Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanvri asks the bank manager if he can send her 5 lac. The manager says the bank has closed, and tomorrow is a bank holiday. She is worried where she will get the money till tomorrow evening.
Avni says thanks to God for removing all the barracks in their loves. Raj comes there; he says he is happy she is smiling. She says she will have to look good tomorrow. Raj says he will beat everyone. She says she won’t be coming tomorrow. He says he is counting days of their wedding, she shyly says she also wants so.
Mrs. Anjali comes downstairs to ask what is this all. Madhuri says she wants her to fulfil all her desires at her brother’s wedding. She takes her mom upstairs. Suket arrives with the family; they give Raj their family sword. Raj asks jiju to send Avni his photo. Jija says the photo isn’t being sent to Avni, mom comes to say there is no need to send the photo and do what she is saying.
Bhawna tells Arpita and Avni about the rituals, Arpita says Avni has done PhD in all these in their wedding. Avni thinks Raj didn’t send his pic, Arpita asks what is it. Avni says she is annoyed, Raj didn’t send his photo. Arpita asks did she send him hers. She says I was busy, Arpita says he must be busy too.
Jija comes to ask them to come along; Bhawna says ladies don’t go for Tilak. Jija says it is urgent, and they must come along.
Raj touches everyone’s feet. Suket stops him from touching the feet and asks him to take care of their daughter. Suket looks at the women coming and asks them what they are doing. Mrs. Anjali says she called them, saying they must mould the older rituals to some extent; children wanted to see each other too as it is their love marriage. She also returns Bhawna the Shagun she sent.
Everyone exept Sanvri gets to enjoy. She thinks this family has no rituals. She thinks she must arrange 5 lacs to snatch this smile off Madhuri’s face. She looks at the Shagun bag and comes to Akshit. She asks him to take Avni inside as well. Arpita leaves the bag. Sanvri thinks that this way she will have the money and the blame will come to Arpita.
Raj’s mom comes to Raj and Avni and boasts how she made the day memorable for them. Avni hugs her while she blesses her.
Arpita comes to take the bag from Sanvri.
Bauji says that a lot of preparations need to be done for the wedding. Raj’s mom says we should make it simple, as she has thought to do the wedding in Goa. Everyone is shocked. She says it will be a destination wedding, Bhawna says that they will arrange the wedding in their own house. Suket says they want to do the wedding here in Jaipur. Mrs. Anjali argues that they should change the older thoughts. Bauji says that we shouldn’t forget out traditions. Suket says that Avni is his only daughter, but they want to do the wedding only in Jaipur. Mrs. Anjali says that wedding isn’t only of a girl, it is also of the guy; it will take place in Goa, you people may take time to think about it. Suket disagrees saying the wedding will only take place in Jaipur, and asks Bauji to leave. He hopes we get into a decision soon. Mrs. Anjali says absolutely.
At home, Bhawna asks Arpita to take care of this Shagun. Sanvri says Raj’s mother is always wrong. Suket says he won’t marry his daughter like this.
Mrs. Anjali says that wedding is so important.
Avni family was angry, Bauji says he even returned the Shagun.
Bhawna says we must talk to Anjali. Suket was stubborn nothing will happen there.
Mrs. Anjali leaves saying to Madhuri and Anjali that the wedding will only be in Goa.
Sanvri comes to Arpita’s room, checks the wardrobe and takes all the money. She hears Arpita coming. She hides behind the door, while Arpita leaves with the file. Sanvri takes the money out, she hands the bag to Pooja’s mom. She says that these are so little, but Sanvri says this jewellery costs more than 5 lac.

PRECAP: Raj and Avni in the garden, argue about the venue. Avni says if he stands stubborn this wedding might get cancelled. Arpita comes worried that the jewellery is missing from the bag. Sanvri says she is too careless to take care of anything.

Update Credit to: Sona

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