Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 30th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with arpita getting akshats call, akshat tells her that is she ok, arpita says how will she be ok, arpita says no and tells that what should they do now, akshat tells that if he goes and tells that truth then the marriage will be broken and if not then too the marriage will be broken, akshat tells he should go and tell the truth, arpita tells no and tells that if he tells then the family will stop believing him, akshat tells no and tells to solve everything he has to go and tell the truth and he keeps the phone.

Avni comes home and raj who is standing outside the gate of the house looks at her, then avni comes out of the car in house and is sad, raj looks at her and says that she is sad now but from his plan she will get a million dollar smile, then his friend comes with that manager of the sarees shop from where arpita and even raj’s sis had taken sarees, raj tells manager that what work he told do it and if he does it then even he will get a good girl for marriage, manager tells her is already married, raj tells then he will get good children, manager tells that he has 2 good children, raj then tells that its ok they have not come here for those talks and he tells him to go, manager goes in near the car where avni is standing, he tells her that he is the manager form that shop where they took sarees, she says yes come then manager tells that he wanted to talk to mr khandelwal because there was some confusion while giving sarees, avni understands and takes him happily inside and is happy and smiling, raj looks at her and says to friend that see he told she will get a big smile,friend tells he will bring tea and goes, then raj is standing there when from there abhaas comes and raj looks at him and says that why does he come at the right time always, then raj tries to hide and abhaas looks and says that form there hey what are you doing here and raj sits down tying laces, then abhaas comes but goes ahead and sees a friend on bike and asks him what is he doing here?, raj gets saved and he gets up. There akshat comes down to tell and tells suketh that he wants to tell something and tells that whatever decision the family will take he will accept it and then he says that he does not know how much he was right but he and……then avni comes from behind and tells that see who has come with her and brings the manager inside, avni is happy, even abhaas comes in, the manager comes and he greets everyone and then tells that when they had taken the sarees he had got that same time a love letter from a man who wanted to gift it with saree to his wife, but he by mistake replaced with another saree and that’s why from then he is going to every house to find that letter, he asks that did they get that letter, bhavna tells that yes they are having such a letter, suketh then asks him that what type of letter was it, manager tells that it was a heart shape letter and it was a love letter and was gifted by a person to his wife, then suketh asks what name was written, manager tells it was from letter ‘A’ and name something like arti or arpita or ankita, then he tells yes it was arpita, everyone get happy and they hug each other and then avni tells that she knew that arpita bhabhi is not like that and suketh gets happy and smiles, he then tells that good that misunderstanding were cleared or else 2 families would be insulted in jaipur, suketh then tells manager that today there were so misunderstandings in family because of hi and tells that they are his old customers, manager tells he is sorry and tells he will now go as he has to take the letter and give it to that family and the manger goes. Dadaji tells avni that good she has become old now and understands everything and on this thing he will eat a laddoo, avni then takes laddoo and puts in dadaji’s mouth, akshat is very happy and says himself in mind that good he did not tell the truth or else his marriage was at stake, suketh then asks akshat that he wanted to day something, akshat is very happy and tells that he was just saying that whatever decision they will take he will accept it, bhavna tells him that whats there to take a decision in that now the marriage is not broken and avni and dadaji tell bhavna that call arpitas family and tell them this, bhavna calls arpitas family and tells arpita as she has taken the phone that she is very sorry and the misunderstanding has been cleared and they have understood that who had written the letter, then bhavna tells her to give phone to mom and arpita gives and goes and hugs dad and tells him that the misunderstanding have been cleared and dad also gets happy.

Outside manager goes at raj and raj tells him that what happened manager tells that everything is ok now and everyone are happy, raj asks that is that girl happy manager tells yes and tells that the girl was very happy and was smiling very joyfully, raj gets happy and shouts in the whole market and is smiling and happy then he hugs the manager and takes him in car. The manager tells he is a very good person.

In car manager asks why did he do this, raj tells he did not wanted the relationship to break and he also loves that girl a lot and can do anything for her and her family, the manager tells that he is a very good person, raj thanks him.

There in home everyone is on the lunch table and they are reday for lunch, dadaji tells that he is so hungry today that he will finish the whole lunch made for today, avni tells if it will remain then, then bhavna tells that she talked to arpitas family about the misunderstanding and they are also happy, then abhaas tells avni and bhavna that sometimes we should go against the tradition to make things good, avni and bhavna and dadaji stay quiet and look at abhaas and suketh is looking at him, avni goes at suketh and tells him sorry and tells him that she did not have the intention to hurt the tradition but she believed arpita so she did this, suketh tells its ok and he tells don’t do it again. Then savri and damattji also come, savri tells why are everyone so happy and she tells maybe they must have broken arpita and akshats marriage and thinking of new start then savri tells that good and tells that she has also found some girls and gives to bhavna, akshat laughs in mind, avni tells that no and tells her that instead they got to know how the letter came there, then abhaas tells her everything, savri tells what! and she only…..then everyone see and she tells that she knows him and he does never make a mistake, suketh smiles and bhavna tells that now the mistake was done and he is also a human and then savri tells yes but she is sad and dadaji tells her to some and have food, savri tells that no she will eat afterwards as she is very happy and so wants some fresh air and she goes outside there she is saying herself that she only wrote that letter and how can it be then she tells that arpita has played a good trick and then bhavna comes and savri tells that she is happy but….bhavna then tells that no but as how many times shall they doubt on arpita and she is good and now they don’t want to talk on this and she tells her that come In and she goes in and sits on table, then bhavna gets a call and that its arpitas mom and that the panditji has given the date of marriage next week, bhavna says ok and tells this news to everyone and all are happy, then dadaji asks when to do the mehendi and rest, bhavna tells that they can do it sometime in the week dadaji tells they will do mehndi tomorrow and suketh tells how so early and how can they do preparations, dadaji tells that everything can be done in 1 day, then bhavna tells that she will call and tell them about mehendi and all the ceremonies in between the week, then avni gets up and tells that instead of calling they should go at their house and meet them as they were also very disturbed, dadaji pats avni and tells that she has become big and bhavna also smiles and suketh also, then dadaji tells ok and tells that we will go at home, suketh then tells that dadaji is already there so he will stay at home and do the preparations of mehendi, dadaji says ok. Avni looks at akshat as he also wants to come, she says to herself that she will do something.

In the car, raj tells manager that his work is still not over and he has to go at arpitas home and take the letter and then solve it, manager says ok, raj tells him that before that they will have lunch in a good hotel and then go at arpitas house and then he will leave him at his shop.

There akshat is walking in the lawn, avni comes at the doorstep and she looks at him and then looks at the driver and she gets an idea and goes to akshat, she tells him that our driver is taking a half day today and he wants to take wife out and so there is no one to drive the car and can he come, akshat tells hmmmmm y……then he tells that why as he doesn’t need to come they can go, then avni tells ok and tells then she will take the driver only and she turns to go but is going slowly to wait for akshat response, then akshat turns and stops her and tells her that ok he will come as why to take that drivers half day and let him go and he will come, avni gets happy and smiles and akshat also gets happy in mind, then avni asks for 1000rs and akshat asks what for she tells him that for the driver as he is taking his wife out she takes and gives to driver and tells him to take half day and take wife out.

Precap: arpita thanks raj for all his doings and that he has brought happiness in the family back, she tells that if she had a brother then he should be like him, raj tells ok and tells her to make him her bro and tie him rakhi and she ties him rakhi, there at avnis house dadaji has booked a bus as all are going for picnic.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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