Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 31st January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with dadaji, akshat, avni and bhavna going at arpitas house. Mom welcomes them in. then they sit and akshat looks aside and sees that arpita is coming, and he smiles. Dadaji then asks for forgiveness from dada and tells him that it was because of a misunderstanding that there was sadness among the families and he is sorry for that, dad tells that he does not need to say sorry as he has not done any mistake, then they all start talking about the marriage dates and bhavna tells that they will also be going to the khatushyam temple, arpita says that she will go and bring tea and snacks and avni also says that she will go with arpita to see her paintings as she makes god paintings, avni asks that can she take akshat bhavna says ok but mom says that let him first

eat then he can come, avni and arpita go. In room avni goes and arpita shows her paintings and arpita then hugs her and tells that she is very happy to have got such a good family and such a good sister in law and mother In law and then avni asks about akshat and then akshat comes from behind and avni tells him that good he came as arpita was saying that she is lucky to have got such a good husband, then akshat comes in and avni tells him to see those paintings which she has made and she will come, then akshat comes in and avni goes and akshat comes there and they both hug each other and arpita says that good that everything became good again, akshat then tells her to show the paintings and then there is a painting of akshat and akshat then hugs her.

There raj comes with manager in car outside and tells him to go and its just a work of 2 mins and he can do it and go, then raj comes out of the car and he sees that avni and all are going home and he looks and smiles. Then he tells manager and manager goes, there manager gets the letter and arpita shouts at him and tells him that he has such a big shop and how could he do this mistake and then he says that he was mistaken but now the problems have been solved, arpita tells that how can he do this and tells him that she will tell the owner and remove him, then he tells that he helped her and instead she is shouting him as he did it only on that mans saying…..then he tells nothing and then arpita asks that o whose saying did he do it, manager takes her out at raj and she sees raj talking on phone and then manager tells that he only did this and he came to him and requested to save her relationship as he did not want this to happen, then manager goes and arpita goes at raj and she asks did he do this, raj says yes and tells that he did not wanted her relationship to break and he also wanted someone’s to believe on god and on marriage, then arpita tells that thank you and tells that she had heard this from someone other also before, then arpita tells that if she had a brother then he should have been like him, raj tells then if she has said then he is standing in front and he is her bro from today and arpita removes rakhi and ties on hand and she thanks him and raj then asks that who had said about the marriage belief and what is the persons name, arpita tells its avni and raj gets happy and arpita goes to bring sweet and raj shouts in sky that her name is so cute and such a good name and the best name in the world and he says the name continuously.

At rajs home jiju is telling sis that they will be going to the khatushyam temple today but sis says no and tells that there is no use of going to any temple as she tried everything and went to every temple and did fast for days but she did not get good news, jiju tells then he will go and sis says him no as he will also not go and they will stay home and no go to any temple for all this, jiju hugs her and raj sees this and prays to god and tells that they are so good people and why doesn’t god give them their happiness.

At home avni comes and in the house avni tells abhaas that don’t do any fight today at least, suketh comes and asks that are the preparations done and abhaas answers yes dad and then akshat bhavna and avni smile and they all go out, there avni asks that who is going to drive which car, suketh tells that there is no car , avni asks then how are they going to the khatushyam temple, dadaji tells that they are going by bus and he shows the bus at the gate, then avni gets happy and tells wow that they are going by bus together and then savri and damatji also come and savri also gets happy on hearing of bus and avni and savri tell that lets go fast, then arpitas family also comes, then arpita takes blessings and they all get in the bus and then sit as abhaas is sitting with akshat, avni tells him in signs to get up and arpita will sit and he gets up and tells arpita to sit with akshat but savri does not like this and tells not to sit together as it is against their tradition and then avni tells that they are going to get married and savri tells bhavna to tell avni that they are still not married and bhavna tells them that arpita will sit with avni and abhaas with akshat, then they exchange and sit back and abhaas tells akshat he tried best. Then they depart and in the bus akshat and arpita are looking at each other, then suketh calls akshat ahead as mr agarwal has some plans for business and they start talking and then avni gets bored and goes at dadaji and tells him that they are boring by talking about business and instead they can play antakshari and then dadaji tells this plan to everyone and avni tells that lets play boys VS girls and they start and are playing antakshari.

Precap: everyone are there at the temple and they are down and then bhavna asks abhaas that where is avni he tells that he told avni to come with bhavna and enter the bus, then bhavna tells avni did not come with them and then abhaas tells that this means they left her where they had stopped for sometime.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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