Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

It rains heavily. Avni says that love is a magical relationship Raj. He says I don’t want to say anything today, just listen the three magical words. Avni says I love you. He asks her to repeat, she does. He says I waited to hear this so long, when I first saw you, when I fall in love with you and when I finally confessed my love. He asks her to say it again, she repeats after him. They hugs each other.
Bhawna asks Avni how she got wet. Avni says she went to call Raj. Raj hugs Akshit, he thanks her saying he must have lost her without her. Arpita says Avni stopped me after saying what she did in mike. Bhawna says that it was Avni who brought me here. Akshit says it is a great feeling being together after setting apart. Raj says it is the feeling of love. Bhawna says to Arpita that she was also hurt same as she was. Only I know what I went through, when you both left. Arpita’s dad asked that the things are still the same, Suket didn’t accept her. Bhawna says that Akshit and Arpita will stay somewhere at Jaipur and she will have to think about something to make up Suket’s mood. Raj says he will arrange for where they will live.
They set to leave, Raj and Avni turns around again and again to see each other. They both each other calling, look back and runs towards one another. Avni asks why did you call me, Raj says you did. Raj teases that she isn’t letting her go. Bhawna calls her, Raj holds her. She tells to say this to mom, and runs. Raj opens the door of the car and asks Bhawna that this day is special and I want your blessings today. Bhawna keeps hand on his head, he whispers to Avni that he got blessings not the beating.
Bauji and Pratab said they will eat much today. Bhawna says this has all been possible because of his blessings and Avni. Pratab says that like mother and like daughter. Avni says she wants to be a shadow of her. Pratab asks what the next plan is. Suket comes there, Bhawna points him to be quiet. He comes to the table and asks Bhawna where you and Avni were. Bhawna says they had gone to market, why? He says he thought you people must have gone to Akshit.
He says that Arpita was set to go, so there must be tension. Bhawna says that why tensed, whoever had to do they did. He asks her where is Akshit and has Arpita left. Bhawna says that they are grown up now, why should they worry. Bauji also says that he must not think about them and eat. Suket cant eat and leaves. Bhawna says that these questions will keep on coming in his mind, and one day he will ask himself where Akshit and Arpita are. And one day he will bring them home by himself, Avni thinks and love also.
Raj calls Avni. They both are reluctant to talk and ask what each ate. Raj laughs saying they are talking about such silly things. Avni asks is love always the same. Raj says it is my first time as well. He says he wants to ask her that will she go on a date with him. He says you can take time but do reply me. She is worried listening to this, and asks how?
Devika hugs Avni and says she is so happy for her. Avni says she is feeling awkward, going on a date. Devika says that dating means go with him, take a lunch somewhere and say each other’s heart. Avni says that she wish someone else had to take the decision for her, as it would be wrong to take the decision without telling anyone. Devika takes her to the temple and asks her to leave everything on God.
They come to Bhawna, Avni asks her to chose a chit. Bhawna says Yes, whatever you asked him. She hugs her saying you got yes from God. Bhawna says she know she must have thought good. She calls Raj, Raj says 7 at night, he has booked a table. Avni asks how did he know she will come. He says he believe in love’s power. Jiji asks Raj, power of love. Raj says he was sure she will say yes, he even reserved the table by the name of Avni Khandelwal.
They both chose the dresses, Jija helps Raj while Devika helps Avni chose the clothes.

PRECAP: Bauji asks Avni is she going somewhere as she looks beautiful. Suket comes and says that they are going for a dinner, his client opened a new restaurant Revonios, and asked them to come; he thought he must take the whole family there. Avni is worried to hear this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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