Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 28th April 2014 Written Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya
Avni gets raj’s call. She excitedly begins to tell her but he says that you are very excited and happy. She asks how you know. He says he is her friend and knows what she is feeling and thinking. He say she is going to get the cough now, she does. He asks her to leave the teddy now. She asks are you a human? And comes to mirror. She says stop looking in the mirror. She says she is putting down the call, he asks what she wanted to say. She tells him Samarth exchanges the phones of Suket and Abhaas so that they both know the importance of each other’s work and understand each other’s point of views. He gets serious. She also invites him to surprise birthday party of Akshit. Jiji asks Raj why he was so serious. Jija also tries to cheer up. He tells jiji

that he has faith in his love and God but he doesn’t want to do this all to Samarth as he is a good guy. Jija explains that he has to do this because he wants to get Avni. Raj thinks that whatever Samarth did today, Suket sir will send him straight to US after this.
Suket gets a call, and receives it. The man on call says ‘Thanku Abhaas Bhai, due to your efforts those mischievous boys are in jail, they will never dare looking at a girl like this again. I called to thankyou.’ Suket says I think this is a wrong number. Samart was standing behind. Suket says this is Abhaas’s cell phone and calls him. Samarth tells him he had gone outside. Suket tells him about the call, Samarth appreciates Abhaas. He gets another call, but puts the phone down. Samarth urges Suket to attend the call,but he denies. He himself picks up the phone and opens the speakers, the caller says that “due to you efforts for the campaign, we got a 10 lac donation and our orphanage is no more closing now. He thanks him.” Samarth says that Abhaas does well to so many people.
Mr. Chohan and Bauji come inside. They greet each other. The Bauji appreciates Samarth in front of his dad. He says he feels like home. He asks where Arpita and Akshit are, Bhawna tells they have gone out. Sanvri thinks it is good they are out, so they can arrange the party well. Mr. Chohan appreciates their love for family. Sanvri thinks that it will be fun when Akshit will never come to party and Akshit will be held responsible for this all.
Bauji greets Avni in the kitchen. Sanvri tells him she had hidden all the sweet. She tells Bauji Avni is preparing special Pasta for Samarth. Avni tells Sanvri to go out; Bauji says that it means Avni likes Samarth. Avni says he is good but she doesn’t know him well to decide. Bauji says that if she likes him only then say yes. He gets sentimental that she will have to leave soon, and asks her for more time to spend together.
Samarth tells Mr. Chohan that he likes her but she needs some more time to understand. He asks he can speak to Suket to allow them to go out somewhere. Samarth says that he wants to live with the family to know how she lives with her family before taking her along. They bring the pasta. Avni serves it to everyone. Samarth and Mr. Chohan looks at each other after taking bites, Bhawna asks isn’t it good? They both appreciate it reluctantly. Samarth says that it has some more salt than usual. They come to the kitchen, Samarth follows. Bauji agrees that it was his fault. Avni was saying to him that it was not his mistake as he is the elder one. Bauji tells her the man she will marry will be very lucky, Samarth agrees.
Avni was in her room, combing when Raj comes. She sees him and asks why he came so late. She says you can guess anything, so tell me what I want to know. Raj says you want to know how you look in this dress, he thinks her back neck is deeper. She says bua wanted her to dress up according to Mumbai’s trends. Raj comes forward and opens her tied hair. They go downstairs to see what happened of Samarth’s plan.
Suket was scolding somebody for deterring Abhaas. Abhaas comes inside and apologises him for phone exchange. Suket scolds him for dealing with such people. Abhaas says he gets more than 1 such calls a day. They both argues and fights while Avni goes forward to stop them. Abhaas says he will prove Suket wrong one day and leaves. Raj comes to Avni and says sorry Avni, the situation got worsened. She says Samarth’s plan was false, she says I don’t like him at all. Raj smiles then say that she should not involve him in family issues. She says he is over confident.
Sanvri comes and says to Raj to bring flowers. Samarth comes and says she look beautiful today. She turns to leave saying no one needs to tell her. he asks her to see the gift he had brought for Akshit, but she says he need not to ask about everything, bonding between relations is more important that gifts.
Samarth was getting ready while talking on phone. Raj comes and asks for using his perfume. Raj tells him that he is so organized, many girls might be dying to get him. He agrees that there was one girl, Raj says you are not at all boring. Raj thinks now you see, how I remove you from my life.

PRECAP: Everyone wating for Akshit while Arpita and he celebrates birthday outside. Suket asks did Arpita know about the plan. Sanvri says she herself told her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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