Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 4th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni was worried in the room; she says why she always does this because of Raj? Why she care for him so much? How could I be so irresponsible not to tell anyone at home? Why I go to Raj again and again. She sees another Avni standing beside and telling her that when you have something in heart brain stops working. She asks who you are. The other Avni says I am your feelings Avni. Avni tells her to leave whoever she is. The other Avni comes to her front and says neither love happen nor does love go with anyone’s permission. Avni denies she is in love with anyone. She asks really, you yourself say you always think about Raj first; your life begins with and ends at him. You see your love but can’t accept it. Avni shouts at her to stop it, she says she will do what her family will tell her to do; she will not think about him. The other Avni says you might be alive without him but wont be able to live. In your brain you have family but Raj is in your heart and in the battle of brain and heart, heart always win. She shouts her to go away, someone places hand on her shoulder. She turns around to shout again but it was Bhawna. She asks are you alright, who is it you were talking to. Avni sits down saying sorry that I disturbed you people so much but situation was so difficult. Bhawna says any situation is not bigger than family’s concern. Avni says she doesn’t know about it, she could resist leaving when she heard about it. Bhawna says she agrees in this age one makes mistakes that can’t be undone that’s why your dad places a lot of restrictions upon you. Avni tells her that Raj was about to go in coma. Sanvri comes there and says Raj always wanders here and there. Avni says he isn’t a bad guy. Sanvri reminds her they had an argument about him once before, Sanvri says you should remain away from this Raj. There is already a lot of tension at home she must not increase it. Sanvri takes her mobile along saying she knows Avni will call Raj. Bhawna also leaves without saying anything.
Arpita comes to Raj, he asks how he is. He says everyone will agree someday. She says she has faith on no one but he holds her hand and says love always wins. He tells her he confessed his love for her and now is her turn to confess in front of any one. Arpita tells him that Suket scolded her for not telling anyone while leaving and he banned her outing and specially talking to him. He laughs then dials her number.
At breakfast Devika comes home, she tells Bhawna she couldn’t connect to her on cell phone so she came here as they have to go at Shruti’s place for group study. Suket says she wont go anywhere, they must come here if they want to study together. In the garden, Shruti tells Avni that whatever happened isn’t good. She says she can make her talk to Raj through her cell phone. Avni says she cant upset Suket anymore. Devika says she wont talk to her but Devika will, Avni will only listen. She calls him Raj asks how is Avni, Devika says she is fine but just a bit lost because she is unable to talk to him. He says to tell her to keep smiling as her smile is so bright. Devika asks him if he is taking his medicines, he says doctors are administering medicines into his body but the medicine he needs the most isn’t here. Devika takes a pic of Avni and inbox it to him. He smiles saying this medicine has started to work at once. Avni laughs, Raj says I want this happiness for you Avni and I can do anything for this.
Arpita brings water for Akshit and apologizes him for getting late. He asks did she go to meet her mother. She says she went to meet Raj as Avni told he had a bad accident. He says didn’t she listen to suket who says no one will meet Raj. She says he said it for Avni. He says she knows it all like she knew dad wont be upset because of their love marriage. He blames her for his condition and leaves.
In the morning Bhawna was placing plates on table. Sanvri reminds her Akshit and Arpita eat on the separate table. Avni comes downstairs and asks Bhawna to go with her as she wants to meet Raj as he helped them a lot. Sanvri agrees saying she and Bhawna must go to hospital but she cant go there as Suket forbid her to. Avni thinks I shall let them go there, at least I ll get to know when is he getting discharged.
Raj tells Jiji to stop giving him any further soup. Bhawna and Sanvri come there. Bhawna gives jiji spinach khichdi to jiji. Raj says if doctors forbid him he will still eat it. She asks how it happened. Raj says he was crossing the road when a truck hit him. Sanvri says where was he lost, he must take care about it. Jiji says why is she saying so, Raj explains it is her way of joking. Jiji asks why didn’t Avni come. Bhawna says she is resting at home. Raj tells them to say thanks to her and sorry to everyone at home for her. Bhawna goes out saying you must ask if anything is needed. Raj says I will ask what I want from you.
She comes into the corridor. A nurse calls from behind Sangeeta. She stops; the nurse put hand on her shoulder and asks ‘Are you Sangeeta from Umad’. Bhawna is disturbed and says my name is Bhawna and I never went to Umad Village. The nurse calls someone and tells him she saw Sangeeta- she is alive.
The nurse tells Raj that Sangeeta who just came to meet him is so sweet. Raj says no one who came here was Sangeeta. She says the lady who came in yellow and pink saree, I think I know her. Raj says she is Bhawna aunty, and you must have seen her in newspaper or magazine as her husband is a big business-man. The nurse thinks so now Sangeeta is Bhawna Suket Khandelwal. She begins to ask further but Jija comes to take him home. The nurse says no matter how much you tell a lie I know your truth.
Bhawna was worried when they came home. She comes to Bauji and tells him she recognized me as Sangeeta. Bauji closes the door; she tells him that a nurse recognized her as Sangeeta. Bauji asks did she have her address or her phone number. Bauji says she is not Sangeeta, she is Bhawna. Bhawna suggests she should tell everyone. Bauji reminds her her promise she made years ago and says she will keep her identity a secret and forget Sangeeta.

PRECAP: Avni tells Raj on phone that Akshit is going to get an award, but no one is with him. Raj promises that they will all be together there. The nurse calls Bauji and asks is Sangeeta there. Bauji says it’s a wrong number but she says it is the right number, I know Sangeeta is there. Bhawna listens to the conversation.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. God I am so sick of this Raj n Avani…dont they have some other work than love? Raj is always following avani…when does he work?

  2. I dnt understand wen avni is gonna Realize her love(she is wasting episodes)…..n finally this serial is luking lyk sis(avni) n bro(raj) thg

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