Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 25th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Raj tells Arpita that he doesnt understand Akshit, he didnt speak a word for her. Arpita says she loves him and knows how disturbed he is right now. Arpita leaves. Avni sees injury on Raj’s hand, comes to him and says he must have pain in it. He says he isnt concerned with it. She holds his hand, cleans the wound and says how does it feel when she holds his hand, it must be good. She says he must not let this feeling of love vanish and they will try again. She comes out, the manager shows her a photo and says that they place photos on their memory board. Avni sees the photo and place it on the memory board. She comes out and sees Akhshit beating the goons. Avni says wow you beat the guys, because they teased Arpita. Akshit says he beat them because they were planning to beat Raj, whatever Raj is doing it is as a brother. He denies doing anything for Arpita. Avni calls Raj and tells him that Akshit beat the men, though he denies but she thinks it is because of Arpita.
Raj tells Arpita, she gets serious. Raj urges her to smile as Akshit loves her. Raj says that he feels confident seeing them together. Arpita assures Raj that he and Avni will get each other soon. Raj wishes same for Arpita. Arpita smiles looking at the photo, she tells Raj that now someone else is also walking on their road. Raj takes the photo, and says he will place it himself when she will confess her love for her.
Bhawna asks Avni for three threads, Sanvri asks why the third thread. Bhawna says have you forgotten its Arpita’s…? Savnri says that you must forget about Arpita now, you see what she did to her. Though Suket told them to leave the house, but she decided to leave alone. Bhawna says that going from the home was not in her hand, but she will fast. Avni gets Raj’s call. She tells him that today was a good day. Raj says that one thing was strange, he found someone placed the photo there in the coffee shop, I took it off. Avni asks why did he do so? Raj says the person must have asked him. Avni says she must ask before placing her own photo. Raj says he feels good about her confession.
She tells Raj to tell Arpita that the timings of fast and make sure she comes here as maa is expecing her. Bhawna comes and tells Avni that she may take her food from kitchen. Avni says that she isnt hungry as she ate snacks while coming back. Sanvri and Pratab comes for an interview. Sanvri brings the child with her. He tells her why she brought the child here, Sanvri says that it is there orphanage, at least they can give chocolates to her. The manager asks what they will give to the child. Sanvri says they will higher a governess for her, will spend money for her and get her into the best school. The manager asks can they give her time? Sanvri says she will live with her always. Pratab explains that his office is a bit farther. Sanvri says that they can take the office nearby. The manager says that he will forward the application. Sanvi says that these our just the formalities, they dont need this. They must undergo the procedure urgently or they can also withdraw the funds they give. She goes out with the kid. Pratab tells him not to do any favour. The manager says that they take care of children’s future more than money.
Bhawna welcomes jiji and Jija for the pooja. Jiji says that Raj gave her invitations to all the ladies, Jiji says she realls her first fast. Jiji says that she might say it or not, Arpita must be here today. Suket says that so now, people have started to talk and why not what they did. He tells Bhawna not to look for her. Bhawna and Suket left, Avni assures Jiji Arpita will be here and Suket will see her too.
Arpita’s parents wishes Arpita, her dad says he hopes she was there with her in laws. She says we are going to the same place just seperately. Her dad says that soon they will realize what they lost.
Sanvi comes home and announces that soon the child will be here. Pratab says that today was just the intervview but Sanvri boasts that they cant refuse them. Jiji congratulates her and tells her that they were nervous while the interview. Bhawna wishes them luck and calls the ladies for pooja. The ladies ask where is Arpita. Avni explains Arpita will be there, as she is at her mother’s place. Arpita’s dad comes downstairs, there is a guest for them telling that there diamond consignment is being cancelled as if Suket doesnt want to keep contact with him; he cant do business with him as well. Her mom comes and asks if he is alright, he says how can he be alright if his daughter is suffering. Arpita announces that she is leaving, her dad says that she wont leave. What Akshit did yesterday, and what Sihanni said today shows that they dont want to keep contact. It will be good if she doesnt go.

PRECAP: Avni eats in hurry telling Raj she didnt eat anything from yesterday’s night. He asks did she keep a fast.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Where is qubul hai’s update and precap please update fast please please

  2. for heavens sake what kind of father is suket?is he that heartless that he cant see the pain his family is going thru?i wish pratap leaves savri since shes the root of all the problems

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