Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

When they come home, samarth stops Avni and comes to her help. Raj also comes there. Avni apologizes saying she spoiled all their plans. Payal says its ok, the good thing is they are all ok. She asks for a leave but Avni stops them for tea. Samarth says Raj should go home and rest. Raj agrees when Avni agrees Samarth. Samarth and Raj goes to compete to get Avni’s bag. Avni goes inside.
Jiji is worried. Payal tells them Raj told Samarth he loves Avni. Raj tells Jiji and jija that had he told this to Avni before, this day would never have come. He resolves that no matter Avni’s family gets upset he will tell them how much he loves her.
Suket asks Bhawna if Avni is alright now. She says she is asleep. Sanvri is also worried. Suket says Shastri ji told him that they must keep a pooja of their deceased elders to keep the false forces away from Avni and Samarth. Bhawna gets upset. At Pooja Bhawna is thinking what kind of a test this is, her parents are alive still she has to do pooja for them. She was lost when Suket says that he knows Bhawna must be worried about their daughter. Bhawna was reluctant to hold hand with Suket. Bauji told Suket that Bhawna did this pooja last month and one can only do it for once only. Suket tells her to go inside. Bhawna and Bauji were going inside together, Bhawna thanks him but he says he is her secret keeper and will always help her..
Arpita comes to Avni. Avni says that she is unable to accept Raj and Payal’s relationship. She says she feels bad about Raj because it was because of her that Raj couldn’t propose Payal. Avni says that she will now solve this matter herself. Arpita says she will help her. Avni tells her that she will no more get upset with Raj and Payal’s relationship. Avni goes inside and asks Arpita to come along who was now lost.
They were in the hall. Bhawna says they can never forget what Raj did for Avni. Samarth thinks about Raj and stands up saying he wants to tell them something about Raj. Avni comes there and all attentions go to her. Suket asks Samarth what he was telling about Raj when Raj comes there. Bhawna thanks Raj for what he did to them. Suket also thanks him. Raj says I want to say something important to you. Sanvri says what’s so important about Raj today. She asks did something else happened at camp side as well. Avni asks what Raj wants to say, Raj says he wants to tell the same thing Samarth wants to say. Raj says it is linked with him so he should tell them. Samarth says it doesn’t make any difference whether he tells them or not. Samarth says it is about ‘Cricket Match’, they both are going to have. Samarth says he never learned to fail, so Raj will have to prove if he can win. Avni stands up to say what is the need to compete, Raj says they will know about the one winner and will judge them both. Sanvri says that no one should take tension about a play; it should be an interesting one.
Raj takes Samarth outside. Raj says you were afraid that I will confess Avni‘s love and you will lose. Samarth dares him to win the match to prove how much he loves her. Raj says he is playing to save Samarth him from rejection, as it was Samarth who came between them.
Inside Arpita says she will support her brother while Sanvri says she will support Samarth. Avni says I am confused who should I support. Samarth says that the match is on 24th but Bauji says he has to go on an engagement. Suket says he will also not be there but his support is always with them. Sanvri says she will be the chair-women and will let him win a one-sided match. Samarth laughs.
Avni was upset, Samarth notices this. He comes outside when she was in lawn and asks is she excited? Avni says how she can be excited when her best friend and her fiancé are competing. Samarth says you will know the reasons when the results will be announced. Samarth complains that Payal is supporting Raj so he wants her to help her make the team and support him. He says he will win if she will support her, she nods in agreement.
In morning, Avni gives water bottle to Samarth after he came from jogging. She sees Raj and goes to give the other bottle to him. Samarth says Payal will get him something. Jija appreciates Raj’s efforts for workout. Jija says it is just a match, but Raj says it is everything for me right now. There Samarth practices with the team, his mate appreciates his game. Samarth says it is just practice; he will put the fastest of all balls in the match. Jija comes and says his Raj will also play the best. Raj comes and says they won’t say it, they will do it.

PRECAP: Abhaas says to waiter of café that his brother and bhabi also came here. The waiter says they come for a long time. Abhaas says that how can they come from a long time when they recently got married. But the waiter says that they spent their first date here. Raj has an accident in which his arm is injured.

Update Credit to: Sona

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