Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 27th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni enjoys the party with her friends. A lady was there and asks the men at meeting that we must concentrate upon it.
Bhawna tells Suket she is going to market getting medicine for Arpita. He asks what happened. Bhawna says nothing serious and she will be alright. Akshit thinks maa doesn’t want to tell anyone about the news yet.
Raj thinks Avni is chilled and won’t mind he didn’t go with her. He hears a voice saying didn’t you know what she wanted. Raj says he wanted she enjoys with her friends and wanted to give her independence. The voice says she wanted to enjoy with him too, and ask his heart about the answers. Raj thinks he was right. Avni thinks about Raj in the party, when she gets Raj’s call; she was just thinking he must have been here. She tells Raj that party is rocking, and she is enjoying much. She points to the DJ to increase the voice. They all go to dance. They lady asks Mr. Gupta to lower the voice, as an important meeting is going on inside. He comes inside, and upon Avni’s asking he tells her Mrs. Anjali’s meeting is going on. She heads to go inside, but the guard stops her that it is VIP section and there are strict orders about not disturbing her. Avni thinks what is the magnitude of her being a VIP, if she can’t go to meet her she will call her here. She tells the DJ to increase the colume.
Mr. Gupta comes inside again, Avni argues that they are partying. Mr. Gupta says that she must go to Mrs. Anjali to take her permission. Avni gets ready and comes to her. She stands up and asks you are the one who increased the volumes, Avni says she has been trying to contact her and meet her but she is as busy is spending her money as to take time for simple people. She says that she wants her not to accept the investors Mrs. Gupta’s proposal. Mrs. Anjali asks why so? Avni says that they have investments at my papa’s business. Mrs. Gupta asks so why does she accept what she is telling her to, she must leave. Avni says she won’t leave, as she has no right to talk to her like this. Mrs. Anjali says she is just a non-sensible girl to give me such orders. Avni says what is important to you, only money; but for my father reputation matters as well as earning good money. Mrs. Anjali asks does she think she earned all the business money with wrong means. Mrs. Anjali asks the men to leave and heads to leave by herself.
Akshit waited for Arpita, she comes downstairs and slips. Akshit holds her asking that she would have hurt his child and says he knows she is feeling nauseatic. She says that this is the end of selfishness; he didn’t care if she had fallen. She tells him she isn’t pregnant, she had dehydration. Arpita says that this shows your true color, that you aren’t only selfish but irresponsible too. You don’t love me anymore.
Avni comes home, Raj was in the lawn waiting for her. She was in a bad mood. He says that your face tells me you are still angry. She says I don’t want to argue. He says I am sorry I denied coming to party with you. He shows her a hand with Sorry, another with Smile. Avni smiles weakly. Avni says today was a bad day, that business woman said a lot to me. Raj asks who she was. She says leave her, but regrets saying all what she did to her. Raj says that she might not meet that lady again, ever.
Madhuri asks Jashan about her mom, they discuss no one can know when will she come. Jija says she must have talked to Raj. Mrs. Anjali comes home and says she didn’t talk to anyone. Jiji hugs her, Mrs. Anjali asks for a glass of water as a bad-tempered girl spoilt her mood. She tells them that the Jaipur girls are so ill mannered. She says she doesn’t want to talk about that girl even. She asks for her grand-daughter. Pooja meets her. Mrs. Anjali tells her to call Anji and she will call her Poo. She kisses her, and asks about the small devil. Jiji tells her he has gone to meet Avni.
Raj comes to hug his mom from back. She shouts at him to leave her but he doesn’t. He is excited to meet her, hugs her and spoils her hair. She returns the spoil to him. She asks for the coffee, he calls Jiju to get coffee for her. He makes her sit on bed, and says that why you wear these high heels. She says she knows there is someone at home who will give me a good massage. She is eager to meet Avni. Raj shows her Avni’s photo; she had closed her eyes and says she doesn’t want to see the photo but want to meet her. Madhuri comes that tomorrow is the best day to meet Avni. Jija and Raj teases Madhuri for making the coffee. Raj and Madhuri hug her.

PRECAP: Avni comes, her face hidden. Mrs. Anjali says that we have to watch each other, why not today. She removes the draped cloth and is shocked to see Avni.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. i think raj’s mom will make a fuss abt their relationship once she sees Avani’s face

    1. @Diana we have to think positive nope nothing like that ant happen

  2. Another twist not again why can’t the writers let a couple marry without problems ARGH xx angry xx >_<

  3. I don’t want to see anymore problems in raj and avni life.

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