Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna asks Anjali for Raj’s birth-chart. Anjali says that it is their love-marriage but Bhawna says that she still wants to show it to Shastri ji. Raj says that jiji has this. Anjali promises that she will send it to their home, as soon as Madhuri comes home. Avni hugs Anjali; Raj comes behind her and asks why she is upset. Avni says she just disliked how his relatives had to leave; she goes saying the feeling will just go away.

Rohit calls Arpita, Akshit attends the call and asks who are you and why you want to talk to Arpita. Arpita comes from the bathroom, takes phone from Akshit and talks to Rohit. He asks Arpita to come to meet him and sign the contract with him. Akshit asks who is this Rohit? Arpita says that this Rohit is financing my business and my business associate. He asks how you can work with someone out of the family. Arpita says that she is talented, and why can’t she work when Anjali can? Akshit throws her file away, and says he wants to know about Rohit, he sounds to be young and must have agreed to finance her only because she is beautiful. Arpita takes her files, says that what matters for her is to know that she is married, and tells Akshit that he must peek into his own heart before Rohit’s to see what his thinking is.

Raj comes home, Suket and Bhawna asks him that they called him for something important and ask did he see Abhaas and Arpita out. Bhawna takes his birth-chart, and sends him out. She and Suket discuss that they are happy to get a guy like Raj.
In the garden, Arpita and Abhaas were there with the set-up of pre-wedding shoot. Raj gets excited but leaves that he has some important things to do.

Madhuri prepares Pooja for school. The orphanage management come with Pooja’s mother who claims her child. Madhuri cries, while Sanvri peeks from door thinking she has been successful to make her cry.

Avni was upset, during the shoot. She says she must have been happy if Raj was here too. She closes her eyes, when she opens her eyes to see Raj there.

Avni complains to Raj that he left, though she wants everything perfect for their wedding. Bhawna calls her inside, Anjali was there. Bhawna says someone has come to meet her. The old relatives of Raj were here, and apologize Avni for what they had said. Anjali tells Avni that they called her themselves. The ladies tell Avni that Raj is behind this. Avni says that this was the important work of Raj, and runs to him.

Shastri ji sees some mismatch in the birth-charts.

Raj tells Avni that your smile was missing; he promises this would be the best wedding of the world.

Shastri ji says that this wedding can’t take place.
Raj tells Avni that it has started to raid, so the set up is in her room now, they go for photo-shoot and get their photos in different out-fits. Avni says to Raj that she wants their true wedding now.

Shastri ji fears that the girl has a shadow of an older event, which is causing this problem. Whose past can it be. The family comes to celebrate the photo-shoot with Avni and Raj.

Shastri ji tries their number, but thinks that he must go to Suket soon.

Suket was saying to Anjali that they must now finalize all the matters of weddings. Bhawna tells him that Shastri ji has been calling him, but he must first go to Bauji. Anjali gets a call and comes out to listen to it. Shasti ji arrives there then; Anjali introduces herself and asks him for the dates. Shastri ji tells her that there is a problem in the birth-charts. Anjali asks him to talk to her first, they sit in the garden. Shastri ji was hopeless while Anjali thinks she won’t let anyone come in between Raj and Avni.

PRECAP: Anjali shows Avni some designs of dresses she chose from internet. Avni finds them really attractive and says that she will get them now. Bhawna asks where this store is? She says Umad Village. Bhawna is shocked.

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