Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshit is worried that this all happened because of bua. Arpita says that Bua had no mistake in this. Akshit says this isn’t because of Bua, it is because of her. She couldn’t make it up with Bua, and this is because of her that he will have to live without his family. She says it was his decision but he doesn’t listen and goes away. Avni thinks what has happened to bhaiya who is blaming bhabhi instead of supporting her. avni comes to her but Arpita stops her.
Abhaas was angrily leaving. Bhawna comes to stop her, but he doesn’t listen. Bhawna begins crying. He says he can’t see her crying. She says she has already lost one son, now can’t afford to lose the other, so don’t go please.
Raj was near the car, he thinks to call Avni as something is wrong. Avni thinks how she is going to tell Raj about it. Avni recalls suket saying Love only teach lying and betrayal, and what Akshit said in frustration. Raj waves Arpita but she goes inside.
Bhawna was praying in the morning, Avni was also there. Arpita comes downstairs and recalls how she used to help her. Bhawna offers the cup, Arpita runs to help but Bhawna pulls it away and asks Avni. Avni tries to defend Arpita but Bhawna scolds her. Avni deliberately slips thinking Arpita can atleast touch them. Arpita saves her, Avni looks at her, she recognizes it. Avni prays everything gets alright in the family.
Jiji asks Raj why he didn’t sleep. Raj says he is worried for what happened because something is wrong there. Jiji tells him not to worry and go to office. He thinks he might know it in office for what has happened.
Avni comes to kitchen and sees Arpita preparing her breakfast separately. Avni asks the cook where Sukets tea is and says she will get it there. She forwards it to Arpita who takes it. Arpita brings tea into Suket’s room. Suket calls Bhawna and asks are all the servants on leave. And if they are, couldn’t she or Avni bring tea for him. From tomorrow only Avni will bring his tea. Bhawna says she will bring her tea.
Arpita cries with the cup in hand, Avni comes to hold it. She thinks her family wasn’t like this and will not let it be.
Raj was in office. He doodles Avni on a page.
Avni pours Halwa in a bowl thinking everyone likes it. Bhawna comes to tells her she must distribute it in servants. At dining table Suket separates some chairs, Avni asks what is this? Suket says some people here don’t deserve to sit with us. Akshit leaves, Arpita follows. Avni goes after them. Suket says if she has to go with them, her chair can also be separated.
Suket comes to Raj’s cabin and takes the file along him. In his cabin Askhit comes to whom he doesn’t talk. Akshit offers he will go to Mr. Singhania’s presentation with Suket but Suket says to Raj that he will go along as he doesn’t need anyone. He asks will you go now. Akshit leaves, Suket tells Raj to stay. He was checking the file; paper with Avni’s name comes. Raj asks him that he will show it to him after completing. Suket couldn’t see the page when Raj takes it.
Avni gets a prick on her hand from a plant. Bhawna comes running to her rescue. She says when she separated her favorite rose’s leaves, it pricked it. Bhawna says it is true; the most favourites give the deepest wounds. Sanvri comes there and tells them that she went to bank and withdrew all the jewelry from their common locker that she gave to Arpita because she doesn’t deserve her gifts and blessings. Sanvri thinks I am a wife of jewelers and we take interest on returns. Bhawna leaves without saying anything.
Sanvri tells Avni to talk between all things. Avni says she isn’t young to see who is wrong and right now you are wrong. Sanvri thinks everyone is standing against her.
Avni asks Bhawna how you could do this. Bhawna says Sanvri did what she liked. Avni asks what if she does the same to her. Bhawna says she has faith that Avni will never do what Arpita did to them. Bhawna tells her that Arpita didn’t think her as her mother else she would have told her.
Avni thinks what to do now. She thinks Raj used to help me always but now he can’t even.
Raj finds Avni in the garden, she doesn’t talk to him. He asks her to talk to her as he loves her. She shouts to stop it, there is nothing like Love. It can only create problems and nothing less.

PRECAP: Avni gets a call. She runs to a hospital and asks for Raj. The receptionist tells her the room number.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I love this serial this serial is too good I am so afrad wat wil happen next wat hapend to raj

  2. I really love aur pyaar ho gaya . this ia a nice soap .
    oh yeah I wonder what happened to raj
    you know what don’t you think that suket is ugly ,his face is so long when he is angry its even worst . am I right?

  3. Yes very very true he is to ugly

  4. Raj has met with an accident while driving thinking about avni’s words poor Raj…..

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