Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Avni was telling Raj that she is sure whoever her parents will find for her will keep her extremely happy. She asked him how her friend thought about her. Raj says “avni!” she says “yes” he says he wanted to say Congratulations. They shake hands. Arpita was standing at the door. Avni gets a call, Raj turns towards Arpita, wipes his tears and leaves. Arpita stops him at the door why didn’t he tell Avni he loved him. Raj says that seeing them so happy, he has realized he is already late. If Avni stays happy without him, he will never want her to live with him. Arpita tells him to reconsider his decision but he says that if he can provide happiness for Avni by hurting himself, it will be a small price for him.
Arpita was worried. Akshit notices this and asks her the reason. He says there is something. She denies at first, but says to him that he must find a good guy for Avni. He tells her that their elders are doing this job and their parents will find the best for him. She tries to convince him that he must also look for someone. He says sure, he will look for someone in his business circle. She suggests the guy must be someone who Avni knows already, so that it is easier for her to adjust. He says then this can be done by mom and dad only. He asks her to give him a smile so that they can sleep well. She obliges thinking that she wanted him to say Raj was a perfect guy for Avni.
Devika was at Avni’s home, excited about her wedding. They chose the kind of guy from a bundle of pictures of Bollywood heroes. She wants the body of Hrithik, smile of Imran, body of Amir and eyes of Shahrukh, charm of Shahid Kapoor etc. There Raj was depressed thinking why love like this was. Raj saw Avni’s pic in his mobile and says that Avni! I might not have what you want but I will truly love you always. Avni paste all the picture’s cuttings over each other. She told Arpita that this looks weird; he does not want someone like this. Arpita asks then what kind of guy she wants. She says someone who will love her unconditionally. Arpita tells her that such guys exist. She asks will she get one. Arpita says only if she hears about her heart.
Sheru was trying to improve the mood of Raj at breakfast. He tells him that his Jiji leaves for children dance each year. He had made an Aaloo bhujia (potato dish) for him, which was his and Avni’s favorite too. He is happy that atleast Arpita is happy about his feelings for Avni. Raj thinks how Avni had said that whoever her parents will find, will love her dearly. He leaves by saying that he does not feel well. Arpita calls Sheru ji. She asks how Raj is. He tells her he is upset since he returned. She tells him everyone was talking about Avni’s marriage here, how he could be happy at this news.
Avni tells Arpita that the first quality she wants in her future husband is that he loves her unconditionally. And secondly he must never mind whatever she says. She asks will Arpita help her finding such a guy. Arpita says sure she will, thinking maybe she can make her realize about Raj. Arpita and Avni were in kitchen saying that they will cook chanay (grains) tomorrow. Avni was lost. She asks who she was thinking about. Avni tells her that she was thinking about the qualities of the guy. She says that her better half should be like Akshit, how he loved her. Arpita suggests that they should discuss the rest while drinking coffee. She was beating the coffee when Avni asks how she falls in love with Akshit. Did she prepare a list too? Arpita says that she asks a lot of questions. She says she wants a guy, whose sense of humor is like dada ji, gentle man like papa, intelligent like Akshit and smiling like…. Arpita suggests he should smile like Raj. Avni agrees that Raj’s smile is natural and sweets. She says he always help others but often gets in trouble himself. They guy in Avni’s life will help others but will never get helpless himself. Arpita gets saddened at this comment.

PRECAP: Avni was dressed up heavily. Bhawna asks how she looked. Sanvri says she looks great and asks Arpita didn’t she like her. Arpita says the jewellery and the dress is too heavy. Sanvri says that this shows the girl belongs to a big family. Arpita says that Avni is undoubtedly from a big family, whats the need to show it off. Sanvri irritatingly says that she should not teach her atleast. Should they get Avni’s photo like the one she had sent for her proposal. Arpita is speechless.

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