Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st May 2014 Written Update

Bauji was saying to Bhawna and Sanvri that the guy is good, Sanvri says that its even better that he makes serials. Arpita comes to bid good bye. Sanvri thinks she wont let her go, she says to Arpita her parents should come here first, as they never come here after her marriage. Sanvri asks Bauji if she is right. Arpita says that she likes one thing about this house that there is no difference between daughter and daughter-in-law. She thinks her parents are too tired to come here so she can also go there any time like Sanvri comes to her parent’s home so easily. Bauji agrees and tells her to greet and invite her parents to their home. She touches their feet before going. Sanvri thinks she now has problem with her being here, she will never forget this insult.
Everyone shouts samarth’s name as the host announces it. Raj comes to them and encourages Samarth to go to the field as Avni liked the dupatta that is going to be the gift of victory. Samarth goes to the giant man and asks him to look at the girl behind, he wants the dupatta to impress that girl. The man blinks at him and throws him down; Samarth goes down but gets up to confront him again and beats him down. Everyone was astonished. Samarth gets up and says thankyou to him. The host announces the price worth 10,000 rupees for him, whom he distributes for the players while he takes the dupatta and drapes it around Avni. He says you look beautiful in it, Avni says he did this only for her. He says in return he wants her two minutes and asks Raj to give them privacy. After he leaves, Samarth tells her about her four girl-friends. Avni says she will go to bring the Murti. Samarth comes to Raj and says he wants to talk to him about the fight, he tells him he knows he gave his name to announcer. Raj says he has no regret about it. Samarth says he knows that Raj wants that this proposal work out. He thanks him for providing him the opportunity, he tells him he never felt about anyone the he feels about avni today. He asks him to go now. Raj says to God that he will never let Avni give any position to Samarth in her heart.
Sanvri was appreciating the dupatta and Samarth’s courage. They were sitting in the hall. Samarth tells them to appreciate Avni instead for helping the potter. Avni gives the Murti, Samarth tells Raj the procedure to place the new murti. Bhawna appreciates him that their generation knows everything. She was happy that they had fun.
Sanvri says they also want fun. Samarth suggests that they can do movie-night today. Avni tells raj to stay tonight. Raj was taking the speakers when Avni came and asks him where Samarth is. He tells her that he is adjusting the projector. She appreciates that he does petty chores of house-hold. He says he felt him a bit silly and he must have said something to that giant, they could have bought this low quality dupatta from market as well. She goes away thinking.
Arpita brings gifts for everyone. She gives their gifts, Sanvri and international brand make-up kit. Bhawna says how much Arpita take care of Sanvri’s likings. Sanvri leaves to make snacks and gives the kit to maid. Her husband sees her.
Arpita was preparing snacks when Sanvri comes and tells her to go as she will prepare them. Bhawna comes and suggests they both should work together to make the snacks.
Avni and Samarth were setting up for the film; Raj was saddened seeing them when Arpita comes to him. He says did she hear the dupatta scene. He tells her she has begun liking him. They were arguing which film to watch. Avni suggests they should watch her favourite film ‘Pyaar ki jeet hogi’ Samarth says he also like this much. Sanvri says now they will watch this movie. Akshit sits with Arpita, Sanvri calls him to sit by her. Avni sits on sofa, Arpita points Raj to sit beside her, Samarth after adjustment sees them and goes to sit there but Arpita goes and sits on the other side of Avni. Samarth has to sit beside her. Raj tells Avni that boys like action movies; she says Samarth also likes this one, but he says he must be pretending. Bauji calls that there is no voice. Samarth asks him if he adjusted everything like her told him to, Raj looks at him.

PRECAP: Avni and Samarth were sitting together. Raj shouts, he had gotten shock. Avni runs and shouts at him to take care of himself. She makes him drink juice from her hand. Samarth and Bhawna notices this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. nyc i lyk to see raaaaaj and avni alwys together

  2. Aare yaar, kab avni aur raaj saath me hoge?? Kab avni raj ko propose karegi?

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