania and leaves. Raj follows worried.
Suket comes to his car. Raj runs behind him pleading him to listen to him. Raj gets into his car. Suket scolds him for saying all he did and forbids him to take his daughter’s name. He calls Abhaas to take Avni out of the house and not bring her back until he says so. Avni prays that she feels something is going wrong. Abhaas comes to her and asks her to go with him; he has some important thing to do. He takes him. Raj runs behind Suket, Suket calls Bauji. Everyone comes worried. Suket says that we let this guy come into our house, respected him and took him to our work but he betrayed us. He is a liar, he called that girl Payal as his girl friend; he was lying because he wanted to make Avni feel jealous and he says he loves Avni. Suket says he said this in front of whole of Singhania’s family.
Sanvri comes there and tells him that his jiji and jija also think they are going to make this relation. Pratab asks is it true? Bhawna asks that was that Payal and her relation with him was a drama? Was it true? Raj accepts it is truth. Bhawna leaves her.

PRECAP: Sanvri says we must uproot this problem now but Avni comes there and says that the truth is she also loves Raj. She holds his hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i hope it really ends well

  2. I hope suket agrees to ravni

  3. i hope things workout with avani and raj and i hope savri dont plan anything either i hope every1 accepts this it is the truth

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