Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th January 2014 Written Update

Episode Starts
Khandelwal House
Saawri was telling everyone that no one believed her before arpits is already wrong . Abhas saying i wanna beat that man who did this.Avni was supporting Arpita that she never do dis but Suket stopped her and Saawri again started Against Arpita. Akshat worried. Avni again statred but again interrrupted by suket and told her to let dis decision on bhawna nd saawri. dada ji agreed and asked akshat… he nooded what u want but still you need to find out the truth. dadaji agree with Avni and decided to call Arpita mom dad home.
Akshat left from there by excusing everyone.

Aggarwal House (Arpita’s Home)
Raj and Arpita talking just then Arpita mom came n gave cheque to Raj. She went back to get new one as there is some spelling mistake. Arpita offered Raj juice as he is her friend. Raj smiled. Akshat phone came and Arpita went to talk To him.Akshat told her everything. Arpita worried and Raj overhears phone talk and Then arpita mom came and handed check to Raj and told Arpita abaout Going to Khandelwal House.Raj decided to Help Arpita as he thought some one is Trying to defame her.

Khandelwal House
Avni worried and Talking to herself. Aggarwal’s at Khandelwal home and asked About matter. Saawri showed Love letter to everyone and told they found it from Arpita’s sarre Bag. she goes on that Arpita is not Lyk what we Think wbout her. Her dad n Mom were not ready To accept it. They asked Arpita About it But she was Standing Still.

Arpita Mom talking To bhawna that I swear her daughter can’t do anything . but saawri interrupted and put her point true. Bhawna told some one is trying to break dis alliance any enemy could be. What saawri again interrupted and goes on blah blah against arpita.
saawri hell bent on taking dis issue on high and asked Arpita if she luked someone its hight tym told us . Arpita Silent . Saawri told Truth is in Arpita’s Silence. Her Mom asked her Again and Arpita told she Didn’t do anything Arpita swera she has done nothing wrong To defame U .
Avni came and Defended Arpita and told everyone that Arpita will become Daughter in law of dis house. Suket Shouted. Avni told mrs.aggrawal To calm down as she is having BP problem
Dada ji Involved and Told dis is very serious Issue and Two familes attached to it. Aggarwal told we won’t take forward dis alliance till d tym truth will not come out. Saawri told do it fast otherwise we will marry Akshat somewhere else. Aggarwals left sadly.
Arpita was crying and looking at Akshat. akshat Stand still there Duffer,Idiot. Avni again in front Of Mandir and asked about someone who can save this alliance.
Then show Raj talking on phone. Amit came n asked him for movie but he said no as he has to go to Aggarwal’s again . Amit asked about reason. Raj told him that he wants to save Arpita’s alliance as she is his friend and Would be bhabhi of Avni too.
Then showed Suket…he was furious on Avni n not ready to listen to bhawna. he goes i love Avni but at same tym love Rules of dis home.
Akshat was looking at Avni’s photo and sad n Avni saw this and too become worried.

Bhawna sitting all worried in her room .saawri came and Told arpita not to lose heart as wtever happen its all fro gud. saawri to herself she is sry for all dis as everyone is sad but wt she did is gud fr dis family . Avni told bhawna that she still believes Arpita and she never do dis and Bhawna told her she has no solution and left.

Aggarwals home

Raj at aggarwal’s home and talking to servant as Aggarwals’s not at home He told servant that aggarwal’s are their 500th customer and dey want to gift them silver coin. Raj went to washroom and then aggarwal’s came n worried. Raj overhears them and Thought Aggarwals are very Nice someone knowingly do dis with them.
Then Avni came there and said Nothing is wrong Still everything can be gud.

Avni at Temple and Ringing the Mandir bell continously and Asking gannuji for help and send Someone to help Arpita . Just then Raj n Amit came in Car and stopped car iN front of temple and Raj told Amit that Jiji told him once that if u hear Mandir well while going somewhere then U become successful In ur task.

Update Credit to: ShivinkiJas

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