Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

A body comes out of the OT, they both run towards it. It was the other Raj. Avni asks the nurse who tells her that the patient is critical and may go to coma. She is taken aback and remembers the smiling and cheery Raj and how she had refused his love.
They come home, Suket tells Bhawna to be strong, Avni will be alright. Arpita calls Akshit downstairs. Suket tells Sanvri Avni has gone somewhere without telling anyone. Akshit says he must ask his inspector friend but suket stops them. Arpita argues not to disconnect them, she says to Akshit this is the time to find Avni and hopes she is alright.
Jiji comes to Avni and blames her for his condition. She asks what she replied about his mad love. She says he loved and cared for her a lot. The doctor comes out and tells them not to make noise; telling Jiji that the chances for survival are low, he might go into coma if he doesn’t get conscious in next twenty four hours.
Avni cries saying this is impossible, she won’t let it happen. She runs inside into the room, a nurse was there and says she can’t come here. Avni doesn’t listen to her, she runs outside. Avni holds Raj by shoulders and shouts that you can’t go like this Raj open your eyes and talk to me, who will solve my problems, open your eyes. Come on Raj open your eyes else I won’t talk to you. You said it yourself that one should fight for life. For someone else your life is very important; please come back for me. Tear rolls down Raj’s eyes, ECG gets to normal. The doctors comes and attend him. The doctor smiles and says that the chances were less and we were hopeless but now Raj can be alright. This girl has some chemistry with Raj that he wants to live again.
The policeman tell Suket that they will find Avni. He says Akshit is his good friend so he came here himself. He asks Akshit for her photo, Suket tells Bhawna to give him some pics of him. Akhsit denies about some problem at their home.
Raj calls Avni’s name, nurse tells them that he is conscious and tells Avni to go inside first. Jiji apologizes Avni for saying all what she did. Avni goes inside the room, crying she sits beside Raj’s bed and calls his name. He looks at her and says Avni. She says you will be alright soon, she is with him. She places her hand on his arm and asks is he in pain. She asks him why is he smiling, he says when you are near smile comes automatically. She says the doctor said he will be alright soon. He says he was only thinking about her that when will she come and missed her. She says she will come to him later, but he holds her hand asking her not to leave. She sits down again, he asks when did she come and did she tell anyone at home. She says she could think about telling someone and came here as soon as Jiji told her about the accident. She complains him to take care of himself. He says you love me Avni-yes! And I love you too. She begins to go but he has her hand held. He says I am alive today because of your love, and asks her to look at him. Her eyes were closed. He tells them to open her eyes and realize she loves him how much he loves her. She recalls Suket’s word. Raj says it was your love that always brought you for me always. He tells her to recognize and feel love but she get rid of his hand and runs away. Jiji and jija calls her in the corridor as she runs.
She sits on the road side thinking about Raj and cries. The police mobile come there and recognizing her policemen takes her along.
It is morning when they reach home. The inspector tells Avni her home has arrived. Avni thinks she must not have gone without telling anyone, what will she now reply to her parents and asks God for help. Sanvri announces Avni is here, they all gather around her skeptically. Bhawna asks her is she alright and where had she gone. Sanvri says they must let her sit. Suket asks inspector where they find Avni. He tells them she was outside the hospital. Akshit thanks the inspector. Suket asks Avni why she had gone to hospital. Avni didn’t speak, Suket asks strictly. Bhawna says she is tensed, but Suket says we were also tensed and she must tell them why she went there and scolds her that they had to call the police even.
Bhawna says tell us and no one will say anything to her. Avni tells her that Raj had an accident, he is in hospital and is in a bad condition. Suket says you did for Raj before and I forbid you but you did it again. Looking at Akshit and Arpita he says you don’t need to be like anyone. Avni says it will not happen again. Suket says I will not let it happen again, you will not go out without use, no mobile talks, no internet surfing and most importantly you will never talk to Raj again.

PRECAP: Sanvri says to Avni that after so much if she will talk to Raj I shall take your mobile from you. Bhawna comes out of the hospital room, the nurse calls her Sangeeta from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. What is the big secret,with bhavna

  2. Raj and Avni need to get married already. Its dragging now.

  3. i hope suket understands the love between avani and raj and get them married

  4. i hope suket understands the love between raj and avani and gets them married

  5. i hope suket understands raj and avani’s love and gets them married

  6. What is the mystery of bhawna n when they are going to reveal her history what is this obstacles in raj n avni ‘s chemistry.

  7. I m forced to sk th

  8. I m forced to ask the same question what is the secret and why is suket bent on living the childrens lives for them? their grandpa knows the truth if they don’t want the kids to fall in love why bring samath, they should understand thatlove does not dwell where its not needed

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