Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd January 2014 Written Update

Both arpita and akshat are tensed and before saawari can pick up spoon, arpita picks it up. Avni shows arpita’s pic to abhas and they talk about it and then just devika comes there and asks abhas about gift he gives her chocolate and asks her to share with avni and leaves them saying he has some work, and devika asks forgiveness from avni regarding yday’s incident and then devika talks abut chocolate and how it can be used for sorry, thankyou and making some one happy, and they think about how to find him and devika tells him that guy will find them and just then both raj and his friend reach avni house and ring door bell, bhavna and saawari are leaving and arpita asks him to go home and she will call him.

At avnis house no one opens door and raj’s friend

says he wants to sit as he is tired and raj notices a peacock drawing on wall and says he has a feeling that its his destination and rings bell again, avni and devika r in their room and wondering why no one is opening and avni says she will open door and is going to while raj is ringing bell impatiently and abhas comes from outside and sees raj friend in lawn chair and he asks him questions about who he is, while his friend remember abhas from the incident and raj goes running to him, and abhas says he has seen them before and avni comes out but abhas sends him inside while raj dont see her, abhas then knows they are cheating and he asks raj to shut up while abhas is calling cop raj’s friend throws his phone and both plan to run but abhas gets hold off raj’s friend and raj gets into fight and pushes abhas on floor and is shouting while avni comes running out and tries to calm him and he is blasting in anger and says he will not spare them and he will find them and tease them a lesson for getting into his house and avni is tensed.

Raj and his friend runs off and plans to go home and raj’s friend tries convincing raj to head home but raj is worried if abhas is hurt and his friend taunts him saying lets go home and asks him how he is and then raj and he heads home.

Bhana and saawari apologize to arpita’s mother for their misunderstanding and then talk about traditions while saawari is eager to get out of their, bhavan invites them home.

Raj is upset as he didnot meet her, while his sister and brother in law tries to convincing him to take out, while raj was refusing but he agrees in end. arpita and akshat are happy that their problem is solved but arpita is worried that they had to lie a lot and hope they get married off soon and put end to their lies and akshat justifies with lame excuse of god being with them.

Abhas is asking his friends to search them and he uses bad words and his father hears this and when suket asks him to mind his language at his house, and suket reminds its not his house and then starts scolding him regarding fighting with him others in rally and bhavna comes asking avni and avni just tells wat she knows without telling much. both father and son are arguing over politics and dirt of it, while abhas wants to be part of politics and when argument is getting more heated, bhvna comes there and asks suket to let it go and walks off with him.
Avni asks for forgiveness to abhas reg father scolding him and then she blames raj and his friend for this misunderstanding.

Bhavna and saawari are looking for saris when arpita comes their and asks for blessing, saawari then tries getting information about her cousin and bhavna cuts them off and they are looking at sarees, and when shop keeper asks what sort of material she need, avni comes there and ask to show netted ones for arpita and then says she joined as she wanted both arpita and avni get along well while saawari still is doubtful.

Asha takes raj to same shopping mall as avni;s and he tells her he will give her just 20mins for shopping while bhavna asks arpita to select on her own as its her function, saawari tries making reasons of showing arpita low while arpita asks bhavna to pick a saree for avni and avni says if its arpitas choice then she will and then goes to try.

Asha is asking shop guy to pack her selected sarees while raj is fed up of it and he goes off roaming when he sees avni trying her saree and is lost in her.

Precap:- when raj asks something to shop keeper he says he is busy as the gal is getting married and when raj asks who, and shop keeper says the one standing and raj notices its avni and he is shocked and sad

Update Credit to: ChillMaarYaar

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