Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The night was stormy, Bhwana sat in the lawn thinking about Vikram’s words. Bauji comes to her, asks her to come inside. She says she won’t go inside, she doesn’t deserve this much of trust. Bauji says that why she get sad thinking about the past she has no relation now. She says that she can’t live anymore with this burden at heart, she will die now. Bauji asks why is she thinking so. Bhawna says it is coming in front of me again and again, in different forms. She says she has thought that she will tell the truth to everyone. Bauji scolds her, that she must also think about her owns, and her children. What will Suket do, and what about her children; will Avni get the respect she deserves. He says that now everyone is thinking you are worried because Avni is going away from you. He reminds her that he took promise from her on Umad Tekri to give her a new life, but she had to forgive about her past life and you gave this promise. He says you must fulfil that promise, Sangeeta is dead; you are Bhawna, wife of Suket-never forget about this.

Anjali asks Raj is he worried to take the Sangeet. She tells him that he and his dad will easily beat the Khandelwal. He shows the list of vows to her, she says that he must tell her. He asks what dad would do, she says he would simply deny but Avni might dislike it.

Bhawna recalls Vikram saying to her that her past will not let go of her, she will have to repay for her sins. The way she removed her family, her’s will also be ruined. She shouts No!. Suket wakes up, and tells her it is alright. She prays that her children must not get any reflection of Vikram.

A robber enters Raj’s house, and terrorizes everyone. Madhuri runs to Anjali. Anjali tells them to give all the jewellery and cash to him, and is worried about her children. Raj denies giving anything to him, he takes Anjali. Anjali says she is ready to go with him, Raj stops them from back and stabs him. Anjali tells them to relax and removes his mask. It was Vikram, Raj’s dad. They all hug him. Anjali asks when this childish behavior will go away from him. She tell them that she wasn’t involved in the prank, but recognized his hands.

Vikram and Raj were ready to go to Avni’s family but Anjali says it is too late at night. Raj tells him that Avni’s family is a good one.
The arrangements at Avni’s house were being done. Suket gets Anjali’s call, she tells him that Raj’s dad want to meet them, can they come. Suket says that there are preparations for Sangeet going on, can they come to their place. Anjali says sure, they must come here.

Suket comes to kitchen and gives the news to Bhawna and Avni about Raj’s dad. Suket, Bhawna and Avni plans to go.

Raj and Vikram come from running. Anjali tells them about Avni and her family’s arrival. They get excited. Vikram teases Madhuri upon wearing a skirt on Sangeet. Anjali scolds him, and they come down to receive them. Avni and Suket were there. Vikram stops Avni from touching his feet. He asks about her mom, Suket says she stopped in the way to buy some Shagun. Vikram says to Suket that they have heard that they are the own a lot of hotels in India, and asks him to give a few to them as Dahej. Suket and everyone is shocked. Vikram blames Anjali for saying to him that he must behave like a groom’s dad. Anjali says she didn’t wanted that, and he has left me with no choice. Vikram asks shall he come to his own person now, and stands up, hugs everyone. Anjali apologize Suket. Anjali goes in to bring snacks, Raj and Avni go to his room. Vikram says to Suket that he must call each other Samdhi. Suket tells Vikram that when he will meet Bhawna he will know, how well she brought up Avni.

PRECAP: Avni and Vikram play a game to know each other well. Avni asks question and Vikram has to answer. She asks ‘He hates?’. Vikram spontaneously says Sangeeta. Bhawna enters the door from behind.

Update Credit to: Sona

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