Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 24th April 2014 Written Update

Sanvri suggests they will serve the tea in the lawn so that he knows about Avni’s hobby of planting. Bhawna agrees. The car pulls up in car porch, Sanvri exclaims that how are they coming together. Raj tells them that they went separately, he took Samarth because he had to get some services. Samarth says that they met Avni there. Sanvri says that this means your choices match each others. Samarth goes inside for some important call, Avni follows. Sanvri says she can predict they will come close, Raj thinks he will not allow it. He gets Suket’s call, he tells him he is just outside and runs inside. Sucket tells him not to give one contractor the time of two months.
Samarth comes to Bhawna and says that due to the misunderstanding in the morning he could not give this gift to her, and insists upon taking it. Suket sees this. Raj thinks he is trying to impress them by giving a gift. Sanvri comes there and asks Bhawna what this is. She tells her he had brought a gift for her. Samarth asks her for permission to take Avni to coffee. Raj shouts ‘NO!’ everyone looks at him skeptically, he says he was talking about the foreign investors, they should say No to him. Samarth now comes to Suket and requests him not to take him wrong. Raj calls Suket in mind, to say his favorite word No! But Suket stands up and says it is okay, he may take Avni out, but be back in time. Raj congratulates Samart for getting this brilliant permission. Samarth asks him where he should take Avni? Raj says he should take him to a place where she is only uncomfortable with him. Samarth ‘That means?’ Raj ‘It should be a place she must be familiar with, she will be comfortable there, she will only concentrate that she does not have to be comfortable with him’ Samarth says ‘What place shall he take her?’ Raj ‘Khadelwal Hotel, it’s her second home.’ Arpita hears this and asks Raj why he is suggesting this to him. Raj says that he can also go to that hotel as his office is there. He asks her to tell Avni what he does to her.
Arpita comes to Avni and tells her to get ready as she has to go out for coffee with Samarth. Avni asks had her father given the permission. Arpita says yes, because he said only this way you people can get to know about each other. Avni is nervous and asks Arpita to go along but she says she has to go to her friend’s birthday party and Samarth had invited her alone. Avni asks her to guide her. Arpita says that a good guy has some very good qualities and should never compromise on these. She tells her that when she went to the first date with Akshit, he opened the restaurant door for her, offered her a seat and didn’t sit until she was relaxed. He behaved like a perfect gentle-man and she felt like a princess. And he also not let her see the bill and paid it himself.
There Raj tells Samarth that Avni is a very different girl, don’t behave like a gentleman in front of her and don’t make her feel like a princess, just be normal. Don’t open the door, or offer a seat, she doesn’t like these stereotypes; she says are our arms broken that guys offer us the chairs. He tells him that once they went for coffee and she was furious because Raj had paid the bills. Samarth says she doesn’t seem to be like this. He asks that Raj wants to say that he should not pay the bill even? Raj says never think about it, she will be happy to pay the bill.
Arpita tells Avni to take care, because the way a man treats you on your first date, he will make you feel this way all your life. Akshit still made her feel the way he did on their first date. Avni agrees and says I will see how special he will treat me.
Raj tells Samarth that she has been brought in a special care, so you should order everything available at the restaurant without asking her; as she likes men who are decisive and confident like her. Samarth objects that it will get wasted but he says he must do it on their first date.
Arpita tells Bhawna she is going out with friends. Sanvri asks she is going out with friends, she must go out. She asks had she served the Kheer to Avni and Samarth? Arpita says that they are going out on date. Sanvri says they must sweeten their mouths before letting them go out. She asks her to serve a little kheer to herself and Bhawna as well. Arpita gets happy and goes inside. Bhawna says that she is happy that Sanvri had removed all the bitterness from her heart. She says that she could understand it a little late but finally did. Arpita gets the tray of Kheer for all. She serves Bhawna and Sanvri. She says she know by seeing it that it must be brilliant. Sanvri thinks that she had sprinkled the lemon on it. Bhawna calls Arpita and tells her not to give it to Samrth as it is sour. She asks in worry ‘How can it be sour?’ Sanvri takes a bite as well. She poses worried saying it has been ruined. She asks Arpita to make fresh Kheer. She says she will, but Bhawna says she should leave; she will take care of it. Sanvri suggests that both of you should leave it, she will make the Kheer. Arpita says that her leaving is not that important, she will plan it sometime else. Sanvri laughs at the back.
Avni asks Raj how she was looking. He said Avni! Avni! Avni! Are you excited about going on the coffee date? You excited about going on the coffee date? You excited about going on the coffee date? She asks why she was saying each sentence thrice. He says that in Samarth’s serial everyone speaks like this. Avni says that Arpita had suggested her a few things, if he wanted to suggest anymore, Samarth comes there and asks Avni to come down. Raj points that he must have went along her. He asks her to go with him; he was also going to the coffee shop. They go down. Samarth opens the car door, he was busy with the cell phone, and he sits in the car. Raj says he thought she will sit in front and he will drive. Raj says that they should enjoy coffee and they should go to work. He goes in the lift, Avni goes after him. He slides a chair, Avni thinks at least he has some manners but he sits down on it. She thinks how rude that is. He tells her to sit on the front chair. He picks a flower from the vase then puts it back and tells the waiter to remove it and orders everything good at the restaurant. Avni thinks why she just came on a date with him.
Raj tells the waiter to take special dry fruit pastry with her. Arpita’s friends arrive and surprise her. Sanvri comes and thinks she called everyone home. They asks will she be coming for lunch, but she says tomorrows is Akshit’s birthday and she wants to to go for dinner with him. Sanvri thinks she will in any case spoil her plan.
Samarth thinks uptil now everything is going fine except for a talk. He asks what she wants to know about him. She asks him where he gets the inspiration of his dramas. He tells her not to worry it doesn’t happen at his home. People want to see such dramas so he makes him. The waiter brings the bill, Samarth was about to pay, then places it in front of Avni. She gets worried.

PRECAP: Samarth gets cough. Raj thinks he must help him. He comes half way then returns thinking he is his enemy.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. I’m beginning to hate dis serial raj is turning to such cheap worthless strategy to win his love. So ridiculous an disgusting

  2. Raj I hate him don’t want him to have avani either. I am getting to dislike the show 🙁 stop watching it tooo 🙁

  3. guys dis is jus a comedy track…y u guys r getting so serious..?? Dnt worry Raj is a good person at heart n he is doin dis jus to get his lov…n evrythng is fair in lov n war…
    m sure soon d old jolly raj ll be back with his cute smile n innocence…so just chill

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