Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akshit tells Suket he tried to ask for Mrs. Anjali’s appointment, but he couldn’t get it. Mr. Anjali calls Bauji to take his appointment telling him she is Raj’s mom. Bauji says she can come today.
At the breakfast table, Madhuri says that I cooked special breakfast for you. She asks Jashan couldn’t she get her better breakfast, teasing jiji. Mrs. Anjali says she dislikes women working only at home, Madhuri can keep a cook. She says that they must hurry now with the breakfast and go to Avni’s place.
Bhawna prepares for the welcome, Bauji asks where Avni is. She tells him he is preparing Halwa for her mother-in-law to be. Abhaas and Arpita tease Avni that Raj’s mom cannot taste or smell, and is strict by nature. Bhawna scolds them to be quiet and tells Avni to go and change. Arpita and Abhaas laughs as Avni leaves the kitchen. Bhawna watches as Avni comes dressed up, Bauji asks her to take blessings from the Govind ji and she runs to get the Tulsi leaves she forgot. Bhawna prays for Avni. Avni was in the garden, she tries to see who has come here and is worried to find it is Mrs. Anjali. She thinks is she here to complain to her dad about her. Raj comes out of the car, and calls Mom! This is Avni’s house. Raj takes her inside, everyone gives them decent reception. Bauji introduces everyone to her. Sanvri says that everyone at their home takes God’s blessings; Mrs. Anjali says I believe in God but doesn’t follow the traditional ways. They all accept her ideas, she gives them the gifts. Mrs. Anjali says that she heard a lot about Avni, and wants to meet her soon. Arpita says she will get her.
Avni was worried in the room, Arpita makes fun of her and tries to console her. Avni says the way she behaves to her, Abhaas will prove to be right that she is going to be strict to her. Arpita asks her to hurry up and goes back.
Mrs. Anjali tells them that she doesn’t really know cooking. Sanvri says that Madhuri inherited this weakness from her. She says when she found out how good she is at business; she put all her energy there. Arpita serves sweet, she apologizes that she won’t have fried things. She asks for the green-tea. She appreciates Arpita’s ear rings. Bhawna says she designed them herself. Mrs. Anjali says Arpita shall start a career in it. She asks Raj about Avni, Avni comes inside, her face covered. Everyone was shocked to see her this way. Her hands were shivering. Raj says my mom doesn’t accept this all, you should remove your veil. She hands her the cup of green-tea, she tells her to relax. Avni heads to leave, but Bhawna stops her. Mrs. Anjali calls Avni from the back and comes to her. She says that Raj is my son, and wants to marry you; why shouldn’t we start looking at each other as we will have to see one another after you get married too. She asks her to remove her veil, and then removes her by herself. She is shocked to see Avni, who was worried. Bhawna comes there, and asks Avni to say Namastay. Bhawna calls them all to sit.
Sanvri serves her what Avni had prepared for her. She tastes it, and says it is quite spicy like you. Madhuri asks the meaning. She says she must have understood it. She asks Avni to tell something about her, Bhawna says that Avni is really calm. She says you are really a calm person, do you like loud music? Bhawna says nothing is loud at our place, neither music nor dressing. Mrs. Anjali says that we should now remove the curtain over the things. Bhawa qualifies that Avni is nervous.
Bauji says we must leave them alone, he tells Avni to take her to the room and show her her room. Mrs. Anjali stands to go along her. They come to the room. Avni says Aunty I am really very sorry, I didn’t know you are Raj’s mom and are elder. She says that you were talking so abruptly yesterday. She says shut up, I will ask a question and wants your answer as yes or no. She says that whatever you said to me yesterday, do you think was my dealing with the investors wrong. Avni says Yes, and tries to explain. She says she got her answers, and leaves the room.

PRECAP: Raj tells Avni on call that his mom says that she doesn’t want to see her as his wife. She drops the phone. Bhawna says we must go there to talk to them, Avni stops them that Raj tried to win my family’s heart. Now it’s my turn.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. its test time for Avani

  2. that so foolish the woman is a next dd she was really up there with herself avani did the right by correctin her

  3. It is going to be a very hard time for avni.i think whatever avni did was right and it shows that she is a open hearted person.

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