Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni tells Raj that no one in the family is ready to agree about the destination wedding. Raj tells her to convince his family, she says there are a lot of people in the family to convince. They both think about solution to the problem.
Arpita comes to show Pratab some new designs. Savnri comes downstairs and says to Bauji that she thinks they must redesign the jewellery in the bag which Anjali returned, and get Avni’s jewellery prepared. Bauji asks Arpita to bring the bag; Arpita goes to take it but finds the bag light-weighted. She looks into it and thinks where the jewellery has gone. She runs downstairs worried telling everyone that cash and jewellery is missing from the bag. Sanvri scolds her to being irresponsible.

Akshit comes there. Sanvri says she must be given no responsibility as she is much involved in the jewellery designing. Akshit apologizes the family and says he will pay for what has been lost by her. Arpita comes into the room and says thank you to Akshit. He scolds her instead that he made her ashamed. She says she doesn’t know where the money has gone; Akshit asks did you use it in your business? Akshit says that you don’t see anything other than your career these days, but he is sure this money has not lost but been used by her in her business. She ask do you consider me as thieve? He says I just know you have become a stranger for me. She stops him, and says that I was never insulted this way in life. She promises that she will return his money. He asks what has she got, either the money her parents gave or the jewellery she got. She says she will earn all this money through her designs.
Anjali was discussing the wedding planning with Madhuri. Avni comes there and says that when Raj has been chosen by her, why not the venue. She says that Jaipur is also a beautiful too. All her family and friends belong here.

Suket makes the arrangements about the weddings. Raj comes and says that this wedding won’t take place as he wants it. He says it is his wedding and it must take place the way he wants it.

Anjali and Avni come to Avni’s house. Avni and Raj get each other. Anjali says to Suket that your girl is stubborn about the venue. Suket tells her that so is Raj. Anjali says to Raj that you must decide the venue and convince Avni as well. Suket says he trusts his daughter. Bauji tells them to go out. Raj and Avni argues in the garden, Avni says this wedding might not take place then. They both change their paths, then stop to look back, both recalling their love for each other. They come nearer, hold ears together. Raj takes Avni’s hands and kisses them. They come inside, Suket asks have you decided. Anjali asks have you decided a single venue? Avni says that she loves Raj, and wants to marry him whatever the venue may be. She says wedding will take place where Raj wants. Raj asks are you sure, and takes her promise that she won’t regret.

Anjali is happy but Raj says that wedding will take place where Avni wants it to; in the same house as it is also evident of our love-story- how our friendship turned into love. Avni asks him not to sacrifice for her, he says that wedding is important than the venue. Bauji says that today children taught us what true love is. Anjali says thank you to Avni and says that she has started to love her as she is getting to know her. Avni goes to Raj again.

Suket asks Anjali to tell about the rituals in her family, but she says that they don’t know anything about them. They look back at Raj and Avni who were busy in their talk.

Avni was getting facial treatment; Bhawna tells Raj that Avni is busy. Anjali was getting the room interior, Avni calls and Anjali tells him to say that he is busy. Avni was in kitchen when Raj calls, she says she is busy. At night, Raj and Avni talk on phone. Raj says that he had decided they will talk in front of each other. Raj says that we are going on date tomorrow.

PRECAP: Raj and Avni performs on an old song.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. so far so good hope that another twist is out of the story for now 😉

  2. guysz I guess….raj dad would be bhawan,s ex boyfriend. who betraied her frm umad gaon….and Aur pyar ho gya would have another twist….lolz……

  3. Savri is so blo*dy irritating. She should be exposed and embarrassed in front of the whole family. ..

  4. hee hee hee some body laugh with me,savri upon knowing everything that happens in jaipuh is not just wicked but also a big big thief ohhooo too bad for her ,i just hope the lady comes to expose her and tell the family her evil plans

  5. Raj n Avani is so irritating they only ……..hey I just have no words for them I hope Anjali is taking revenge on Avani I just hate the sight of Avni and raj .ALL THE PEOPLE THAT DONT LIKE THEM PLS POST MANY COMMENTS ON HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THEIR LOVE PLS WE CAN TAKE THIS FLIM OUT

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