Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th January 2014 Written Update

Raj is listening to Arpita and her parents are talking about who has sent the letter, and apita say she is innocent and just then avni comes there and says she believes arpita and trusts her not to do anything wrong and hope she will still be her bhabhi and arpita’s family talk about avni and akshat family having good values and all , (HOLA , they should know about akshat and his sanskar) and when arpita’s parents say all will be fine and avni says if this match breaks she wont trust in god any more, and walks away from there , raj wants to prove his friendship by saving arpita and then make his love akka avni having faith in god and he notices the letter near the saree cover and is sure that some thing happened in shop itself and want to known more.

Avni goes

back home and her father, mother and bauji are sitting in lawn and her father suket asks avni where did she go? when avni says where she been to he gets very upset and scolds her for going there without any ones permission while avni tries to make them believe that arpita is innocent and has nothing to do with it and her heart feels like that and apologizes for going there while abhas comes there and asks her not to ask sorry but why should she even justify by doing a right thing by going to arpita’s place and providing them support and abhas even says that their family should be proud of avni for being there with a family his parents are so looking forward to make a bond with and suket asks abhas to shut up and they all walk in, avni tries to make babuji listen to her but he says he will need sometime to think over it and he walks off..

Raj is at home and wondering how things go bad with arpita and her family, while his brother in law sheru and jiju asha says this has to be some insiders work and all, while amit comes there and is worried about their contract of catering going off from their hands, while raj is very upset over this match going wrong, when amit asks why so upset over others match raj says avni loves her brother just like he loves his sister and jiju and he can feel avnis pain and even tells them how he been to saree shop to know wat went wrong there but noting happened in that shop and now he wants to know more.

Avni is going to temple and when bhavna asks her about where she is heading to and then gives her permission and our dump gal with blind trust on arpita goes to temple and prays for it while raj and amit are passing by and raj says his work will happen as asha says that when ever bells in temple rings when ur passing by mean ur work will be done and he asks amit to go to guys house place and say that he was the one who misplaced letter in arpita’s bag as it was written by his boss and amit is worried about address and says he will do it if they get address.

Sawari is looking for new matches for akshat and tells her husband that she is happy that they knew about arpita before wedding and she is looking for matches while her husband reminds her that the match havent broken yet and he thinks its someones work and hope they suffer while sawari is worried and asks him not to say anything like that. sawari calls bhavna and asks her if they heard anything from arpita family and says they wont as they are lying while akshat walks off with a annoyed face

Raj takes amit to a wedding card print shop to get address and says to manager that they are there to see sample wedding cards for his friend amit’s wedding amit is clueless and when amit goes inside , raj checks around and gets the address of akshat;s place and then says amit;s wedding is calling off so they wont need a card and they will go now while manager is more clueless than amit. raj says to amit now that they got address lets go and solve this issue, amit asks address and says he wont as its the same house where abhas has jumped on them and raj says they have to do something about it and thinks about it.

Precap:-Akshaat on phone tells arpita that he has started with lying he will end it and was about to tell his family truth when happily grinning like a blind truster avni comes there saying she got someone with her …

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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