Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya
Bhawna was worried and says to Suket no one is picking her phone. Suket tells her not to worry as there might be no network there. She sees the milk glass and gives it to him but the glass slips. She says he should change his shirt while she will bring more milk. Suket opens the wardrobe, the drawer is open and the diary is visible.
They were drinking juice, Avni finds a ring in her glass. Raj sees this, and asks Payal did she find something in her glass, he then asks Samarth and Avni. Avni again places the ring in her hand into the juice and tells him that she found a ring. Raj takes it and shows it to Payal. She asks is this for me. Raj says no this is for Avni and laughs saying off course who else can it be for. He tells her he wants to propose her. Avni asks Samarth to go and give them some privacy, but Samarth says they will clap while Raj put the ring in Payal’s finger and then Avni will tell whose proposal was better. Raj kneels down and proposes Payal. Avni dislikes it so much that she leaves.
After the proposal Raj gets worried and asks where Avni is. Samarth says she was here sometime ago, but Raj calls her name worriedly. Samarth says he must first put the ring in Payal’s hand but he says it is more important for him to find Avni. He goes looking for her.
Avni runs into the jungle, the all go looking for her calling her name. Avni comes to a clearing and thinks what has happened to her, why is she doing it all. She is crying while a snake comes near to her and bites her. She shouts and falls down. Raj was shouting her name while he sees her. Samarth also comes there. They run to her, Raj holds her head and begins to cry shouting her name. Samarth comes from the back and holds her mouth. Payal sees the wound and says a snake it her. Raj says it all happened because of him. Samarth goes to find a doctor. Payal goes along with him. Raj cries saying I was stupid to play this prank with you, I will live without your love but not without you. He sees her getting blue. He picks up her foot and sucks the poison from the wound. He coughs and gets unconscious himself. Samarth and Payal comes with the doctor and see them lying together, Raj holding Avni’s hand. Payal runs calling Raj’s name.
Doctor says that Raj saved Avni’s life. He has given medicines and in sometime they will both be fine. After doctor leaves Samarth thinks about Shastri ji telling about Raj and Avni’s proposal and what Raj had done to him. He also recalls how Raj looked at Avni at each line he said while proposing Payal and the worry in Raj’s eyes.
Suket finds the diary in the wardrobe and shows it to Bhawna. She gets worried. Suket asks her that this diary has some addresses of Umad village. Bhawna comes him and snatches it from him. He says it is the same village Abhaas was talking about. Bhawna cries that she never went there after her parents death and doesn’t want to go there either. Suket apologizes her, Bhawna thinks she should be sorry with him as she is lying.
Raj comes to consciousness and calls Avni’s name. He stands up and comes outside the tent . Samarth stops him and tells him Avni is sleeping and is alright. He says he wants to see her. Samarth says nothing can happen to Avni until he is there for her. Raj is taken aback by his remark. Samarth asks him does he love Avni. Raj turns around speechless while Samarth asks him again. Raj tells him to leave the way, Saamarth says this is not the answer to his question. Raj says his friend is more important for him than his question. Samarth says that this happens in love that you put yourself in danger. Raj says to Samarth that he doesn’t love her. Samarth tells Raj all that he noticed, and says he noticed his madness and isn’t blind. He says he know all the difference between friendship and love.
Raj tells him yes he loves her. They argue that Avni loves Raj. Samarth says Avni liked her and will marry him. He tells him to stay away from her. Raj says he loves Avni like no one else can and will snatch her from him.
Avni wakes up and asks Payal did he propose her. Payal tells her what happened to Avni. She gets up and goes to find Raj. Outside the tent Raj and Avni move towards each other. Avni is about to fall, but Raj holds her. She asks him is alright, he says yes now he is alright. Samarth comes to hold her and tells her to take rest. Avni says to Samarth, you see what he did, he always does this. He always help me. She asks Samarth she wants to go home.
Samarth were sitting in front in jeep. Payal shows a picture to Raj but Avni takes the camera and remarks that this pic is the same as they once took. Samarth says to Avni that she shouldn’t talk and must take rest.

PRECAP: Raj goes to tell Avni’s family the truth. Sanvri says Samarth also wanted to tell something about Raj and now Raj has to say something important. Is everything alright? Raj and Samarth look at each other.

Update Credit to: Sona

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