Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Avni’s residence
There is visible tension between Vikram and Bhawna, all are tensed when Vikram asks about bhawna’s family. Finally Suket tells that she is an orphan and hence doesnt have anyone. Vikram gets tensed. avni changes the topic and asks vikram how does he like the food. he says tbhat he loves it. But immediately coughs, when he knows that Bhawna made it. Suket asks if he has acidity, and should take an antacid. Vikram says that this burn isnt due to acidity and that now he feels that he shouldnt touch this fopod. all are tensed. He asks anjali to come along, and she composes everyone by saying that they should get going as lots of arrangements need to be made. vikram comes outside and takes his earthen pot, while all other exchange blessings and best wishes, while bhawna and vikram tensedly eye each other. He too exchanges greetings with avni’s family, and they then leave. All go inside, while Bhawna is extremely tensed.

In her room, arpita is arranging stuff, when akshat who remembers their arguement earlier. He comes to her and apologises for his behaviour, and what happened earlier. She doesnt relent. he says that he is apologising then what more does he want. She takes a vase and breaks it, saying that not all broken things cant be mended, and by his actions, behaviour and deeds, he has hurt her heart and that cant be mended. She turns around to go, when he stops her by holding her hand. He asks what does she want to do, and how much can she stretch this. She remembers their marriage, and then begins to take off the mangalsutra, while he stands shocked. Arpita leaves her mangalsutra to Akshit, who is shocked while she is teary eyes and emotional. She begins to, when he stops her. She turns around and he asks will she divorce him. She is tensed and speechless. But then says that she wont, adding that she loves this family, and she cant go anywhere leaving them, as these relations matter to her, but their relation doesnt have anything in it, and that she consider their marriage as one, as marriage is pious, with no place, for lies, betrayal and doubt, which has happened in their marriage. She says that she cant wear the mangalsutra for a fake relation, and wants him to keep it, so that he is reminded that a relation that could have been heaven turns into hell under what circumstances. She leaves, while he stands stunned.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Vikram chants shlokas and performs the puja, and places the pot in the water and watches it flow away. he is tensed still, and teary eyed at the emotional turmoil. He turns around to find him confronting Bhawna with her earthen pot. she too does the puje and watches her pot float away, teary eyed herself. He starts taunting her that she refuses to let go of him. She says that she too lost along with him that day. he asks her not to get sentimental, as that wont affect him, as whataver happened that day, is entirely due to her. He says that god is playing a cruel joke that the person he hates the most, is standing in front of him, as his son’s mother in law. he says that little do these people know what she is actually, and threatens her to expose her in front of everyone. Bhawna begs to Vikram not to bring her past to anyone, and stop this marriage as her daughter shouldnt bear the brunt of what she did, telling him about Raj and Avni’s love. Vikram is tensed and frustrated. He leaves, while she is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Avni’s residence
Raj takes the ladder and is about to climb up, when avni finds him at the bottom of the ladder. They start romanticising. Just then, they find Bhawna coming in tensed, who goes to the temple, and then asks what evil did she do, that she has to continue with all this, and that problems dont seem to end for her. just then, avani and raj come and try and cheer her up. she laughs for their sake, but is tensed, thinking that god should keep these kids happy like this always.

Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
Celebrations are on in full swing at Raj’s house, when Avni and her family comes in and exchange greetings. Again an awkward moment between Bhawna and Vikram ensues, who intentionally almost mentions her as Sangeeta. but then mentions that sangeet is on and that she shouldnt be tired already, nor be angry for the joke that he pulled on them yesterday. All go inside. Bhawna takes vikram aside, and asks if she should understand that he has accepted her request. He says that she should understand that he kicks all of her requests, but feels like he should expose her rightaway, but doesnt want to do that, for raj and avni’s sake. He leaves angrily, while she is tensed.

All decide on the mehendi design, while avni asks bhawna to prepare the mehendi for her. She complies. Vikram comes and asks her where’s her husband as he wants to talk to her. Bhawna gets suket to vikram. Vikram praises Bhawna, saying anjali is enjoying, while bhawna is doing all the preps. Suket smiles. Vikram says that bhawna is orphan, this hurt him. He says that god always punishes those Vikram tells Suket that Bhawna and he have some connection. Suket is baffled, while she is scared wondering what vikram is about to spill. She signals him not to. Vikram points out that he too doesnt have parents. Suket asks how. vikram asks bhawna if she knows. suket is baffled how would she know. vikram says that it was a heart wrenching tragedy, and some other day he would tell him. Buaji asks bhawna if the mehendi is ready or not. Bhawna comes with the vessel. Buaji shockingly points out, that her hands are red. As her hands are trembling, Bhawna is shocked to find that her hands are red along with the mehendi that she prepared. Avni and raj are tensed too. The vessel falls down. All are shocked, while vikram remembers how he mixed alta in the mehendi, when she had gone to get suket for talking to vikram. Vikram taunts that it feels her hands are smeared with blood. she is extremely tensed. she rushes inside, while vikram is satisfied. the screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: As raj excitedly asks avni to show her mehendi, she is disappointed that it doesnt have the dark colours that it should. raj is tensed to see avni sad and disappointed. Meanwhile, Raj’s brother is negotiating with someone over the phone, when an unidentified person walks in, whose presence cheers him up.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This is a mad story…plz soon finish the wedding

  2. unnecessary suspense….making story boring

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