Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Restaurant
Virat accuses buaji and points out their facade. they all believe it. Anjali and madhuri reprimand buaji for feeding the chocolate that caused food poisoning to Pooja. buaji vehemently denies it. But madhuri’s husband tells that they know to what lengths buaji can go through to get her way. suket asks them to shut up and think about how thankless they are being. akshat too reprimands them that this is expected from such selfish people. As they again enter into an arguement, avni asks them to stop it, and says that they should leave from here. Avni eyes raj helplessly, and leaves. Raj is tensed. His family too begins to go. Anjali asks virat to get a water bottle, for puja. They leave. Virat overhears the manager wondering amongst themselves, as to why sir asked them to switch on the alarm, if the families have such enemities and differences. Virat questions them and after much hesitance, the manager gets scared, when virat tries to intimidate him into telling the truth. He still says that they dont divulge costomer information. Virat leaves.

Outside, virat thinks that since the time avni and raj have come back from Umatgaon, something is amiss, and wonders whats it. he finds avni getting in the car, and notices the heirloom bangles on avni’s hands, and wonders how did they reach avni. He is determined to find out.

Scene 2:
Location: Raj’s and avni’s residence
Later in the night, Avni gets Raj’s call, and they start arguing about the family differences amongst themselves. raj tells her that if they too fight, then how shall they unite their families. Avni says that this is the problem, and if they continue like this, their marriage doesnt make sense too. raj asks her to be patient, as a new day shall bring a new hope. She cancels the phone, and he is tensed.

The next morning, anjali discusses business with vikram. virat comes with an excuse of his lost ring, and after her permission, he start surfing through the jewellery, and finds that the box is empty, and thinks that he was right. he asks her about the heirloom bangles, and points out that the bangles arent there. She gets tensed and asks them where are they. raj comes in with them, saying that he took them for polising. She is relieved, while virat is boggled. raj heaves a sigh of relief, thinking that he got duplicate made, for times like this, and decides to beware next time.

Buaji too starts venting out her anger again at the purohit famnily, saying that she shall never forgive them. Avni is tensed, as she overhears this. She gets raj’s call, and after he finds out about her tension and dilemma, he adds that they have to meet today, and insists when she tries to point out how difficult it is for her, to come out, given the recent scenario. Raj asks her to come over to his house, while she is shocked, wondering how can she do this. But he insists. She wonders what has he plannned.

Meanwhile, later in the evening, Raj’s family is ready, and ask raj why isnt he dressed. He says that he shall join them later as he has an urgent work. Raj gives them the excuse, and then asking him to be on time, they all leave. raj hopes that avni shall make it. Avni enters but doesnt find anyone, and by chance she topples the Kalash kept in her way, and is surprised. Raj says that this was her griha Pravesh, but instead of being emotional, avni is frustrated. Avni asks why did he do this today. raj says that their marriage is based on their promises, and that she got scared last night of their marriage and their false identities. She tries to present her helplessness. raj asks how come she thought that their love was so weak. She vents out her aggression and that she is scared that if someone saw them here, there would be a big drama, and asks him to hasten up fast, so that she can leave from here. He is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Office
Virat arrives with raj’s parents, and then pretends to be sick and having a severe headache, and heads home, having gotten their permission. He thinks that he would now find out whats Raj’s plan.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Meanwhile, raj and avni, on the road, discuss how important it is for them to talk about something very important, and since she didnt want to be there, hence he got her out while she is very scared as someone might see them, and isnt interested really.

Scene 5:
Location: Outside Raj’s residence
On his way back, virat finds the same priest from Umatgaon, and overhears the priest talking to an Auto driver that he had gotten a couple married in umatgaon, and for the marriage certificate of this couple, he had been called here, but last minute they changed their destination, and asked him to come to Ashiana resort. The auto driver complies to take him. They leave. Virat wonders whether the priest is talking about Raj and avni’s marriage and is determined to go to Ashiana Resort to find out.

Scene 4:
Location: Ashiana resort
Raj shows her their marriage certificate, and he says that he has signed them, and the priest who commuted their marriage has too, and that if her faith in their marriage is waivering, then this certificate shall keep her determined to have belief in their marriage and the sanctity of their relationship. Raj asks why does her faith keep changing like this, and when he doesnt waive, why does she, even though they are in the same boat, and that theirt marriage can never break their faith. He leaves. She is tensed, as she eyes the certificate. She goes upto him, and calls him, and hugs him from behind, apologising for her behaviour, and asks if she doesnt even have that right. He smiles overwhelmingly. He says that she is his wife, and loves her more than life, and her doubts make him feel that he is insufficient in his capacity as a husband. She tells him that she loves him very much. He cups her face, as she hugs him, and they both kiss each other on the forehead. But then raj takes it a notch forward and kisses her on the cheeks, and she too reciprocates. He then leans in closer to seal his love with a kiss on the lips, but she is embarassed and hesitant. As avni is shy and nervous, raj tries to get romantically intimate with her, hile she basks in the glory of their new found intimacy, having signed the certificate that authenticates their marriage. She finally gives in and then he adds that there was a promise that he wouldnt cross hie line, till they get blessings from their parents. she hugs him. Virat sees this from a distance and is shocked. the screen freezes on both their faces.

Precap: Anjali gets virat’s call, telling her that she wont believe what has happened. anjali asks if he got more sick and isnt well at all. Virat remembers the excuse that he had given and hesitatingly brings up raj’s topic, while anjali is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Love is the strongest bond. No amount of devilish antics will separate raj and avni.

  2. exactly i agreed but when will virat be exposed ?????

  3. You are damn right. Love will be separated when some fox intermediate on the way.

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