Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ashiana Resort
While raj and avni finally happily sign the marriage certificvate together, Virat is enraged, thinking that not only did they escape his grip in umatgaon, but they are also deceiving their families now. Anjali gets virat’s call, telling her that she wont believe what has happened. anjali asks if he got more sick and isnt well at all. Virat remembers the excuse that he had given and hesitatingly brings up raj’s topic, while anjali is tensed. He then diverts the topic, saying that his car got towed, and anjali asks him to go home and leave the car which vikram shall take care of. He cancels the call. Virat thinks that if he discloses raj and avni’s marriage, then umatgaon would be deragged too, and his role would come to light too, and he cant let that happen. he then eyes the two lovebirds, and thinks that he wont let raj and avni’s planning be successful, and just like vikram and sangeeta’s love changed to hatred similarly, he would change raj and avni’s love into hatred.

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Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s and avni’s residence
As arpita takes care of bhawna, avni comes happily, and says that she signed a very important paper of her life. Arpita congratulates her. Suket comes down saying that they should congratulate Arpita as she has received the young entrepreneur award. All are very happy. Bhawna is very happy that both the girls are so happy today.

Later, Avni gives the idea to raj, that they tried to get the family together, that didnt happen, and that they can then try to get the families united one by one. raj asks whats she trying to say. Avni says that Arpita should receive the award by anjali, and raj is super excited about the idea, as anjali always promotes career oriented women. Raj thinks that she would definitely present the award, and then one by one, all the people shall come together. Avni is happy. Virat overhears this, and thinks that he wont let raj’s happiness bloom.

The next morning, anjali comes inside Raj’s room saying that, she wont go to the award ceremony, even if she is the chief guest, as Arpita is going to get the award and given the recent scuffles, she doesnt want any more tension. Raj tries to counter convince her that she always promotes career oriented women, then why should arpita be an exception. She is convinced and raj is happy and excited. after she leaves, Raj messages avni that first stage is completed and now the second one awaits. He then calls all the local news channels, asking them to cover this important event. virat comes down the stairs, finding what he is doing. He thinks that the news channels shall definitely get the spice they need in the news.

Arpita is blessed by everyone. Avni is asked if she isnt going. Arpita says that she wants avni to stay with bhawna and see the event with her, on TV. Suket too agrees to watch it with them. arpita leaves in glee. Avni thinks that everything is going fine, and hopes all’s well ahead too. She calls raj, and then they are hopeful of the plan. After raj cancels the call, he overhears, virat screaming in the phone. Virat fakes a call, agitated and aggressive, and manages to convince raj to come with him straightaway, as there’s been a huge trouble at the office. eaj complies. virat smiles evilly.

Scene 3:
Location: Jewellery Exhibition, Avni’s residence and Raj’s office
Arpita is congratulated by the customers, as she has a successful exhibition, with one hundred percent sales. she deals in with the customers, asking them to demand online, if they wish to place more orders. The MC of the night, announces the award finally going to arpita, and she is happy, but she gets tensed, when she hears that Anjali would give her the award. Anjali walks in just then. anjali and arpita eye each other tensedly. Suket and bhawna at home, are tensed too. Avni is super hopeful. anjali gives a very inspirinmg and motivating speech, about arpita’s dedication and leadership, and entrepreneurial skills. Arpita happily gets on the stage and accepts the award. Anjali congratulates her. Arpita goes on the dias, and thanks her family for their love and support. She says that she also wants to say one more thing, as anjali inspired her, and gave her the confidence to start her business. Avni is very happy. suket and bhawna are happy too. avni thanks the lord that everything is going okay

In the office, Virat finds raj watching the award ceremony. Virat switches off the TV, and asks raj to focus on the work. Raj complies. Virat goes aside. Virat calls someone at the exhibition, and asks him to do whatever he has been instructed to do. He comes back to find raj having solved the problem. Virat says that he is meant to do bigger things, and switches on the TV. Arpita and anjali are giving statements to the press. Just then, a man starts hollering that he has lost his costly jewellery worth lakhs. it is presumes that there has been a theft in such a high profile event, where all respectful people are present. Anjali and Arpita are confused. On anjali’s insistence, the man starts searching all bags, and when finally, he opens arpiatr’s suitcase, the jewellery is found there. Arpita is shell shocked and stunned. All the other people start gossiping, as to how Arpita is ther thief. the man reprimands arpita for lying and stealing. The people begin to reprimand arpita for being a thief, in the garb of a well bred, highly maintained, daughter in law, of a respectful family. Suket get angry at home, as he hears all reporters report about arpita’s crime. avni and suket ask bhawna to stay back at home, and rush to arpita’s assistance. Bhawna is tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Raj’s residence
Meanwhile, at raj’s residence, madhuri and her husband are invited by Aryan’s cousins, for aryan’s 18th birthday, and promote the new serial. the screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: Suket tells the reproters that there’s someone in the hall, who doesnt like their family rising to fame. Anjali asks him to stop talking such things. Avni is about to speak to arpita when Raj shuts her up, asking her not to interfere. Avni says that his mother is casting blames unnecessarily on Arpita. Raj asks her to stay quiet, as he wont listen to a word against his mother. Avni asks why should she stay quiet, as he can stand for his mother, then why not she for her family. Finally raj asks her to shut up, raising a finger on her, and she is stunned into silence. all get tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. hello guys wats up
    i m new here
    good serial keep it up raj n avni
    love you both

  2. OMG, WOW ,raj u r getting too passionate plz try n understand avni point of view.

    1. I’m thinking that Raj has already figured out Virat’s plan, and is simply pretending to side with his family against Avni!

  3. arvani this has gone too far now get out of that marriage with raj quick there are too many obstacles in the way. that marriage just would not work because raj is a do do head he is always cutting on both sides one time he is confessing his love for arvani and another time he is bawling at her taking his family side come on what is going on. that marriage should not have taken place in the first instance after being a do do head and listening to arvanis mom and walking out on her at the alter not intelligent person would do such a thing giving up on your love because someone ask you to do so no way at he should have given an explanation no he just decide to insult arvani about herself how she was too ugly and demanding which did not make sense I do not know what to think of these soaps again everytime it is progressing good all of a sudden all falls down what I cannot understand is what the hell arvanis mothers past have to do with both she and raj to hell with bavhans past and rajs own uncle what is wrong with him just so he is on arvanis case stop all this nonsense now. to tell the truth raj is too immature for arvani I say the best thing to do is to end their relationship right now.

  4. Its not ideal to separate them by hook or crook. They should cont to find ways of realising their love. What God puts together……

  5. Raj playing a game again

  6. Ranjee i think you are right i also feel raj must have found out about virat plans and doesnt want avani to spoil her reputation with the family both needs to go to God as they always do or call grand pa bauji and tell him the truth about their findings,he can be of help

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