Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
As raj gets avni in his arms, back from the hospital, she is shy, while all compliment their love and the power of it, that brought back avni from the shackles of death. They decide to celebrate the power of love in a festive manner. raj and the entire famile agrees. all are happy.

In their room, avni dresses up with raj’s help, who helps her get dressed as a married woman. they both get overwhelmed with emotions. She professes her love for him, and asks him to get ready as people must be waiting downstairs. He says something is missing, and shows her the anklet that he got for her, and she is overwhelmed to see that he remembers, as he helps her wear it. she eyes him lovingly.

Avni and raj come down, to find the whole room decorated, and both the families happily mixing with each other, in the festive manner. buaji says that she has a very special surprise, especially for raj and avni, and introduces them to arjun, her adopted son, and all are happy. Dadaji too comes in just before the cake cutting ceremony, while all are ahppy. He blesses avni to always be happy, and thanks the lord, for such a happy familial atmosphere. all take his blessings. Suket thanks him, for his blessings. Finally the cake is cut, and raj feeds the first bite to avni, and vice versa, while all cheer with claps. raj says that he wants to say something to them, and want to ask something. Avni says that they are respecting love today, but what happened yesterday, led them to believe that life can change in an instant, and hence they shouldnt leave any second, to tell their loved ones how they feel for each other, as there might just be regret and grfief later on, once the moment is gone. All agree. One by one, first akshat and arpita express their true love for each other, and how their love surmounted all barriers and troubles, and obstacles, and yet triumphed. Buaji asks them to hug, and daadji agrees, and they comply. Next is madhuri and jaichand. Jaichand goes on a humourous rant comparing her to the favourite foods, and all thoroughly enjoy it. madhuri too excitedly says that she loves him too much. Then suket asks buaji and pratap to start, and buaji excitedly goes on a rant of her love and respect for him,and he too reciprocates. Suket on his turn, says that he wont do it here. they all go outside. On everyone’s insistence, bhawna starts to talk abou suket, comparing him next to an idol of simplicity, principles and honesty, and knows that he isnt very clear to express his feelings, and is a little shy. As she shyly begins to go, suket takes her by the hand, and says that he waits for the evening to come, as thats the best time for him, when he comes back from office and she waits for him, with a steaming hot cup of tea. He says that he knows her effort, as he considers himself the luckiest man, to have her as a wife, who idolises love, and affection. he then goes onto present her a rose, as token of his love for her. Buaji asks him to propose by bending on his knees. Suket amusingly agrees and proposes to Bhawna, and they bothj confess their love, and hug each other. Bhawna then says that now’s the time for both of them, as they have to play the game, that they all have planned. They all get to playing. raj and avni are excluded, and they are baflled. All of them start playing the passing the parcel game, adding that whoever the parcel stops on, shall have to share their best raj and avni moment. all get excited, especially Buaji, as they gear up to play. The pillow stops on Madhuri, and she says that its the time, when he saw and saved avni for the first time, and then realised that he was in love. all have a good laugh. Then it falls on arpita, who says that she loved the moment when avni got rid of her nervousness at her sangeet, and then went on to learn dancesteps from Raj. On everybody’s teasings and insistence, raj tells about their love story, avni says that she gives credit to akshat and arpita, who’s their idol. Pooja asks when did they find out when she was in love, and raj and avni finally say that they never knew how love happened, but it just did, completing the sentence with the name of the serial, AUR PYAR HO GAYA.

Precap: Avni and raj promote cast of Satrangi Sasural.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Plz don’t end the serial plz…

  2. M gonna miss it a lot…m very sad…

  3. Sad today this beautiful Love ended.. 🙁 Miss U RAJ/Mishkat Varma

  4. Mishkat Varma Miss u as Raj… Sad to see this love story ended soon..

  5. Hope to see u raj and avin once again together… Soon…plz..

  6. Bye..bye..Aur pyar ho gaya…miss u avraj…it is a cute love story I loved it a lot…

  7. mis u alot AVRAJ aka Mishkat&Kanchi.hope c u sn wit u as a leadpair in nxt serial.

  8. al d bst fr ur future.luv u bth.with lods of lve frm ur fan Anash.

  9. Kumkum bhagya shud hav been stopped….it spreads so much of negativity…god knows y zee is so abrupt in ending good shows…,do dil bandhe ended illogicaly and in a very bad manner….on odr hand gustakh dil v ajeeb tarike se band Hua…..fir madhubala toh height hi ho gayi….pata nahi sab weird hai

  10. I am soooo sad to see this show go!!!! And I swear I’d miss Mishkat even more…..hope he pops up on another serial soon.

  11. Will miss you guys especially Raj, Avni & handsome Suket

    this is one of the better shows aired in Zee TV

  12. Good show….keep it up zee. Give us more such shows.

  13. I’m really going to miss this show! It had a lot of twits but the ending was perfect way to finish it. I was sad that abhass had to die in order for Avani and Raj to be together. Why do the best shows alway end soon? But in all it was one of the best shows!!! Love everyone in the show except virat! (The character). <3

  14. nice show the best but I still love kumkum bhagya more

  15. I’m really going to miss dis show,raj and availability hope to see u soon

  16. I am glad that this soap coming to an end because it was taking tooooooooooooo long to reach a climax now the bad one virat has been dealt with and both families unite how nice except for abhas he should not have been killed off so close to the end otherwise this soap was worth watching after all hand off to you writers I am going to miss this show

  17. O god it was like a dream to see this serial ….awesome man very very very good loved it

  18. i l
    ove you AVRAJ! gonna miss dis show

  19. I am going to miss this everyone. My favorite serial
    Thank you rimjhim for giving the updates of this serial.

  20. Princess kauthar

    Please come back with other series. I love you Aur pyar ho gaya cast and crew. More love from kenya…………..

  21. Plz come back soon..

  22. i will miss this serial a lot and hope to see you guys sooooooon


      yaa u r ri8


    i luv both of raj n avni n i’m vry sad about it (itna jldi is serial ko end ni krna chaiya tha) pls re-start it

  24. Omg..serzly gone miss avani’s face.. I love you avani..cryingggggggg..hallaRaj

  25. Its good that this serial ended,,,

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