Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 20th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Suket was harsh and asks Raj what he had to say? Raj says that I ask for an advance apology for all what I am going to say. He says what is my mistake, that your rules and regulations prove me unable to be married to Avni. He says that I love Avni more that you; this is possible that you might get someone more smart and intelligent than me but only I can keep Avni happy. And I never do something that Avni wont love. Raj says you selected that Samarth but Avni loved me. Suket asks you are done? Raj says no, world’s rule apart; but if someone misbehaves with Avni I wont stay quiet. And one more thing, I wont bear that Sanvri or Akshit points at my family as I love them like Avni. Suket comes inside, tells Bhawna to take Avni to her room and make her understand never to do this again.
Madhuri was worried and hopes they had married. Raj comes home. Jiji hugs him and asks what he did, he was trying to run away taking Avni, without telling us. Raj calms her down, Raj asks their apology joining hands. Jija asks where is Avni, and did you marry. Raj says we didn’t, as we didn’t want to do another mistake. Jiji asks for explanations, Raj tells them the truth. Raj says that I said to sir what I thought was right. Jiji asks what does your heart say, he says I feel better. Jiji says that they must know how clear is your heart, and they will understand no one can be better than you.
Akshit was saying that there will be kidnapping case on Raj, Suket says there must be no delay in Avni’s wedding. Sanvri says I told Bhawna about this a few days ago. Suket says I know a good guy. Avni lights his candle, Avni says that you changed my and Raj’s thinking and saved us from a big mistake. She says that our love is in your hands. Akshit and Sanvri prepares for wedding. Avni asks what is this all. Suket says to Bhawna to get Avni ready, a guy is coming to see her. Bhawna takes Avni’s hand. She takes a dress for Avni, Arpita comes and asks did you run away? She says to Bhawna that when Avni came home why is dad fixing her marriage with someone else. Bhawna says that everyone does whatever they want at home. Avni asks what you want. Bhawna says she never want her to go against her dad, she was afraid only about family’s respect when she heard about Avni. Bhawna tells Arpita to get her ready, and gets to leave when Suket comes inside.
Avni says to her dad that you know about all the truth. Suket says you always said your dad can’t be wrong. Bhawna goes out of the room. Avni cries hugging Arpita. Bhawna comes to her room, and watches Avni’s photo. Suket comes to the room. She says is it important what you are going to do. She says that if Raj is Avni’s happiness, don’t fix her proposal with someone else. Suket says that what he has think, and what he is going to do is right and he was never affirmed about any of his decision.
Akshit comes to Arpita and says that all the preparations are done, and Avni will forget about this love. He sees disbelief in Arpita’s eyes. Akshit says that can’t she foresee that elder’s blessings are important for the relations. She says no, as our relation is also not the perfect one. Akshit leaves, Arpita calls Raj and tells him that dad has seen that guy for Avni and is fixing wedding today. Raj was leaving home when Jiji and Jija say that they will go with him. They reach Avni’s house, Sanvri was excited when a cars pulls out. It was Raj with his family.
Jija asks what is lacking is Raj, and what do they want. Raj says who that guy, who is so perfect is; he asks who that guy who can keep his Avni happy is. Bauji says that his hair have grown grey. Raj asks where is the guy, and why doesn’t he come in front. Suket takes the Shagun plate and comes to Raj. He says that he can’t come to your front because that is you.
Raj takes the plate in elation. Bauji asks what he will say about his experience now. Suket says that the running plan was mine, Bauji and Abhaas’. Abhaas smiles at them. Suket says that you could marry, but you came back and apologized. This proves that you aren’t selfish in your love, such love is precious. He gives his daughter’s hand in his. Bhawna brings the Arti tray, and says that this was their plan. Abhaas explains that dad had sent Avni to her room; he went to Bauji’s room. He had said that their love is innocent; dad had said that he isn’t innocent and will take Avni along and run to get married. Abhaas denied this; Bauji says that we must test them. Make them run, if they come back unmarried, they will marry them. Bauji appreciates that they returned. Suket says that you failed all your tests but passed the most difficult one.

PRECAP: Raj and Avni takes blessings of elders. Bauji says that Avni’s marriage has been fixed; Bhawna must now share the reality of her past with the family. They will accept her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Best Episode Ever !!!!! Finally Suket has accepted their relationship !

  2. But what is Bhawna past?
    Does anyone know?!

    1. All I know is her previous name is Sangeeta and her brother disowned her.

  3. Maybe same story

  4. Awsome

  5. Yuthika, you took the words right out of my mouth!!!!! Best Episode Ever!!! But strange how Suket and his dad kept weakling Akshat out of the loop and instead sought Abhaas to assist in it. I am glad though. I can’t wait to see Savri shocked face too lololol

    1. 🙂 I saw d episode today and u should hv seen Savri bua’s face ! As 4 Bhawana aka Sangeeta even i think its d same story thts y she was thrown out of her house.


  7. vashtie motilal

    i never like raj i don’t care he love playin games to get wat he want

    1. You gave no rights to give bad comments to the person you don’t like in front of his fans… If u have no love for him then stop watching the series and giving these types of comments..

  8. Vashtie………dear if u dnt like raj stop watching d series……..its better than hating raj n creating some haters for urself……bcoz d one who love raj will obvio hate u n ur comment

  9. Suket is so damn handsome

  10. I agree with Vashtie he is a gud for nothing guy…….my point exactly he doeseverything just so he would benefit. But some people are too blind to see it. I wonder what kind relationships they are or if the just living in a fools world.

    1. You should be care full on taking sides as you can clearly see that the majority supports the character bcoz this can also give u sum real bad haters

  11. Vashtie,Sanam pls dont get raj wrong the old principle of love must be changed in our present generation the ideas of arranged marriage must be done away with samath was accepted by the family, but avani realised she love raj all through their meeting and interactions raj didnt force her to accepting him,he was patient to the point avani felt the same for him and being best of friends no relationship could be better,as for savri she can never be happy she is so selfish that everything must be to her favour

  12. i appreciate the writter’s intelligency and producer’s creativity or vice versa ..I m so mad with happiness that I don’t know what writ….took beautiful

    1. Sorry I have done some mistakes in my previous comment so guys don’t mind.its just shows that I’m very happy for the best episode ever.

  13. Lol not taking sides just stating facts all I am in favor of love marriage . Yes we need to move with times but also have to be careful as to what message is being sent across. So Betty all I was saying was that his motives was wrong from day 1. Remember if Avni was given half the chance she would have fallen in love with Samarth. Because she did not know the meaning of love. Raj sabotaged Samarth’s every move for Avni to dislike him. So my point is that I did not like is approach on love & don’t approve of it.

  14. Haha about the writer’s creativity I think he changed his story at the last minute because he never thought that this series will bring any bad reviews. So for those who stated their views on the negatives issues……good for you.

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