Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 5th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj comes home, jiji tells him she fast for his health. Jija says the credit also goes to someone else, Raj says he must call but Sanvri attends the call. He gives phone to Jiji. Sanvri says Avni is studying so she cant talk to you. Raj thinks of a way and asks Devika to call and ask her a question. Sanvri gives the cell phone to avni, Avni listens to her and says she has already answered this for her. Devika says Raj is asking this, she says It isn’t possible. Devika calls again and tells Sanvri she has the list of ten most important questions. Sanvri leaves the phone to Avni telling her not to talk to anyone.
A courier comes for Akshit. Suket says the postman to give it to Akshit who just arrives. Arpita reads the letter that Akshit is getting the best hotelier award this year and asks if he told anyone at home. Akshit goes away saying who is ready to listen to it. He says he still remember mummy and papa were so proud when he completed this project. Arpita also recalls this. He remembers his father appreciated this, and Avni predicted he achieved this award. Bhawna had also told him to give some gift to Arpita. Akshit says they both wanted this award for me and I wanted their blessings, I will get the award but…
Akshit and Arpita come for breakfast, Avni stands up, Suket tells her to go straight in her room. Arpita goes to kitchen and shows the letter to Arpita. She gets excited and begins to speak but Arpita stops her. Akshit says he want to say something. Suket says they don’t want to listen to anything. He calls Bhawna but she goes to bring tea. Bhawna comes across Avni in her way as she crosses Akshit. Avni’s cell phone fells down; Akshit, in a quest to pick it up, touches Bhawna’s feet. Bhawna feels it but doesn’t put hand on his head. Avni thinks he has touched the feet, will get the blessings too.
The nurse looks for Khandelwal Residency’s number in the directory.
Avni gets her finger pricked. The other Avni appears and urges her to talk to Raj so that he becomes happy. She is worried how to call him.
Her phone rings, Raj asks how are you. Avni says she is alright. Avni tells him Akshit is going to get hotelier of the year award but no one at home is talking to him. Raj says like in bad times everyone will be together in his good times too.
Bhawna was with Bauji, the phone rings Bauji picks it up. Bauji says there is no Sangeeta here. She says she just want to confirm does she live here. Bauji puts the phone down, and prays to keep them away from this problem.
Bhawna was worried in the garden, Bauji comes there. He tells her that he know a trustee of that hospital and requested him to transfer that nurse but was told that she resigned. He assures her she wont come to them now. Bhawna was worried where she went.
Avni wakes up from sleep and calls Raj, he was also asleep. She asks did he take his night medicine. He says he forgot but how did she know. She says to leave it and just be well soon, so that he could meet her family and live with her forever. He asks what did she say, realizing what she just said she changes it to like always but Raj catches her.
In the morning, Bhawna prays to save her from her past and save her family from getting dispersed. The diya she lights goes off. She lights it again. Suket comes to tell her he is leaving for a meeting and will do the breakfast there, he asks why she looks so tired? She says it is nothing like that. Suket turns to God and asks her didn’t she light the diya? She is worried.
Suket tells a client that the guy working on a report had an accident. He asks the driver to go to Raj’s home.
Akshit tells the manager to inform him when dad is here. The manager says he will go direct to meeting from here. Akshit was speechless. The phone bell rings, it was Bhawna. Akshit answers the call, Bhawna doesn’t speak anything. Akshit says Maa! He says dad is at the site, he requests her to speak to him. She cries and put the phone down.
Raj comes downstairs, jiji helps him and says he wont leave home for a week. Raj says he has to give Suker sir and important report. Jiji sees Suket and asks him to come in. Raj also stands, while Jiji goes to take tea. Suket says he came to take update. Raj says he will just bring the file; he came here to take his love update. Raj stammers, and says actually… Suket says did you have breakup. He says what was the name of that girl, she should have been here. He recalls it was Payal. Raj tells him she went to Mumbai. Suket says you must have breakup, this is what love does. Raj begins to explain but Suket stops him. Raj gets the file, as Suket gets up to leave Jiji brings Prasad from a pooja and asks Suket to give them to Avni. It has her favourite Ladoo. Raj thinks she did a brilliant idea, this will break the rule that she cant talk to him.

PRECAP: Raj tells Avni they will help Akhsit and Arpita patch up with the family, and then he could bring proposal for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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