Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with a woman coming there and telling arpita that the bridegroom is standing here and everyone is waiting there, as arpita and avni are standing and talking raj turns to see about the call of the bridegroom, he spots avni there and then gets sad and that time avni and arpita go, raj then says to himself that he wanted to stay away from her but why is she always meeting him, then he says that he wanted to keep her the whole life happy but now he cant but still he will keep her happy for the whole time till she is there for the ceremony and the marriage. Then there arpita and avni are going there with the soup when avni sees that she forgot the soup spoon and she goes back to bring one, there raj is working and avni goes and asks him for a spoon, raj turns and he gives spoon and then avni and he look at each other, then avni asks him that what is he doing here, he tells that it’s his jiju’s catering, she tells that the preparations are good, he says thank you, then she tells that she has to go as the ceremony will not start without her, she goes, then he goes and thinks of congratulating her, he stops her and congratulates her and then asks her that how is the boy, avni tells happily that he is very handsome and no girl will ever get such a good boy in life, he gets sad,

then avni goes from there as its time, raj thinks that he cant see this ceremony happen and he has to go. Then he departs to go and is seeing there in the hall while going that avni is standing, he thinks avni is the bridegroom then the people there make arpita sit and wear her the chunri and when raj is stepping out of the door when he sees in the mirror there that arpita is the bridegroom and he turns to see and he gets happy and stands at the hall entrance, there everyone declare after the ceremony that arpita is now the daughter in law of khandelwal family, then they all start dancing and avni also raj is looking at avni and her smile and then he also starts dancing at the entrance and is dancing until there the dance is over and he also stops.

Then he gets happy and smiles and thinks of going back to the stalls and when he turns he bumps into a fat lady who is putting lipstick on lips she shouts and he says sorry and goes. But then he goes a little ahead and the stops and says to himself that today he will do whatever but take her name, there the same fat lady who is standing with some women spots avni there and asks one that who is that girl, the women tells that she is khandelwals daughter the lady tells she is very beautiful and tells that women to bring avni to her, the women goes to her to call avni that time even raj goes there but that women takes avni with her and raj says that now also she went and avni comes with that women, the fat lady asks her that she is suketh khandelwals daughter isn’t it? Avni says yes, then the lady tells her that she is very beautiful and avni says thanks? There raj looks at avni and is standing there, then avni goes and raj is following her that time the fat lady goes at him and calls him but he is following and she again calls him and stops him and raj says what happened, she tells that why is he here as its womens function he tells he is from catering, she tells him to go at the stalls and manage and not here, he tells her that he will go and tells her to just eat their food and fill her mouth, he goes and tells a waiter to give food to that lady she gets angry and throws the plate the waiter brings, then arpita mom comes and tells her to calm, then suddenly the fat lady looks down and spots on the plate written arora catering, she asks mom that was that boy shail arora, she tells no and tells he was raj arora, mom goes and fat lady says that yes these were the arora family who denied giving bribe to my husband and also fought with them at the hotel, she says to herself that now she will make a joke of the food of those arora’s, she goes.

There arpita gets a call from akshat and akshat asks her that is everything ok there arpita says ok and tells that even the halwa she made was excellent and everybody liked it and she was also helped by that boy. Then akshat says I love you and arpita turns to go and talk somewhere else when buah is behind and arpita sees her and keeps the phone saying buah what happened? Buah tells that who was there on the phone, there bhavna and arpitas mom are seeing this, arpita tells buah that there was a close friend of hers, she tells that today also she has time to talk to friends, then bhavna and mom come there, bhavna tries to change topic and tells buah to give shagun which she brought, buah says yes and tells she had come to give that only but this girl is talking to someone on phone, then she tells arpita that she knows that because of their family some years ago they had to take a loss burden but its ok and they are fine with it, arpita and mom are sad, then buah open the necklace set which she wants to give and she tells that did you like it and tells her that this is the best and the costliest necklace and that’s why the name of pratap jewelers is top in jaipur, bhavna tells buah that she is hungry and lets go to eat and everybody go at the stalls, they are having kachori and bhavna gives buah also to taste and buah tastes, but there the same fat lady throws the kachori and tells all women not to eat as there is stale smell in it, arpitas mom gets sad, bhavna tells arpitas mom that does not need to get sad as the kachori is very tasty but buah removes from mouth. There avni and her friends are having pani puri even arpita when she feels spicy and as raj sees her he thinks of giving her something sweet he goes at desert counter and takes halwa and makes heart shape and decorates it with dry fruits and goes there but till then avni and arpita and friend go to taste at another counter, raj comes but does not find her.

There arpita again gets akshats call and she tells him not to call her now as last time savri had caught her but she gave some reason, akshat tells he had called for this only reason then akshat tells arpita to message him her pic how she is looking, arpita says ok and goes in house to take her pic and send to akshat, savri sees her go and goes behind her.

In house arpita takes a pic and she sends to akshat, savri is hiding and looking and she tells that oh my god!! this girl is removing pics and sending to her close friend again, then arpita messages and then a dadi comes and is not able to climb stairs so arpita catches her hand and that time her mobile falls down and arpita goes and leaves dadi at the door as the driver comes to take. There buah comes and takes her mobile fallen down and checks the person whom she was messaging and then she comes to a contact named ‘baby’, and is opening it when arpita comes and take the mobile and tells her thanks and tells that thanks as you saved my mobile as it had got lost, savri tells that its ok and she should keep her mobile carefully, then savri again snatches the mobile and tells that she wants to send a message to someone as her balance is low, arpita takes it back and tells her display screen is bad so she will make some arrangement and that time avni comes and arpita calls her and tells avni that savri buah wants to send a message to someone can she give her mobile, avni asks savri to whom to send, savri tells to her uncle and avni sends, avni tells arpita that lets eat ice cream and arpita goes with avni, there buah says that she will do whatever but remove that girls truth out.

Precap: that fat lady has made a drama there and is shouting and telling arpitas mom that this raj and his jiju are totally corrupt, raj gets angry and shouts and tells that till now he was listening everything as she is elder to him but not now. Avni comes and says that wherever this boy goes he creates a fight. There savri has written a letter on a paper of heart shape and is looking at it and smiling.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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