Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 29th April 2014 Written Update

Sanvri tells Suket that they must be on their way back. In the kitchen Bhawna tells Avni that Raj ordered Avni’s favorite Vanilla cake. She says that as the cake is cut, everyone will get the cake and she will have to eat a single piece. Raj says he has already ordered another for her. Bhawna comes excited that Akshit will be excited seeing this, Sanvri comes worried and asks Avni to try Arpita’s number, it was unavailable. Akshit’s number also went unavailable. Sanvri thinks how it can be available as Arpita wanted to spend the time alone with her husband.
Akshit cuts the cake in a restaurant. He thanks Arpita for doing all this and tells her he feels very good to be with her. He apologizes for not being able to give time to her. She says today all has been compensated

and no one can disturb him here as there is no network. He opens his gift. It was an expensive watch. She tells that when he was seeing this in magazine, he had same expression. He thanks her and tells her to ask anything. She asks for a little time for herself. He says they will go to a long drive now.
The guest complaint that they were waiting for Akhsit and Arpita and they were out somewhere enjoying. Suket dint like it, that the guests were talking to leave. He goes to call Akshit. Suket was angry at Akshit. Sanvri comes saying the guests were going. Suket asks did Arpita know about the party. Sanvri says she herself told her. Bhawna asks him not to scold them.
Avni was worried that all the guests had left. Raj tells her that they can still celebrate. Bauji also tells her that this risk always lie with the surprise. He calls Suket and Bhawna downstairs as they propose to play truth and dare. Raj tells the rules. The first turn comes of Suket. Raj was afraid to ask him will he choose truth or dare. Suket chooses truth and asks him for question. Raj was nervous and asks Bauji to ask instead. Samarth takes the permission to ask a question. Raj gets worried what he will ask, Avni also dislikes but Samarth asks that whatever he said to Abhaas today, was it his anger or concern? Suket says that he wants him to know he is not angry with him but is concerned. Everyone smiles. Abhaas say thanks to him and he promises to take care of himself. Avni gets happy. Next turn comes to Samarth. He chooses dare. Avni asks Bhawna. Raj suggests he should be told to sing, he resist but they insist. Avni also requests so he sings very badly. Everyone makes fun of him. Avni goes to bring snacks, Raj goes to help her. She says he sings very badly, Raj tells her to think if she marry’s him and he will sing, what will she do.
Mr. Chohan takes leave; Samarth goes out to see him off. Sanvri tells Bauji to go and sleep, Bhawna also insists him to go. Avni says they will cut the cake when Akshit will come and there he comes. They see the decorations and everyone standing; Avni runs, hugs him and wishes him birthday and surprise. He says you people are awake to give him this surprise only. Sanvri tell them that they had arranged a party for him and invited for him, Mr. Chohan had also come. Akshit was worried and apologizes that he didn’t have any idea that they had planned something for him. . He thought Arpita would have told her. Arpita asks what plan. Suket asks Sanvri hadn’t she told her about the plan? Sanvri tells Arpita to recall she told her yesterday when she was doing something with her phone, have you forgotten. Suket tells Arpita to listen to what elders say to you. Akshit apologizes them on behalf of Arpita. Avni asks them to cut the cake and takes him along and celebrate.
In the room Akshit scolds at Arpita for not talking to his family about the plan and ask them if they had planned anything for him. Sanvri hears the fight, Arpita tells him not to be so angry. Akshit tells her not to plan any such thing after today. She argues but he tells her he doesn’t want to get away from his family because of her. She doesn’t believe he thinks like this. Sanvri knocks the door and asks to come inside. She asks why hadn’t she taken his gift from her, and gives them the honey-moon package for them to Mumbai. Akshit says the he is sorry but they won’t go. He says he wants to concentrate on the family as well. She agrees and leaves thinking this is only a trailer Arpita, you will get much more now.

PRECAP: Avni, Raj and Samarth were playing truth and dare. Samarth asks her to ask anything. Avni asks had he any girl friends? He says there were more than one, but he was serious with none. Raj gives her expressions. She tells Samarth had he intended to tell her, he would have earlier.

Update Credit to: sona

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  1. it was a wonderful show…..Hope best for Raj……..carry on Raj….all the best…

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