Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanvri and Payal argues about who will win the match. Sanvri boasts Samarth selected her as his official commentator. Payal leaves her camera telling Sanvri that the camera contains the pictures from Umad Village and some other trip as well along with the camping ones. Bhawna comes and takes the camera. In her bedroom she watches the pictures when Bauji comes to her room. He watches her crying and shows concern. She tells him she was watching the photos of her village and tells him to come and sit with her. She shows him the photos of her village nostalgically. She tells him how she and her brother fought upon cycling at school times. She also recalls the post office that is still there. She says that everything is there, her family. She cries that she isn’t there only.
Avni sees Samarth practicing cricket. Payal comes and tells Raj that her boy friend proposed her. Raj says congratulations to her and hugs her. Avni sees them hugging. Payal wishes Raj that he will get his love finally. Raj says he is so happy with her. Avni says to herself that she told herself that she won’t be upset because of Raj and Payal’s relationship.
Abhaas returns a restaurant owner its licence. Abhaas says that everyone must take part in the elections as they are important for the country. Abhaas is about to leave but the owner stops him to have something. He says that everyone likes our food. He shows him the list of customers on a board. Askhit and Arpita’s photos were also there. He goes near it to see and asks him did his brother and bhabi also come here. The owner tells him they come for years here. Abhaas argues that they got married just few months back. The owner tells him they come here for years, in fact they spent their first date here and from then have been regular customers of the restaurant. Abhaas takes a photo from the board.
Sanvri and Pratab are out for date. Sanvri says that they haven’t got any time now for each other. Pratab says that the market is down so it will take some more time for them to take their house back. Sanvri says had Arpita not come in their life all would have been better. She goes to take the orders for food. Abhaas sees her and thinks that Sanvri should not see these photos; he must do something about it. He comes to her and takes her along keeping her back to the board. He says that this café is not a good one and suggests they should go to another café for date. Pratab says to Sanvri that when Abhaas is suggesting we must go to some other café. When they leave Abhaas thinks Thanks God he removed the photo in time.
Raj is practicing in the ground. He and Samarth have and eye contact. Samarth calls Avni to pass the ball when she hears Payal telling her friend on phone that her boy friend proposed her. She was saying that they are getting married soon. Avni thinks that Raj has proposed Payal without telling her. Jiji gets a call and tells Raj that he must leave. Avni comes to him and says angrily that she thinks he shouldn’t live with Payal thought she doesn’t know the reasons; she doesn’t think anything good in Payal. She says if he considers her friend he must tell her that he doesn’t love her and won’t marry her. Raj was lost in what she was saying. Avni apologizes her saying she doesn’t understand why she said this. Raj insists her to tell the reason and asks herself why she dislikes their relation. Avni leaves saying she doesn’t know. Raj says I know why you said this and will make you realize how much you love me. Avni sits in the car while Raj runs after her. Abhaas car hits him and he has an injury in arm. Abhaas shows concern but Raj leaves.
Avni was talking to Devika on phone telling she has no answer to Raj’s question on why. Samarth comes to her; Bhawna brings drink for her and asks Avni to find some drink recipes for Samarth. Samarth says he doesn’t need the drinks recipes but his support. Avni goes saying she is not feeling well. Abhaas comes home and tells them about Raj’s injury. Samarth thinks he doesn’t want Raj to have any reason of losing.
Arpita, Bhawna and Sanvri bring drinks for Samarth. He tells them that Avni is going to be the umpire. Arpita takes a drink for Raj as well. Arpita says you should also take rest, Arpita also complains jija but he says that there has been a challenge between Raj and Samarth that the winner will get Avni. Arpita was taken aback by the revelation and recalls that Samarth announced Avni as umpire. Arpita boost up Raj’s confidence. Raj says that heartily Avni and Bhawna will also support him.
Sanvri says she will tell Avni to support Samarth. Arpita comes and says she will cheer for Raj. Samarth says he thought they will all support him and leaves for practice. Sanvri scolds Arpita for not supporting Samarth. Sanvri tells her not to forget that whatever she does must be for this house, Arpita asks politely that who she would have supported if the match had been between Samarth and Suket. Arpita defends herself saying Raj is her brother. Bhawna also says that this must not affect our relations anyway.
Sanvri thinks that match is going between me and Arpita who thinks she is smarter than me. If I get one chance I will defeat her.

PRECAP: Avni listens Raj telling Siddhart that Payal is his friend and he must take care of her being a good husband. A girl comes to Raj and asks permission from him to place a stall of food in the match.

Update Credit to: Sona

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