Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone congratulates. The host says that they have seen no company successing at a rate Khandlwal industries did. suket says his dad kept its base, he followed his principles. Raj says that Akshit now follows Suket. He once rejected a project. Akshit explains that the land belonged to some orphans and Suket has always taught him to follow all the principles in life. they head for the ceremony.
Akshit goes to touch Bhawna’s feet. She holds her hand back, but Avni holds it and places it on his head. As he stands up, he wishes him and gives his hand in Bhawna’s. Akshit smiles and goes to his seat.
Suket holds his hand to remove the fold from Akshit’s coat. Arpita comes and sits on her chair in between them; he poses to be taking the glass of water. The host calls him to give away the award. He announces that the award goes to Akshit Su… Akshit! Akshit goes up. Suket gives him a card along with the award; he had cut Suket from his name on the card. Akshit is heart-broken. Avni brings the bouquet and tells him to see something. Dad his work, now its your turn. Akshit comes to the dice and says he wants to thanks his dad for the award, he became so emotional but want to say that he want to praise him because of himself so he removed Suket from my name. But I am Akshit Suket Khandelwal. He says that whatever he got in life is because of him, he is his teacher, his mentor, his everything. He says that today I reject this award to take this award from my name and I want to receive this award not as Akshit but as Son of Mr. Suket.
Everyone praises him, Suket smiles looking at him. Someone says that everyone should have such a son, Suket leaves. Avni thinks everything went well, she is sure dad must also be happy. She thinks it is the good time to give him the thanks giving gift.
She finds him and says that your watch isn’t good, you must change it. He says everyone likes his watch, and it is his lucky charm. He goes to sit on the table everyone was sitting on.
Avni comes there and in a quest to hold the glass she pours water on Raj’s wrist watch. She excuses him; he says no worries as my watch are water-proof. He goes to attend a call. She holds his hand, and takes mobile from him. She tells him to take this watch away, he gives her his arm. She gives him the gift and says we both like this watch so now you will wear it. She says you teased my a lot. He holds her hand and kisses it. She runs away.
Everyone appreciates Akshit’s speech. Pratab appreciates Akshit’s watch. Raj comes and says that he also got a watch from someone, which is priceless from him and gives him clues about nearness of his goal.
Raj goes to distribute some vouchers among the guests. Some people stood there, one of them asks who this guy is running around Suket. Another says this is the brother-in-law of Sheru caterers and must be with Suket on some special recommendations. He does nothing except wandering around. Avni comes to them and tells them that guy they are talking about is the son of a huge cement company owner and runs the biggest company for catering in town and is personal assistant to Suket. He is talented and hardworking so no one dare talk about him like that. They apologize, Raj comes to Avni says that if she favours him like this people will think she loves him. She says let them think if it is like that is reality and runs away.
In the morning, Sanvri is making preparations. Pratab asks what is she doing. She says she is preparing for the new guest. Pratab tells her that she must stop hoping for anything until they get a call for interview. Sanvri excitedly tells him that she has even chosen a kid.
The owner tells Jija and Jiji that he will discuss with the committee before coming to any decision about them.
Bauji takes a leave from Avni to be leaving for some prayers. He tells Akhsit to keep his award with those of Suket’s, and instructs Avni to look after it that it isn’t removed from there. Bauji leaves. Arpita brings the award, Akshit is urged by Avni to place the award there. Suket comes and stops him. Avni prays that everything went well. Suket comes to him and says that yesterday he did so bad to him, he took his sir name from him. He feels bad that Akshit still didn’t take him wrong. He says he can keep his award here with his and that he also has a gift for him. He asks for Akshit’s hand, as he brings it forward Suket places keys in it and announces that it is your new home. Now you will live away from here in a new house.

PRECAP: Avni and Raj announces that they will appear as guests in the DRD LIL MASTER grand finale.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am fed up with this STUPID attitude of Suket. It is more important for him to be a PHONY IN PUBLIC, than to be a Father who forgives his son who has apologized too many times for marrying for love and ‘lying’ about it. It is obvious that Akshat HAD to lie, or he would not have been allowed to marry Arpita. Writers please stop making Suket look like a HORRIBLE EXAMPLE of a rich Indian Father. Where is the action to the saying, LET BYGONES BE BYGONES!!!!! ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!

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