Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 19th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avni is excited to go to Akshit’s award function. She prepares all the dresses. Bauji notices Bhawna is worried, he asks that today Suket is going to give award to his son, isn’t she happy.
Pratab says that Sanvri that may be after becoming a mother she stops hurting other people as well. The attendant comes to tell them that they can meet all the children and they will do the paper work later. Pratab insists they will do the paper work first as by rule. Sanvri sees a few children, a girl holds her dress. She looks beneath, it was a little girl who introduces herself as Pooja and offers Sanvri with a biscuit. Sanvri gives her a chocolate instead. Pratab comes to tell her that the form has been filled and they will be called for interview. Jiji and jija also come there, while Sanvri and Pratab begin to leave. Sanvri shouts good bye to Pooja before leaving.
Raj comes to Avni’s room and asks her why has she took the responsibility for everyone to get ready, Avni s says I have to push everyone to get ready. He asks are you ready? She nods, he says no, something is missing. He straightens the frill and removes catcher from her hair and says now she is ready.
Devika comes and hurries Avni to comes outside and select a suitable color. They select watches outside. Avni asks Raj for help. He likes one but she insists on the other. He agrees and leaves. Avni tells Devika to pack both the watches, one for Akshit and other for Raj. Devika teases her.
At night they were all ready to go. Bauji asks where Suket is. Bhawna comes and says he must be coming. Suket comes downstairs in casual dress and says that he won’t be able to go. He isn’t feeling well and seems he has a high BP, due to so much stress. Bauji tells him to take medicine and take rest, they will go late. Suket says he will come sometime later if he feels alright. Bhawna also stops at home that Suket is also not alright, Sanvri stays with her too.
Akshit says he won’t also go, Bauji tells him that the people there have come for him only. It will be a disrespect that he doesn’t go there. Akshit say if his dad isn’t with him the world doesn’t matter to him, he won’t go. He asks Avni that when the BP of dad is high can you go leaving him behind. Avni say we won’t go either. Raj calls from behind that everyone will go. Avni says there is no point. Raj says we all know that Suket can’t say no to Bauji so he is making up that he isn’t well. Raj promises Akshit that he must leave, he will bring dad here. Bauji urges them to leave, Raj holds Avni’s hand and tells her to stay at home.
Suket was in the garden, Bhawna and Sanvri asks them why is he sitting here. He says he wasn’t feeling alright here. He asks everyone has gone. Avni comes and says she brought tea for him and insists him to drink it. Raj was arguing on phone with someone. Suket asks what happened, he tells him that media got the news that there are problems between Akshit and Suket and they are going to print it in paper. Avni says how can they say so, Bauji started a company, dad ran it and Akshit took it to new heights, family problems cant get in the way of company’s name. Raj says that if Suket doesn’t go to award function today this news will be confirmed. Avni says she doesn’t care, Suket isn’t well and must rest at home. Suket says he cant ruin company’s name and repute and goes to get ready.
Akshit and Bauji arrives at the ceremony. The hosts ask about Suket. Bauji says he wasn’t feeling alright, the host says how can he miss such a big event of his son’s life. had his son been there, he would have come from death bed. Akshit says he would not have come to the ceremony then. He sees Suket and points at him.
The media asks them that today the CEO of the company is going to give an award to the GM of the company; there must be a photo together. Suket agrees; Akshit hurries to him. The cameraman asks Suket to place hand on Akshit’s shoulder but Suket leaves saying that’s enough.
Bhawna tells Sanvri that its good they have come here. Sanvri gets a text message, she sees it and says she asked for something from someone. she gets Pooja’s photo. Bhawna asks has she chosen the baby, Sanvri says she chose her herself. Sanvri says that now we have to complete that paper-work and interview first. Bhawna asks Sanvri that she must not keep a lot of hope until everything is final. Sanvi tells her not to worry, she knows how to bring Pooja home.
Avni was eating; Raj teases her for eating too much. Raj asks her what she is hiding. Avni says that some things are to be shown and she will show him in time. Raj guesses what it can be and concludes it’s a watch.

PRECAP: Avni locks the watch around Raj’s wrist; he holds her hand and kisses it. Suket announces that the award goes to ‘Akshit Suket…’, and then corrects it.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Nice epi but a little slow…

  2. Suket is extending dat anxiety level……n I hope savri doesnt hv problems adopting d gal

  3. Suket has lost his mind

  4. update todays epi pls

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