Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 6th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj buck himself up with the courage. Avni comes and says that he must not think about the consequences now and sends him to her dad. Raj comes to Suket and says he wants to say something important to him. Suket plucks some plants, they come to Raj’s face. Suket says sorry, Raj appreciates the weather, then says that he didn’t know Suket liked gardening. He looks at Avni, she puts her thumbs up. Raj asks what do you think about me. Suket says that you are a good, hardworking guy. Raj heads to go inside. Suket says that he knows why he is saying this, because he would want a recommendation letter from him in future, he assures him he will give a good one to him. Raj ruins Suket’s shirt with soil. Suket goes to change.
Avni comes to him, and Raj says he is your great dad, it is very difficult. Avni argues that you didn’t get nervous while confessing it to me. She says that your love has not that power else he would have said it to her dad. She leaves the plant scissors with him. Raj says if she is reacting so, how will her dad react.
Bhawna gives gifts to Madhuri, Jashan and Pooja as well. She thanks them to keep Akshit and Arpita at home. Jiji and Jija say that Raj calls Arpita his sister. They will ask it when they would need it. Bauji tells them to ask today. Arpita says that she knows what they want. Bauji calls Pratab. Pratab brings Sanvri, Arpita asks her to sign the file of Madhuri and Jashan’s probation on adoption, there will no longer be any follow up. Sanvri says that this all has some procedure. Pratab says that if she loves Pooja, she must remove this sword of danger off Pooja’s head and leave her happy. Sanvri signs the file. Jashan says he can’t deny taking this gift. Pratab blessed Pooja. Madhuri says you gave us the best of our life. Sanvri thinks she won’t accept lost.
Raj says I didn’t accept the lost. Raj says hadn’t his shirt got stained, I would have said it. Jashan also comes there, they both tease Raj. Avni shouts dad is in study. Suket goes from the room as Raj enters from the other door. He hears the shower and thinks sir must be in washroom. He is determined to say what he wants to. He practices in front of mirror and bucks himself up. He was practicing, when Suket looks at him and leaves the room. Abhaas comes there, looks at him and goes into washroom. Raj thinks he should say all while he is in the bathroom so that he doesn’t get nervous. He knocks the door, and says he wants to tell him he is in love with Avni, he isn’t the best but no one can love Avni more than him. If he won’t accept me, I won’t take any wrong step. He asks him to come out and say what he wants to say. Abhaas comes out and asks why he is giving the repeat telecast. Raj asks why he didn’t stop him. Abhaas says he thought it was free entertainment. Raj tells Avni in the corridor that he said it all, but Abhaas was in the bathroom. Avni tells him to relax and come for lunch. He thinks about an idea.
Raj comes to the study and writes a letter to Suket. Avni comes and asks what he is doing. He asks where Suket sir is. She tells him he is in his room. They come to his room; Avni forces him to throw the letter beneath the door. They run away knocking the door.
Suket comes and takes the letter. Raj was nervous. Suket takes the letter, but gets a call. Mr. Singhania tells him there tender was passed. Suket says it’s very good news. Suket thinks Raj made this tender. He keeps the letter aside and thinks he should tell Raj about it.
Raj was nervous outside. Avni tells him to relax. He says he must call Shastri ji or book a room in the hospital. Avni says that she is with him for whatever happens. Suket comes and says that it has been such good news. Raj says you got to know. Suket says yes, and I am proud of what you did. He hugs Raj.

PRECAP: A colleague introduces Suket to Payal as his daughter in law to be. Suket thinks this the girl who was Raj’s girl friend.

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