Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 21st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni goes straight to the temple, praying and watches her lit candle. Arpita hugs Raj. Raj comes to touch Bhawna’s feet, she stops him and says that he and Avni must take the blessings together. Raj comes to Avni and begins wiping her tears, she says these are the tears of happiness so don’t wipe it. They oil the candle of their love together.
Sanvri asks Suket to say no to the proposal. Bauji says to Sanvri that she always supported Suket’s decision, why not today. Raj and Avni takes Bauji’s blessings, they hug Pratab and Abhaas. Raj says he didn’t know about the acting skills of Abhaas. Abhaas says he knew Avni won’t get the happiness without family’s blessings, he says that another test is still waiting i.e Akshit and Sanvri. Bauji tells them both to bless Raj and Avni. They hug Madhuri and Arpita. Bauji asks Akshit and Sanvri to give the gifts to Madhuri and Jashan. They both come reluctantly to them; Madhuri says she can’t take this. She says she doesn’t want to disrespect them, but this right is of their parents; let them come. Bauji appreciates. Suket apologizes for all they had to suffer. Madhuri says there is no need for that, and says she will call her parents in Australia to come back soon.
Avni serves the food, Bauji tells her to pour more; he isn’t sure till when she will be there. Avni thanks Suket, but he gives credit to Abhaas. Arpita asks Pratab if she can design Avni’s jewellery. Akshit leaves the table. Bhawna asks about the dresses, but Arpita tells them that Raj decided the colour and dupatta of Avni’s dress. Abhaas says that he will decide all this till marriage.
Pratab appreciates Arpita’s designs. He says that you designed the jewellery for a client once before. Akshit comes and sits there. Pratab offers Arpita to work for him, Arpita readily accepts it. Pratab leaves, Akshit ask what the need for her to work is. Arpita says yes. Akshit says that now you are married. Arpita says that what marriage are you talking about, in which there is no support to me from my husband. She says what is your attitude towards Avni and Raj? She says in the end, what happened was what I wanted and what was right; but now I will take my own decisions. Akshit tells her to be ready for the outcomes as well. She says I will be, and leaves taking the files.
Raj was climbing to Avni’s wall with rose in his mouth. Suket comes and calls him. He asks what? Raj says he want to meet Avni. Suket asks this way? Raj says we are used to it. Suket comes down and says that when the family has accepted, there is a door to go inside. Suket takes Raj inside, and tells him how the door works. Bhawna and Bauji smiles while Avni peeks when Suket teaches him the steps to walk. Avni was also there inside. Suket tells them he was going to Avni’s room. Bauji says that now I know why the stair-case is always beneath Avni’s window. Suket tells them to sit and talk in the lounge. They talk about dinner. Bauji takes a leave. Bhawna smiles, watching them like this. Suket tells them to talk, but Bhawna takes him along. Raj stands up, and then poses to be reading the paper. Bhawna comes to them, puts a black kajal mark at both of them, wishes that they both are saved from the bad eye. She then goes upstairs. They hug.
Bhawna was outside in the lawn, Bauji comes to her and tells her to stop living in the past and be happy. Bhawna says that whatever happened in the last few days, what Avni and the family did; it refreshed all the old memories. She says that she is thankful that today is much better; she just wants that there is no blessings from her parents. Bauji asks till when will she keep stuck to the past; Avni’s marriage has been fixed and the environment of the family is good. She must share her past with the family, they will accept it. Bhawna requests him to keep it a secret; there have been happy moments in the family after a long time. She says she doesn’t have the courage to go through all this again. She touches her mother’s locket and recalls the past days. She says that she won’t her past come across her family and asks Bauji to be quiet too.
Avni says to Raj she doesn’t believe this is dream or true. Raj says this is truth, a sweet one. He has informed his parents, they will come here soon.
Akshit comes to bed, Arpita looks at him and takes her pillows away.
Avni asks how will the married live be. Raj says it will be like a song. Avni asks which song.

PRECAP: Avni’s whole life from marriage, to being a mother, to their children’s marriages to old age is shown.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. awesome episode

  2. Hmmmm very nice I really enjoyed today’s episode

  3. wow wow wow am so happy for both of them its good to see their love win

  4. Its awesome man .I can’t believe every thing gonna be so simple

    1. But what do we know Raj’s parents may not approve Avni and her family.
      But i reallyyyyyyyy wish they like Avni !!

  5. Yes its nice there love win. But sanvri and ashkit I don’t like them he is to ungrateful. Happy that aripita put done her foot towards him.

    1. True. I hate Akshat 4 not accepting Raj and Avni’s love

  6. Omg..I can’t believe suket is doing dis…A Grumpy father..omg

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