Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aur pyaar ho gaya
Samarth asks Avni to spend sometime alone with him with any third person specially Raj. He offers his arm to her which she holds. Avni’s dupatta blows with the air. Samarth says that her eyes are beautiful, and her innocence can earn any heart. He proposes her by kneeling down. She holds her hand. Raj was standing out of the car thinking Avni can’t say yes to Samarth. He had blocked the traffic, the police officer tells him to sit and leave.
In the night club, Avni is happy. Samarth asks her to dance with him. She says she can’t dance but Samarth says there are no rules to dance. She laughs looking at a guy, and says Raj must have mocked him had he been there. Samarth says they must focus on themselves right now.
Raj was driving the car, thinking where they both can go. Avni says she likes a song, Samarth says its his favourite as well. She says its Raj’s favourite as well. He asks shall they both dance today, Avni asks if they can leave, but Samarth says they can’t go until she doesn’t dance.
Raj goes to the gol gappa stall. The shop keeper tells him that Avni came here with a man. Raj thinks she is taking her to all her favourite times.
Pratab asks Sanvri had she emptied the bank lockers of her jewellery. She tells him she sold her jewellery to save the house as it was more important for her. She gives him the papers to give them to his father. He hugs her and leaves. She says it was for you but it was also because she cant keep any debt of Arpita.
Samarth and Avni were on the floor. They have little chit chat. Samarth meets a friend, he asks Avni to come too but she gets lost in the rush.
Raj asks Arpita. She says she is trying her phone but she is not picking. They both have permission so she can’t anyone at home as well. Raj prays to get some help. Raj’s friend Amit sees Avni and calls to ask if he was with her.
Samarth was talking to his friend on the bar. He takes a leave but his friend stops him. Raj comes to the club and sees Avni standing on the floor worried. He comes closer. She is happy to see him but he holds her hand and drags her. She says he is hurting her, he says she hurt him as well. She went without informing him and is not picking his phone and now is in a night club. He tells her to go with him but Samarth holds his hand from behind. He asks why he is angry. Samarth tells Raj to leave her hand.Raj says that Avni is in a night club and she shares everything with me but she didn’t tell me anything today. He says Raj shall now get used to it as he is only a friend while he and Avni are going to get married. Raj says the proposal is not fixed today. Samarth says he is sure it will take place soon and Avni is not bound to ask anything when she is with me, he says when they will get married it is a big thing. He takes Avni along him.
At home, Arpita is worried where have they both been. They come home. She asks where had they been. Samarth tells her they were in the night club. Arpita asks they went there without even telling anyone. Sanvri comes and says that they are both young and can go to night clubs. She asks did they enjoy. Avni agrees that it was fun and says she is tired and goes to sleep. Samarth also goes to sleep. Avni comes in the room thinking about Raj’s complains. Arpita comes and apologizes for over reacting. Avni says she must have informed her, Raj also complained. Arpita asks was it all ok? She says everything went perfect but she should have informed Raj. Arpita asks about the crowd. She says in everything she missed Raj. Avni says it was her dream to go to night club but she didn’t feel special because Raj wasn’t there; especially when she knows that he was so worried for her. She says Raj makes everything magical but today she talked to her so rudely and she was hurt. She asks why he did this.

PRECAP: Samarth was talking to his dad on phone that he is going to propose Avni today. Arpita hears this and informs Raj on phone. He says he will have to stop it anyway.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I think avni fall’s for raj wow

  2. i also lyk the same to hppn avni is 4 Raj nt dt samarth damn wid hm

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