Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th January 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starts with buah standing and looking at arpita going with that man. She then tries to take some proof to show to bhavna, she takes her mobile to take a pic and she opens the camera but avani’s call comes and buah gets angry and cuts the phone , she goes to take a pic when arpita goes away in the car with akshat. Buah gets sad, avani and buah and devika then go in the car. There raj ,jiju and friend and sis are in the car, sis asks raj that why did he need to do this? Sis tells him that there were guards and if he would have fallen then? Raj tells that he had to help her or else he would have got alone the whole life and would have lost her and would have lost his love…..sis and jiju asks, love? Raj remembers all his meet with avni and he remembers that how she

looks beautiful, he then says that yes he loves her and he tells he loves her and says it continuously and there jiju and sis get happy and say pat him and raj comes out of the car and goes and says loudly that yes he loves her and that he is in love and he says loudly that he is in love, jiju and sis go and hug him and sis tells that good he finally is in love, jiju and friend ask that what is her name, raj tells that he does not know as he did not ask. Jiju tells how cah he love without name, he tells that what does it matter he will ask her name, then jiju says balle-balle and dances, behind there that road, avni goes from her car and raj spots her, he goes running and tells she is there and is going to run behind that car when friend stops him and tells that lets go from car, they go in car, in avni’s car buah is thinking that when she will tell bhavna about arpita what will she feel, avni is thinking that when she will tell mom about her concert thing then she will feel so bad, behind is rajs car and he is telling friend that today if he gets her name then his treat is sure, friend gets happy and tells that he will now surely find the name for him, they drive the car faster when raj sees a car coming in front from the left side and he stops the car with a sudden brake and he dashes the car a little, both cars bonnet break, raj and friend get down their car and they go to the other car and knock the window and ask that are they ok, the boy driving gets down the car and rudely opens the car door, raj and friend are pushed behind, it is a new character…..the boy comes out and tells raj that how could he dash his car and he tries to punch when raj stops his hand and he tells him that he does not need to get so angry as even he was driving fast and it was their both’s mistake, boy tells that he will not leave him and that boy’s friends behind come to hit when, raj stops and tells that he is in a hurry and wants to meet someone and tells him that he must also be in a hurry so pleases lets stop fighting and tells him that now he has to go, raj and friend sit and go. The boy is looking angrily.

At home buah and avni reach, bhavna asks why so late, buah tells that it was late at the concert and they even had to leave devika, buah sends avni up and avni goes, buah tells bhavna that she has to say something very important about the concert, bhavna gets very tensed and tells that is it about avni , buah says no and tells that about arpita, she tells that today she saw arpita with some other boy and that too catching hands and she went with him in the car, bhavna tells her that she must have seen something different and must have been mistaken, buah tells that she knows the whole jaipur and her eyesight is stronger than her mind and that’s why she told her, buah then tells bhavna that she is akshats mom and she must only decide what to do as she(buah) was telling from start not to do this relation but they did not listen, buah tells that now she will only decide what to do and buah goes, bhavna is thinking all updates at desi tv Bhavna then goes from stairs up to her room, she is going when she sees avni tensed and walking here and there in her room, she goes and asks what happened, avni goes and hugs her and cries and tells her everything about her reaching the green room till raj saving her, bhavna says its ok and tells that this is good that she is safe and asks her that did she say thank you to that man, avni says no as she did not see him as her eyes were closed, bhavna says ok and goes, avni calls devika and tells her that she told everything to mom and she did not tell her anything and told her that she just cares for her, devika tells that her mom is very cool, devika tells when will she tell him sorry avni tells she has not seen his face then how will she, while talking avni is keeping her purse when it falls down and raj’s bracelet falls there, she tells devika she will talk later, she picks the bracelet and says to herself that she will find that person and says him thank you but she does not know how to thank to boys and avni looks at the bracelet and smiles.

At raj’s home raj is looking at avni’s payal and smiling his friend is trying calling devika as he had her number from the daal baati competition, raj asks him how many times will he call, then surprisingly the call rings and devika takes the phone, friend tells that are you deviks, she says yes and friend tells that was she a participant in daal baati, devika says yes and asks that are they the organizers and have they decided to change the winner, he says no and tells that he just wants the number of her helper and her address, she gets angry and tells that she knows those boys and tells him that you people are not worth talking and keeps the phone, raj laughs at friend and tells him that let it be and he will only take her name and friend then tells that no as he being his friend will help him and friend asks that how will he find her, raj tells that if he can find her 50rupee note then he can also find her.

At home in avni’s room avni who is sleeping gets a call and she picks it up, a person tells open the door, avni goes down and slightly opens the door without making noise, it is the boy whose car was dashed with raj’s car, he is abhaas avni’s brother and older to her but younger than akshat. He goes with her up, avni hugs him there and avni tells him that why didn’t he come today early to see arpita and tells him that he is always busy in his politics, abhaas tells that he has to be busy in politics as he has to look forward at the country. Avni then tells him that why am I talking to you and she turns behind, abhaas tells that you are not going to talk to me so early so he bought a present and he removes revdi from his pocket and shows it to avni, avni gets happy and tells him to give as she loves eating those abhaas says no and hides his hand, avni tells to give and catches hand when he says ouch and she looks at hand and he has got hurt, she asks how he tells her about that raj accident, she tells him to stand there and she will bring first aid, she goes down and removes the box and turns to see bhavna, bhavna tells that abhaas has come, isn’t it, they both go up, bhavna is aiding abhaas’s hand, she is angry abhaas tells how much more abgry will she be, se tells that he does not come home early ever and is always busy with politics and why does he do this? Abhaas tells that he has to look after the country as it is his duty that being a politician looking after the country’s underdevelopment and the poverty. Bhavna tells that first he should come to family and then country. Then they get up, he asks that where is the rajasthani lion, avni and bhavna scold him and laugh, as he calls dad as rajasthani lion, bhavna tells him and avni that tomorrow there is a very big day and she is going to announce a decision and tells abhaas to stay good with dad at least tomorrow, avni asks what decision, bhavna tells she will know tomorrow.

Precap: jiju is telling raj that how will he get her name, raj tells that he will get her name and jiju tells that finally he got his love. At arpita’s home bhavna and buah are there and are on the sofa, arpita comes with tea and gives them, where buah is sitting, behind the sofa is akshat and suddenly the spoon falls down buah bends to pick it up.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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