Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Jewellery Exhibition, Avni’s residence and Raj’s office
Arpita protests that she iosnt a thief, and that she has no reason to. Anjali points out calmly, that after all the jewellery was found in her bag only. Arpita says that this is a trap against her. Anjali asks who would do that to her. She retaliates that its anjali herself. She is shocked. Raj, hearing this, in the office is shocked too. A series of allegations and counter allegations follow, which raj gets very disturbed to see. virat instigates him all the more, that anjali is being insulted. Anjali finally says that the police shall decide who’s innocent and the culprit. Raj gets avni’s call, and he is tensed to find her very upset and tensed, when she gets to know that he isnt there to handle the situation, as he had promised. She cancels the call. raj leaves rushedly too. virat is amused.

When the police comes, arpita vehemently tries to prove her innocence, but he says that she would have to be taken in custody. Before they can handcuff her, akshat, suket and avni come in, asking her not to be scared. suket tells the inspector that they cant arrest her, as she is their wife. Raj too comes by his mother’s side. Akshat says that they know who did this. Suket tells the reproters that there’s someone in the hall, who doesnt like their family rising to fame, and cant see their popularity. Anjali asks him to stop talking such things. Suket and anjali enter into a verbal arguement, while raj and avni are tensed. raj asks suket to not talk to his mother like that. Anjali asks raj to let be, as these people dont understand nice things. Avni tells her that suket is a nice man, and doesnt lie unnecessary. Anjali asks her to shut up and stop her arrogance. Avni is about to speak to anjali when Raj shuts her up, asking her not to interfere. Avni says that his mother is casting blames unnecessarily on Arpita. Raj asks her to stay quiet, as he wont listen to a word against his mother. Avni asks why should she stay quiet, as he can stand for his mother, then why not she for her family. Finally raj asks her to shut up, raising a finger on her, and she is stunned into silence. all get tensed. Finally virat comes in saying that there’s no use to arrest Arpita, as the jewellery has been found. the planted man asks what of the theft then. virat says that the person shall be punished. He says that these people can be asked to stop business for one year. the federation agrees to it, while arpita is shocked. She vehemently protests innocence. suket says that anjali has played a dirty game and he wishes to god, that their family doesnt even be in their shadow. They all leave, while avni eyes raj angrily.

Outside, avni asks them to ahead while she talks to the manager. Raj tries to calm down avni, but she is enraged. Virat is evilly very happy to find raj and avni fighting, where avni vents out her frustration at him, that she and her family have been suffering due to her motives, and that she cant take it anymore. raj asks why is she waivering on their resolve again. He says that they should find a solution. Avni says that now for her benefit, she wont let it happen again. raj tries to talk to her. Avni says that she just knows that she has to leave, as her family needs her. she begins to go, but raj holds her hand, and asks her to atleast listen to him. But she asks him to let go, as she has to go. He complies, and she leaves. virat is amused.

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Scene 2:
Location: Avni’s and Raj’s residence
All are enraged at what anjali and her family did, and how they are targetting them, one by one. Avni wonders who did this. akshat says that it is Raj’s family, and vows to have his revenge and ruin them. Arpita laments that her work and her existence is ruined now, and that she doesnt know what to do. Avni’s younger brother brings in newspaper clippings, and is extremely angry. Avni tries to compose him, but he doesnt calm down and says that they are targetting the women, first avni, then bhawna, and now arpita, and is determined to have his revenge. He walks out angrily. all stand tensed.

Meanwhile, Vikram also blames anjali for even accepting the invitation, when she knew arpita was being awarded as every interaction ends up in an arguement. Just then, Abhaas calls up at Raj’s place, and threatens that he shall treat them a lesson, and he too retaliates back saying that noone can teach them any lesson and that they arent scared by any threats. Virat puts it on speaker, and abhaas badmouths him, and they are all the more tensed. heated arguements are exchanged, and then he finally cancels the call. Abhaas is enraged. Virat tells them all that there’s just one solution, and thats to handle man to man. But madhuri’s husband is enraged and says that since he had a talk with him, he only shall end it. he calls up abhaas and asks him to meet at a location. He leaves. all are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Local News office and Avni’s residence
Raj goes to the local news office, asking them not to do this cheap publicity stunt, and focus on the other issues that happen in the town. Raj gets avni’s call, who calls him sarcastically asking if he got time from his busy schedule, and raj gets fed up of her taunts. raj says that he doesnt understand what she wants. Avni says that earlier he used to. Raj says that she should keep up hope and faith and not break down like this, as he is trying to find a solution. Avni says that the biggest problem awaits them, and informs him of abhaas and his brother’s scuffle. She asks him to be there if he has time, as she is going there already. she cancels the call. he is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: JaiChand’s Catering venue
At the given location, madhuri’s husband enters into a verbal arguement with abhaas, and soon it turns heated, and heads into fistfight. raj and avni try to stop him. Abhaas hits madhuri’s husband and throws him on the ground. raj gets into fight and pulls abhaas away and is about to raise his hand, when Avni shouts at him, and stops him. Virat sees this from a distance. raj asks him not to threaten him or his family again and asks him to get lost, and asks avni to take her brother away, if she wants his safety. to further add the animosity, virat adds rat poison, to raj’s brother’s catered food. Avni takes abhaas away. The screen freezes on Raj’s tensed face.

Precap: The host of the event, comes and informs them that people are falling unconscious since the time they ate the catered food. Raj, virat and Jaichand go and check the containers of food, and find a suspicious smell. Madhuri’s husband blames Abhaas. Raj and virat are convinced too. The police comes and arrests Abhaas. Avni tries hard to stop his arrest but in vain. she eyes Raj with venom, while raj is tensed too.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. what the hell is wrong with Virat how can one man be so cunning

  2. Long time back i stopped watching this blady irritaing story… i hate this stories director

  3. Wtf is wrong wit raj

  4. Wen wld all dis drama cums 2 an end pls,dear producer pls dnt make avni n raj split again plszzzz

  5. The story is getting more n more stupid each day…..Please writers let virat be exposed…let bawans name get cleared….come on d storyline is off track now. ….when is raj n avni gone be together….disappointed viewer

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