Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

A veiled lady calls Sangeeta. Bhawna stops by while Suket feels Bhawna isn’t coming along and asks her to come forward. Bhawna says that there is a sweet shop there, Abhaas and Avni likes the sweets. She says she thinks until she buys the spices he gets the sweets. He smiles and goes there. She comes to the lady, and points her to come along. The lady follows her. She was about to slip when Suket holds her helping her. Bhawna hides from the scene. Suket goes away. Bhawna takes the lady to a corner, and says she is sorry that she had to come this far because of her. She says that there is something urgent for her, and gives her the land papers on her name. She says that the most ill named girl of the village got her share in land, I have named this land on your husband’s name; I am not sure that he will accept it or not but I don’t want this incomplete right. She tells her that she wants to keep Avni’s marriage away from Avni’s wedding, it is somehow coming in my front. She prays that she gets away with Umad Tekri’s secret. The lady tells her that a secret keeper Vikram is returning to India. Bhawna was shocked, while the lady says that you should pray that you both do not come along as he hates you. Suket comes there looking for Bhawna, she takes her leave and makes her go away. She then comes to Suket. He asks didn’t she bought the spices. She says he put a lot of oil in turmeric, so she said she will order him on phone. She asks did he buy the sweets.

Akshit come to the room and throws away Arpita’s stool and the papers she was working on. He asks why she got their couple dance removed, what will the people think. She says she doesn’t care about people, as he has insulted her enough. He asks that she is making a joke of him. She says she doesn’t think like that, but wants to save herself from torture. She heads to leave, but he says he won’t let her do any such thing. She asks him to leave her hand, he says he won’t. She recalls her wedding, and gets rid of her hand, throwing his hand away.

Bhawna comes out of the car, Anjali and Raj were coming out of the house. She asks Anjali why she is so upset. Anjali says that Avni doesn’t like any dress, and has rejected all the dresses. Bhawna says that she will talk to her. Anjali says she might need something special, but she can’t do it anymore as she is really very tired. Bhawna says to Raj to say sorry to Anjali. Raj tells her Avni has decided what she will wear. Bhawna goes inside. She shouts at Avni to be stubborn, Raj and Anjali are running so much for her; and she has selected what she will wear and asks her what she will wear. Raj comes in and says it is here. Bhawna goes to Raj, opens the bag and takes the dress out. It was her wedding dress. Raj says that Avni didn’t want a million dollar dress but a simple dress her mother wore on her wedding. Avni was crying, Raj says that she deserves more of her love that anger; and asks her to forgive Avni. Bhawna comes to Avni, and hugs her. Avni says that the black thread is in the room, shall she bring it and tie it on her arm. Bhawna agrees, with a smile. Raj takes Bhawna’s hand and brings her to the temple and says thankyou for doing what he wanted for Avni. He says he promises her in front of God, that she can ask anything from him, for Avni. He keeps his hand in hers.

In the morning, Suket wakes up and watches Avni sleeping between them. Bhawna asks has he awake. He reminds her that she used to sleep in between is when she was a child, and will soon go to her in laws house. He tells her not to leave her, as her little happiness means a lot to her. Bhawna blesses her to be happy always. Bhawna looks at her mother’s locket.

Arpita and Sanvri practiced with dance. The choreographer made Abhaas dance, Abhaas says he can’t do it. The choreographer tells Sanvri to look at how well Arpita dance. Sanvri goes away annoyed. He practices with Arpita. Akshit comes there. Sanvri asks him why is Arpita dancing alone? Akshit says that he has pain in his foot. Sanvri says that they will all get bored if she dances alone. Sanvri deliberately spills water on floor, Arpita slips on it and has a foot strain. She gives hand to Akshit, when he comes near. Akshit sits there, and says that if you want to fly this will happen to you. He leaves.

Bhawna and Avni comes to Raj’s house. Jiji calls them in, but Bhawna says that she has to go to market and just want Avni to practice with Raj for dance. Raj was energetic and says that we will create magic. Avni asks jiji to dance too, but Jiji says that jiju is a bad choice for dancing. Raj says that the best dancers are mom and dad. She asks will they perform? Anjali says that if he comes before Sangeet, and we can do little rehearsal, we will perform. Avni greets her and hugs her. Raj says that he will come and dance.

Raj takes Avni to his rooms. Avni says that before that, they will take vows of wedding in the Sangeet. They both write their vows in paper, separately. He writes it down, and hands the paper to Avni. She reads it ‘I love Avni, I will keep her happy always.’ She says she has written two whole papers, he tells her to talk less then.
In the market, Bhawna gets a call of Suket asking where she is. She says she is just coming home. The idol she had chosen was sold. She asks the sales man who bought it. The sales man brings it back and tells her that he told the man who bought it, that a lady has to gift her daughter on her wedding. Bhawna goes behind that man and calls him, he turns back. She is shocked to see the man, and calls Vikram? He says Sangeeta you?

PRECAP: Vikram says that whatever happened at the Tekri of Umad was because of you. Don’t come in front of me ever. Akshit fights Rohit for putting medicine on Arpita.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Arpita deserves better

  2. of course she does

  3. Ye sanvri ka kya churail type role hy

  4. akshat is such a fool. I hope Rohit beats him so that while nursing his wounds that he can’t hide he will have to tell his family why!!!!!!!

  5. so much suspense with sangeeta come on give out a piece of the secret already

  6. Vikram is Raj father??? might be….then she would have to tell—-wonder what happen in that village

  7. marygloria kiwango

    i wonder what happened in the past

  8. marygloria kiwango

    iam new and iam from tanzania east africa

  9. My conclusions are:
    1) this secret that bhavna/ sangeeta is hiding sounds tragic.
    2) Akshat is acting like a typical insecure husband and Arpita deserves someone as nice as her boss Rohit.
    3) Savri is sooooo evil 🙁
    4) Raj and Avni are a cute couple

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