Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 26th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Recap of yesterday – Raj’s team wins the cricket match against Samrath’s team.

Today’s episode:
Avni is excited to tell Arpita that Raj won the match. She and Arpita celebrates the victory. Arpita says she saw her and Raj too; she is extremely happy for her. Avni says she is your best friend. Arpita asks that what about Samarth who is her fiancé. Arpita says to Avni that you must agree you always get happy because of Raj and gets sad when he is sad. Avni asks the meaning, Arpita goes away by saying to ask it from herself. Avni thinks she was angry with Raj.
Raj thinks about the challenge and is happy that he won.
Mr. Chohan is saying to Samarth that you are taking the decision too fast. Shastri ji comes and says that he tried to match the Kundli’s but there is no match between Samarth and Avni. Samarth turns to his dad and asks if he now is satisfied with his decision. Mr. Chohan says he just wanted to see Avni with him. Samarth says Raj loves Avni dearly than her.
Jiji comes to Raj and waves hand to bring her back from his thoughts. She asks he must be with Avni tonight and tell her what is in his heart. Raj asks do you know why I won the match. Jiji says to get Avni but Raj says he won it because Avni wanted him to, she was shouting in his support. Jiji says it is already very late so now he must go and tell Avni the truth. Samarth comes there and says your Jiji is right. Jiji goes inside while Samarth congratulates him that he won Avni for a lifetime. Raj says he is happy that Samarth understood him; else he thought he had lost her. Samarth says never to thinks about it and to let it happen. Raj says he is now going to confess his love for Avni. Samarth wishes him best of luck and to keep care of her. Samarth says that before leaving they will meet Avni and say what is in their minds.
In the morning, Suket is shocked to see Mr. Chohan and welcomes him. Bhawna presents him tea. Mr. Chohan says that he to say something important about Samarth and Avni. Suket asks what will be convenient for them; to do the marriage from Jaipur or Mumbai. Bhawna asks why he looked worried. Mr. Chohan says he feels bad that he himself asked him for Avni’s hand and today he has to say this himself that this marriage cannot take place. Everyone was shocked. Avni hears this from balcony of the hall. They were all worried, Suket asks did they do some mistake. Sanvri asks Samarth that he liked Avni and he himself proposed her. Bhawna says they had called Shastri ji home, but Mr. Chohan says he talked to Shastri ji and the Kundli’s don’t match.
Samarth looks up at Avni who goes inside; he comes after her. She comes into the room and thinks that she isn’t anymore getting married to Samarth; she must be sad and be crying. But why doesn’t she get sad at it. She thinks of asking Raj. She thinks why she thinks of Raj first. Samarth comes there and knocks at the door. He asks is she alright? She repeats the same; he denies. He says he never met such a nice girl before, she says the same. He says that she will get a better guy soon, every question arising in the heart has got answer as well, and it’s just about finding it. Samarth says he is just like the hero of his serial and will hopefully meet again in another character in some other episode. He begins to leave when she stops him and ties a friend’s forever band on his hand and shakes it.
Everyone bids farewell to Samarth with all the best wishes. Samarth comes to Arpita that she and Akshit is a beloved couple and blesses them to say together. He says to Abhaas to stay the way he is. Avni waves hands for him, he smiles back.
Bhawna looks for Sanvri and says Samarth wanted to meet her. Sanvri comes saying why should she have met him, he wasn’t the one to be the son-in-law of their house; he just came to stay here for some days. She says she is worried what people will say about it. Bhawna says why sorry about something that isn’t in their hands. Sanvri says that Bhawna should start thinking about it like her, they took great care of Samarth and the news spread all in Jaipur about their marriage. Suket says the mistake was ours, before fixing we must have got the Kundli’s match. Bhawna says it is the time to take care for Avni. Arpita says that whatever happens is for a good. Sanvri thinks she can’t take care of her own relationship and is advising others.
Avni is trying Raj’s number and is annoyed that he isn’t picking. She resolves now she won’t pick his call but as soon as the bell rings she picks it up and complains she is trying his number for so long. Raj says I know what is going to happen in her life. He tells her that in a few minutes her house lights are going to go off, come to garden downstairs as he has something important for her and hangs on.
The lights goes off, Abhaas stops Avni and goes to check the lights. Bhawna asks who is there, and catches Avni there. Avni says it was very hot so she thought of going to the garden. Bhawna says she will go along her, Avni thinks Raj told her to come alone. She says to Bhawna that she wants to eat something and is going to kitchen instead of garden.
She comes outside to see the garden lit up and decorated. Raj was there, she comes forward in the centre of the garden. She asks what is this all, he gives her his hand and says he will tell her soon. He says Avni, you being in my life was the most beautiful moment of my life. I still remember when I first saw you, your first smile, first cry and calling me for the first time. It seemed God has given me everything.

PRECAP: Raj kneels down holding Avni’s hand and says I Love You Avni. I love you so much. My first sight love will remain till my last breath. I will love you till death.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. hai…mai mar java…

    you r so sweet raj

  2. this is beautiful I hope savri wont spoil the love story this time

  3. raj is such a sweetheart…. hope avni says i love u too and gives him a tight hug…he deserves it!!
    love APHG.

  4. Deipika Khanna

    Aww :’)
    Raj You’ve Done a Lot fr Your Love And infact cnfsd it now.
    Now Its Avni’s turn
    Now she shud do smthng fr you..n that is shud acpt yr love :*

    Hope this happens n Savri dsn’t spoil the lovestry <3


  6. Like suket will agree to a love marriage

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