Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhawna attends the call of Raj’s dad, she recognize her as Sangeeta. She says that she is Avni’s mother, Raj is busy. Vikram asks her to tell him that he will be late.

Raj comes to stage, and says that he was extremely annyed when he first met Avni and was angry when she talked to him. Avni and other’s were shocked. Raj says it was so, because I wondered why I did not meet thie girl before. He says that Avni is the one who woke the good side of me, hidden inside myself. Avni gets tear-eyed. She comes to stage, and says she doesnt have words to say anything after him now. They dance together. Everyone enjoy their performance.

A car stops out, Abhaas takes Vikram home. Vikram asks he has to change the dress, Abhaas says he can change in the guest-house. Vikram takes a pottery and places it near another such pot. Abhaas comes in, while Anjali and Raj were worried about Vikram. Bhawna goes to take the Pooja items, when Vikram comes downstairs. Bhawna hears Suket welcoming Vikram, Bhawna turns to look at him but he has his back to her. She thinks that till now, everything is going fine in Sangeet till now.
Anjali says that she will bring Bhawna here, Bhawna comes to the pot if Pooja, she looks at the other pot and thinks who else can do the Pooja. Anjali comes to bring Bhawna and gives her that mask for finale perfrmance

They begin the dance putting the masks on. Even Bhawna and Vikram come across to dance together a number of times. The dance ends with Bhanwa and Vikram dancing together. They were about to remove their masks when Raj and Avni come and say that they will remove their masks and intoduce world’s two sweetest people to each other. Bhawna and Vikram are shocked to see each other.

Anjali comes to ask Vikram has he become a fan of Bhawna in a first meeting. The family begin to cheer, while Vikram shouts that this wedding can not take place. Everyone is shocked. Raj asks his dad what he is saying. Vikram is about to leave, but Raj and Anjali stop him and ask him to stop this joking. Anjali apologize everyone, that he has a habit of joking like this. She tells Avni to relax too.

Suket comes to Vikram, and asks him for dinner. Madhuri takes him to dinner forcefully. Bhawna turns to temple, the candle blows off. Anjali comes to take Bhawna, she says that everyone has gone for food and takes her.
Vikram watches Bhawna sit on the dinner table. Bauji offers food to Vikram, and appreciates his broughtup of Raj. Anjali appreciates Avni, while Suket and Bauji gives all the credit to Bhawna. Vikram asks Bhawna where her family lives. They are all quiet.

PRECAP: Bhawna begs to Vikram not to bring her past to anyone. Arpita leaves her mangal suter to Akshit. He asks will she divorce him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. i thnk raj’sdad is bhawna’s bro.luv d prfmnce of AVRAJ.Luv u guys.superb Arpta Aksht dsrve dis.

  2. Anashrah…………… if Vickram is her brother, that would make Raj and Avri cousins,,,,,, they would have said something to stop things right away.

  3. Where is Sanvri’s husband at this sangeet?

  4. Did bhavna lose her parents?

  5. Superb Episode “Like it”

  6. sameer rastogi

    pata nhi age kya hoga ..y shadi ho paigi ya nhi…but aviraj dance is wonderful

  7. I don’t think Vickram is her bro. Or do you cousins marry themselves in India? I think he was once her Lover or somethings?

  8. in my county u call this a big pot of cook-up

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